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Mr Perfect

Good thing too, keeps NRL interesting. Feuds and real passion have been missing from modern sport so i hope we keep it in the NRL


The tribalism and soap opera of the NRL keeps it interesting.


1220 captained Hynes. Can’t seem to make any jumps in ranking this year. Still 3500


Adam Reynolds is being falsely awarded 3 try assists and 2 linebreak assists for 100 points, when all he had was the ONE try assist for Cobbo’s try.

He was on 79, when he should have been on 59, but then on the update he actually got given ANOTHER try assist and linebreak assist. He should have had points taken off but actually had points given to him. What is going on?

Are the scorers fudging the stats for their h2h?


Staggs robbed of a try assist and line break assist plus an earlier line break assist


All the points are going to Adam Reynolds. Adam Reynolds also got Delouise Hoeter’s try assist and linebreak assist points and now they have taken Stagg’s points off him and also given them to Reynolds.


First time playing SuperCoach?


Why? Is this normal that the scorers fudge the stats at the end of every season in the games that matter?

I can mistake incompetence, but this seems a bit more than that….


It’s not fudging, it’s simply as I just wrote (above or below iono) timing variables and other stuff. The link that was supplied earlier does actually explain the definition of a TA, TC and such fairly well which broadly differs from the NRL’s perception.

I am hearing you though as it killed me in 2 H2H this week. Shattered but I am used to it.

Hoping you got at least a few wins up Extra!

Bring on 2023 I say (which is also what I said after round 3 for those that remember).


I’m still up in my h2h, but only slightly

It’ll be fitting if the recount screws me tomorrow though


Well good luck. I hate to say it but I am expecting a circus act with the Titans/Manly game post recount.


The incompetence is normal unfortunately, yes. It’s why I much prefer playing Dreamteam, the scores there hardly ever change, and never by much.


I agree. Dream team is a much better game. I don’t understand why it doesn’t have the same following as sc


What Fitzy is implying Extra (not wasting time trying to type your name) is that SC does not apply same rules or decisions on many aspects of the game that NRL.COM and this NRL Fantasy does. There is a rather large difference between them. Additionally it’s a set of rules that are looked at and sometimes altered year to year. This is something that us old SC players are used to. Are we happy about it? Hell no. The scoring system is what it is, what needs to happen is that there it a faster (and consistent) update system from… Read more »


I do not believe that anyone can sincerely award Reynolds 3 try assists and 2 linebreak assists from that game. From what you say, it sounds like they hide under the vagueness and ambiguity of “the system” to cheat when it matters.

Last edited 1 year ago by Extra-time-Polla-Mounter

Sadly you are sounding like a “sore loser”. It is not cheating – how can it be? Very strict rules laid down to the scorers, none of them or family can play. You also have not stated or made such calls previously, you are only picking on the ‘finals’. That is not how it works.

It sounds like you are just sour as you have lost H2H’s. Which I have as well (for same reason as you) but I am not complaining. I am seeing nothing different in scoring techniques from now to any other week during the season.


I haven’t lost my h2h. I am slightly up and will also get a 2nd bite of the cherry next week. We agree to disagree. Sidenote: If you don’t think people who watch NRL all day for a job don’t also play SC I have a bridge to sell you.


I’m starting to wonder if Ola and DCE are playable against the Sharks next week.


Yep, I won’t be playing Ola


He was over the line for a 30pt play that was brought back, so could of easily gone 80+. You will take that, but he is heavily reliant on tries, similar to Kikau. Sharks are a hard team to score points on. Probably isn’t in the top 4 2rfs this week but is good depth, not a trade out anyway


They will turn up in a big way in that last game V bulldogs at Brooky but yeah next week looks like a pass.


Supercoach Reynolds: 3 try assist and 2 linebreak assists.

NRLdotcom Reynolds: 1 try assist 0 linebreak assists.

Yeah okay, sure buddy. Is whoever scoring Adam Reynolds captain him this week in their h2h? Or maybe looking to sneak into the top 100?

I haven’t seen worse scoring than this. He got +21 on the update when he should have gone -20.


SuperCoach doesn’t use nrl stats who gives try/lba for the last pass.


I challenge anyone to find Reynolds 3 try assists and 2 lba’s in that game. They don’t exist.


As above I, in some other posts above, know where you are coming from Extra. Would I see any of these as being ‘old school’ TA and LBA’s? No. But SC has a very different view on when to award these, normally though they are biased towards FLB but when you have a roaming half (which he did again in this game) they seem to bias towards those rules there too. Do I agree? No but there’s no-one to appeal to so I just shut up and add it to the list of eccentricities/anomalies for the year.

Last edited 1 year ago by Shlapper

edit: damn useless formatting for long posts. I know that for AFL SC scales the points to a set amount per game, so key moments tend to be weighted more in order to get to that tally DT usually just takes the values as is, and that’s your lot whereas SC weights them if the game is closer, so you’re likely to see more adjustments ie… an example with Reynolds is that you’re more likely to get increased points for Cobbo’s 2nd try, as that arguably sealed the game for the Broncos – where Reynolds got the hockey-assist as he… Read more »

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Tommy Smurf Sangsta

I found 3 TAs for Arey. I think they are fairish calls. Although I don’t count the one for the last pass from Staggs. I’d give that to Staggs and not Arey. Not sure about the LBAs though as the highlights don’t show anything and I don’t remember when I was watching the game.


Yep. I thought SC scorers used Foxstats, from memory. Reynolds has 3TAs there.
There’s often a significant variance between Foxstats & stats.

Geez Reynolds has been good this year.

Last edited 1 year ago by Phil

I beg to differ I see that every pass he did created the space for the try. Just because you throw the final pass doesn’t mean you get the try assist. So he should have been awarded for ever try assist in my eyes. Anyway swings and round a bouts.


^ this post says it all. The SC rules look at who ‘created the space’ or ‘initiated creation of the space’ as opposed to the NRL definition of “An action by an attacking player that has led to or created a Try Scoring chance for his team mate” which leans towards last touch.

Temple Guard

Well after listening to a lot of… buts….. shoulds and coulds…. I just don’t like Harping on about the points given to players… I just life with it and move on…. My H2H Session is over unless some miracle updates for todays games…. now I just focus on staying in the 4 Digit Rankings and looking forward to next years challenge…. Doing it all again 🙂


I told you not to sell, Jing. He was your lucky charm.

Temple Guard

haha…. Thanks DCE…. I got LL or TCH well and truely covered… he was out of trades 2 weeks ago…. he got Cleary Klemmer Tapine Talakai and May however kudo to him…. but he will beat me for now by 13 points…. Ranking I am ahead off him by about 2500 or so spots


1273 c on Garrick & changed from Hynes oh well that’s sc.

Been a tough yr ranking 6000 so might see a green arrow but still in top 4%.

Held Tapine this wk with 2 trades left as had the week off in 3 leagues.

Temple Guard

Nice Brag but well deserved with that score… BoL for the next 2 or 3 Rds


Appreciate your comments

Vc Latrell but rolled dice on Garrick.

I’ve been a slow starter in recent yrs & listened to a podcast this yr for the first time compared to other yrs.

I’m starting to wonder how I turn this around next yr with the Dolphins coming into the nrl in 2023.

P. S MAYBE I MIGHT JUST GO WITH THE FLOW that seems to work.

Tommy Smurf Sangsta

Even though it’s not the end of the year I got a few thoughts on OA strategy… Boosts: Go hard early. I don’t think there is much point having a boost past round 19/20 as most people won’t have the trades to use a boost. Using a trade in the bye for 40 extra points isn’t worth it. That trade could net you hundreds of points in the run home. We are seeing massive scoring swings and people getting beaten by 100s of points. It always happens in the latter rounds. The Bye Siren’s song is alluring, but resist! Stick… Read more »


1240 C Hynes. PODs Ramien, Cotter, Robson doing their job.
Ranked 147 overall before this weekend but no trades left.


1263.. seems about average. Onto H2H semi-finals


That’s not average from what I am seeing. That is WELL above average,

The Duke

All out for 1238. With five players under 50. Miracle of miracles.

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 10.44.28 pm.png
Temple Guard

Well Done Duke…. I think You are about 50 or so above Average…. I am about 50 below average 🙂

The Duke

Got to be honest, T.C. I got absolutely lucky with Captain Latrell. If he went busted, I was done.

I’m into the Semis for the first time, after getting into the finals for the first time in ten years of playing. I expect to be absolutely destroyed next week.

Temple Guard

That’s not the way to approach next week haha…. You should be more confident than that…. You will slaughter them all 🙂

The Duke

As was said to me recently, expect the worst and hope for the best.

Temple Guard

I take that advise every Rd …. just hate it when it happens in finals…. will loose a few spots from 7750ish but my goal was staying in the 4 Digits figures for the year


Red arrow mate


Happy with my last few weeks. 1281 this week.

Strange game SC. For a month everything goes wrong, and lately it’s been reversing with basically the same team.

Anyone eles out of trades? Lol. I’m stuck with Cleary, lol.


H2H over with Tino being a late out subbing in wishart for 5 and I lost by 10. You should be able to do something with a late out like that like sub someone else in. Pretty much sums up my luck this season.


As Anthony Griffin said after the game yesterday, we had our turn of the luck a few weeks ago. Wasn’t our turn today

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