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I want to loop but momoisea really concerns me

Anyone know if he’s likely to play?


In the same boat. Hoping he doesn’t get a very late call up or I will be snookered!


I had planned to trade May to Douehi and he would be my backstop captain if that happened.

Now with Matto, Ola and Hughes going down and only 3 trades left I sort of feel like I need to hold fire on that trade. Ugly as a decision needs to be made today. Originally had either Latrell or Hynes as C.


Who is the knights insider on twitter again?

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Barry Toohey


So got Munster as vc and have Ben T as auto emergency. Should I do the vc loop even with Ben T scoring so low?

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u have aj or trell? id take a punt on 1 of them


I’ve got Latrell. You reckon him as captain instead of the loop?


yea coz u got benny turbo with his 7


I’m behind by 130 in my H2H. He had C Munster Iv got VC Munster
He has Tago, Mccines, Talaki, Burton
I have KK, Tapine, Doueihi

Do I loop Munster..? If I loop I’ll take out Ronaldo which we both have and my ae will likely be JTB
Iv got C Doueihi atm

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Hi all. Anyone know if olakuatu got injured or was he just given a spell with game unlikely to be won? If injured was it bad. Thanks


No idea but when they showed the bench at the end I couldn’t see him there, so he could of been in the sheds getting attention. Really want him fit for the titans next week.


He was poor last night. Was at game and he didn’t seem interested. Lower leg injury from a couple of weeks ago may still be limiting him. Yes we need him next week!


Yeah agree – he seemed to have little confidence in his leg. Was just rambling up in hit-ups.


Gday people, I need some help please. T.U- laterally, or T.D- taping. Comments on anyone else too please


T.U- lateral, T.D- tapine


Bloody spell check. Latrell


An unbloodied Latrell if we are talking Captains


Ok. Thanks cog. It’s not for captain, it’s for this weeks last trade. I think he is the one I need to get.


Canberra’s draw aint bad
Latrell has the higher ceiling but Taps the better floor.
Not much in it.
Still i had the same choice a couple of weeks ago and went Latrell


I just noticed that Taafe is on the bench for Rabbits. I’m guessing he is there to spell Latrell when Rabbits are far enough in front


I see Taafe as cover for CTW and halves cover.
Some chance Mitchell goes to ctw if the new centre has a mare
If rabbitts are 22 pts ahead late in the game Latrell should have a good score


I’m captaining him as I need to make up points in H2H knockout however opponent has Hynes as C so will be interesting


TU – Elliot minor injury but V Riff
TD – Tago
Leaning slightly to Elliot due to pod factor
Keen to see the votes or opinions


Stuck with the pod but still meh !


Do anyone know how long Kikau will be out for yet. If it’s just 1 week I’ll hold him, otherwise I can move him on now


Is there ANY chance Miller plays for the Sharks today? Swapping Hynes out for him is my way to loop Munster.

Currently have the C on Trell and no one playing sunday so if I do the switch and Miller ends up playing then I am royally screwed


Definitely wouldn’t swap out Hynes to loop. There’s a fair chance Hynes goes big. I’d leave C on Latrell, he has no ceiling against Warriors.


Stuck in a shitty situation
My only loop players are klem and a nuff panther. Originally was planning to boost and trade klem for cam Murray.
My question is .. should I not boost so that I have the klem option there incase my VC (most likely hynes or cook)? If it’s better to trade klem for Murray I will only be able to VC cook and would have to loop straight away via my nuff panther.
Tips appreciated!


VC loophole is overrated. Pick your C based on who you reckon scores highest each week, and don’t let VC influence your trade plans.


David Fifita……Aaron booth can’t pass left so they move Fifita last game to the right. 5 minutes after the move booth goes off and all the ball goes to the left and fermor gets good ball. This week fifita stays on the right and booth is again passing right most of the time. Booth only lasts 13 minutes before being injured. Rest of the game the majority of the ball is on the left. Titans are a horrible team and need a new coach who knows how to use their best player. I don’t know how Holbrook is still employed


Feel for Fifi, can see a lot more effort from him and he’s visibly frustrated by not receiving ball when he wants it from his teammates.

Someone needs to tell Holbrook and their spine that he isn’t pay per run, and they are allowed to pass to their $1.2m marquee player more than twice a game.

The Duke

Apparently the only thing keeping him there is nobody wants the job. Bring back Cartwright, he’s the only coach who got them close to 50% wins.


They got rid of him because of a washed up Jarryd Hayne. Some teams are just so poorly managed.

The Duke

Well, Jarryd is known for unjustly putting the bite on people.


Last R

TU: Cody Walker
TD: May

Comment Lomax


Last R?

TU: Tago
TD: Koroisau

Comment: Cotter


Anybody think Teddy is worth looping.My AE are Ezra Mam Jack Bird and Taylan May.TU for yes and TD for Hynes or Doueihi


Last R:

TU: Mulitalo vs. STG (will the ball go past Graham?)
TD: Tass vs. NZL (will Tass get ball on the right, or spend the day high-fiving AJ?)

Comment: Play both, and leave out To’o vs CBR in Canberra.


I am about 3kms away from the sunny coast stadium. Looks like a drizzly light rain game coming up. Teddy Munster went ok in similar conditions but are a few grades up on Tass.
Looks damp around Canberra too.
Bigger diff in class (on paper) in the Sharks Rabbits matches but i’d play Mul and 2O

Temple Guard

Great inside info CoG much appreciated

Tommy Turbo

have to pick 3 reserves


Have the same players and left out Robson. Cotter taking a bit of workload of Robson but we are in good form


Moylan out tonight -Miller loopers be wary – abc Grandstand

Benchy Marshall

Last R:
TU: Lolo
TD: To’o


Last reserve
TU Talakai
TD Tago


Last R

Tu: Lomax
TD: Cody Walker

Sally M

Rabbitohs: Thompson IN (wing), Paulo (centre), Milne OUT (18)
Warriors: Frei IN, Katoa OUT, Pompey (18)

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