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Sally M

Oueihi !


VC Manu. Capt Latrell


What’s everyone Cappy strategy? Can’t decide between manu or Munster for the VC, and Munster, Trel or Hynes for the C


I read somewhere all non-sydney games will be wet, so I’m leaning towards manu vc hynes C


I believe it’s also wet in Sydney today.


your right… I’ve just turned on fox league & looks soggy @ the


Im doing VC Munster & C Trell/Cook

kegs kings

Same straight c on Munster is tempting


This puts the cat among the pigeons!


Sorry, meant to go underUPB


who trade out:
TU- May
TD- Mulitalo

Sharky Pete

Keep Ronaldo and hope that W Graham remembers how to pass.


Banner Stats update Last week the banner was Manly, which didn’t really gel with the stats, did they beat it or not? The week before, the Banner beat DCE by 41.3 when using his average as a benchmark and by 43 points compared to his predicted score. We now have 18 Banners (with stats) for 2022 (there was no Team news and scores for round3 and an entire team for round 20) Banner vs Player average 2022 Banner 11 – 61.1% Player 7 – 38.8% (Cleary,iPap,Matto,Cobbo,McInnes,Manu,Latrell) Four players have beaten the banner by more than 20 points (Matto, Cleary,Manu, Latrell)… Read more »


Who kicking goals for Penrith this week


Crichton apparently was training with Darryl hallegan earlier this week with kicking


C on Trell. Who should VC be on?

TU: Manu
TD: Munster

Marks Wood

TU – The Banner
TD – D Brown


Hi everyone,

Please find following the current Captain, Vice Captain and Combined (C+VC) percentages as of time of posting:

Captain (C):

  1. Hynes: 17.3
  2. Latrell: 10.2
  3. Teddy: 9.6
  4. Munster: 8.3
  5. Cleary: 4.8 (phantom teams and ninja players here)
  6. Manu: 4.5
  7. iPaps: 3.3
  8. Paps: 2.8 (phantom teams)
  9. Holmes: 2.0
  10. J.Hughes: 1.9

Vice Captain (VC):

  1. Teddy: 10.6
  2. Munster: 9.8
  3. Manu: 9.7
  4. Hynes: 8.2
  5. iPaps: 5.2
  6. J.Hughes: 2.8
  7. Latrell: 2.7
  8. Haas: 2.1
  9. Grant: 1.9
  10. Garrick: 1.9

Combined (C% + VC%):

  1. Hynes: 25.5
  2. Teddy: 20.2
  3. Munster: 18.1
  4. Manu: 14.2
  5. Latrell: 12.9
  6. iPaps: 8.5
  7. Cleary: 6.4
  8. J.Hughes: 4.7
  9. Paps: 4.2
  10. Haas: 3.7
  11. Holmes: 3.0
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Temple Guard

Great work Mate…. Thanks alot for the effort 🙂


Who to play?


Lolo to Murray sideways?
TU as sideways as a trade can get
TD no, just do it and dont look back

Temple Guard

Murray should outscore Lolo this week…. if you got trades to burn yes it is worth the punt

Benny's Jets

TU: Dearden
TD: Madden

Dearden seems to have found his mojo post-Origin but then again i’d probably only play him in 1 (max 2) of his matchups. am i better off just grabbing Madden as cover for Hynes for 200k cheaper?


Wanna give Manu some ball Keary? Jesus


Manu up against a guy with 2 games to his name and they just run at staggs all night. of all the weeks to do it it’s in h2h finals fml


As a non owner I am pleased with this…… so far


the pain of h2h. can have a player on a 5 round AVG of over 100 and the one game that matters he gets a 30.

kegs kings

Bit of a reality check for the broncos so far. No patience


Put the C on
TU Johnston
TD Latrell


Tim Williams tweeted “Cameron Munster spending time at fullback at captain’s run, Johns in the halves. Expecting the Storm to run out that way come kick off, with Wishart to the bench. SuperCoach skipper anyone?”


Wow it’s a tough to Watch Manu as a unique player in my H2H vs my best mate, it’s raining tries both sides of him….just none for him.


tell me about it. the one week he goes shit and it’s when he’s unique in a h2h final.

Walkers On

So I have 3 trades left and 19k itb and need to trade out Cleary. Ideally I would go down to Munster but that only leaves 60k itb and makes it difficult to upgrade players like King, May etc if I need to.
So do I go Doueihi instead leaving me with 137k itb.
TU: Munster
TD: Doueihi


PHARRRRKENHELL! The feeling when you use all your bank to trade Angus for Manu


that sucks man


Does anyone have any insight as to when you (or your opponent) sees changes to teams in the gameday view?

I know I didn’t see any of my opponents mid week changes until the first game started.

For example if i now change my captain, when does my opponent see this, or if they change, when do I see it?

obviously I want to see if my opponent is playing games or I want to mess with my opponents head.

I know in the first round you don’t see any of your opponents team until they have started playing.

Toland Tools

believe you just get to see their last week team until rolling lockout begins


Once the new round starts you’re able to see changes as they occur. For example, I will play with my opponents head by VCing Cook and then VCing Hynes just before their match is locked out and then somehow trapping myself into Captaining Douehi.

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