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Hastings out for the season. Could that mean an Ofa resurgence? (as an owner I’m quietly hoping)


i reckon it may be the return of the peach as the ball playing lock is suiting their style atm


Burton a passenger so far.


I wonder if his two try assists become try contributions


All of his points from his kicking so far.


Knights are so bad that he’s hardly been needed.


He looks crook. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has some illness


Who would of thought that Marshall King would of been a better asset than Grant for the run home

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Sally M

Dragons: 1-17, M.Molo (18)
Cowboys: Leilua (bench), Taunoa-Brown (prop), Cotter IN (bench), Granville OUT (18)


Amazing. My season is over and putting the C on Cleary seemed to be the ultimate dagger to the heart and I was looking once more at multiple losses. Along comes young Kiraz and he looks like saving my round for me. After my Panthers players let me down so badly (Cleary, Yeo, To’o and May), it was left to a youngster playing for a team that had been written off by everybody (myself included) to put a smile on my face. With Vili Kikau going there next year, old boys in Burton and Waddell already there and Gus at… Read more »


nice Doc … I traded him out this week to allow Teddy and Haas in … looks like he will beat both their scores by himself!!


I think you might have made the right move overall, macca. I’m just excited to have something to smile about after so many rounds of misery…


Sorry to hear that Watson. That was an unlucky break with Cleary. As long as you keep contributing on hear (selfishly). Always love your input and maturity.


Thanks, Phil. That’s very kind. However, I think I gain more from this site than I give.
Based on my performance this year, my greatest gift to the readers on here was to keep my opinions to myself…

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Updates are in. McInnes didn’t get assist as I predicted.
Surprised Latrell lost a lba and aj the lb was a 40 metre run with no lb…..


Work experience kids are scoring this weekend.


It’s interesting – I expected him to lose a lot of points for the missed dropkicks … they all went dead for 20M restarts – looks like they only cost -1 instead of the -3 for a normal play KD … (I own him, so a plus, but scoring anomaly for sure)
And yes, I thought McInnes and Grant should be paid TA’s …

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I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

Grant doesn’t deserve a TS for that play. He gave a short ball to NAS which was knocked on by Aitken, who redirected the ball into the arms of Hughes (who was 10 metres away from the intended target). At most you could argue a TC, but definitely not a try assist.

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Where was this from Drinky when I Captained him last week. The ups and downs of supercoach.


More like the ups and downs of Drinkwater.


Brought him in this week. Hope he keeps going in the 2nd half. I need that ton from him!


Lomax is such a strange player to own. He’s so consistent in those mid 50’s which is good but isn’t good enough. I’m always tempted to sell him but I always feel like there’s bigger fish to fry


He doesn’t give great value for money. Performs about to his price tag. Would score well in a better team.

The Duke

He’s consistent. I keep him in my side as a loyalty badge to a ride or die friend.


Same… have had him half of the season and was set to sell after R17… but then something else comes up… or he teases to lift just slightly. Now I look at Lomax, To’o and May and think one has to go but it still might not be him…


Drinky just go yourself mate. Could have 3 tries by now


Nanai has scored 70+ for his last 6 games very impressive

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Temple Guard

All out 1228 awaiting updates…. Nanai was a great buy last week…. lost 1 out 10 league games Happy as can be with that score

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kegs kings

Just above this week I think
I’m 1177 and I’m pat in my leagues
1379 best in my leagues


Great score personally mate. I am (currently) on total of 1111 and am winning 6/10, although 5 games within 14 pts (both ways). Highest score in my leagues is 1325.

Great buy with Nanai! I traded Calker for Burton, zigged away from Munster as I wanted a POD. May not have worked as hoped, but still a few weeks to go.


Went with my gut feeling
1260 Captain Nanai

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Thats brave ! I have had Nanai from the early rnds
Went C on Val


I also had Nanai in the early rounds but traded him out …. bought him back in this week so not complaining- I also went C Val (1239)


Solid score this week! Good time to have a crack too


I’m thinking Cleary to O’Sullivan coz I’m not a huge fan of dce, hunt etc for run home, and then using my last trade to upgrade king to a gun to try win my must win h2h. if you could pick anyone to go 100+ next week, who do we think is the best chance?

tapine ?

going for broke here so all opinions welcome!

or save the trade and bring in the best matchup in half, which I think is prob Hughes (but draw after that isn’t so good)

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kegs kings



very tempting vs knights


Will you actually play SOS? Seems pointless if he isn’t in your 17


not this coming round, but I need a playable backup half that’s cheap enough to allow upgrade of king


Madden for 250K is the alternative bench warner


didn’t realise how cheap douehi is. could actually manage king + Cleary to Hughes and douehi…..don’t hate it!

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They’re the 2 I’m looking to bring in


Down by 4 in head to head, any updates for Holmes to get me over the line?


few offloads, I’d say he gets at least 4


Has 3 offloads so that might get you there

The Duke

Hopefully your Holmes pick with 84 got you over the line.


Yep I needed more than 84 to get me over the line. Struggletown haha

The Duke

I got beat by 4 last week by a guy with two non-players so I feel your pain.


Holmes was so quiet until garbage time at which point the pts stacked up. I am pretty sure you will get more than 4 extra’s SD – good luck!


Thank you, good luck to all! Bragging rights over your mates is serious business


The week that could have been. 1229 pre updates, captain chin.


1176 captained teddy


1112 C Teddy
Was still a slog even without going Cleary C. Drinkwater delivered nicely but 4 bad CTW: Mulitalo To’o May & Lomax…

Temple Guard

You bounce Back Champ BoL for the Finals and Overall Ranking


An interesting week as the trades dwindle down for most. I have 4 left. Cleary out one of those. Might take the punt on Douehi at CTW. You smashed it bringing Nanai back so great gut call TG. Keep it rolling…

Temple Guard

Thanks Mate…. with updates 1261 and didn’t trade this week…. Plan is not trading next week either


Last trades

Cleary -> Douihi
MKing -> Murray

TU} Do it!
TD) Hold for more injuries

EDIT: realised I was in the wrong thead. Moved to Trade Talk

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