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Far too many. So many dollars on the bench!


I’m holding my 7 spine players. The new approach to scoring affects all and these guys should still be high up in their positions come seasons end.
Exceptions to injured ,suspended players

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Temple Guard

You are right CoG… Wish I had your Cool


Some decent updates

1000 all out, Douehi played awful in a awful side and scored half well.


Can’t wait to trade scrub Talau 5 seconds after lockout


Agree, never again list. So hard to watch.


1040 is good considering low scoring among popular players


1024 after using the loop on Hopgood. Ended up +1 point for the better after using Schuster for Katoa and copping Boyd as the AE.

Cheese an absolute must sell this week. Drinky has to go too so I can have an active FB in Rnd 4


What a cluster fudge of a weekend. So many failures in a week after the highs of round one. How I have missed SC…
Gonna be interesting with who trades what this afternoon. At least we know there’ll be many different teams out there with so many options


All out 852. Ponga, CNK, Cheese, Talau, the list goes on haha


Add Drinky and join the party of sh!t


Epic week – Highlights being Uto as an NPR, Cheese and I captained Ponga! 


Wow, and I thought my buying Ponga last week was bad. It goes to show there is always someone worse off than yourself.


hahaha well that makes me feel better!

Benny's Jets

all out for 881. could have been a lot worse but definitely could have been better!

Cobbo, Smith and Boyd are the likely trade candidates this week. Garner, Butcher and Pele closely behind

The Pretender

Garner was close to about 3 tries. I wouldnt be selling. Yes mins a concern, but he looked likely.


911 all out. Dui (C).

Uto NPR, CNK and Smith honking.


cmon, open up, I wanna rage trade
on the block… Burton and Cheese

thinking about creativity and getting Hunt and Levi/Luke as replacements

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I need to rage trade today and tomorrow for Rd 4.


Those 2 will come good, although Cheese is obviously hurt. I was going to hold Cheese as he’ll get a weeks recovery in R4.

The Pretender

I cant see Cheese staying in my side right now with those injury affected scores + the likelihood of missing the next 2 games.


I feel this season, due to covering byes, 1 week out, and even 2 weeks out isn’t that dire anymore. You have to be a bit more spread with you troops. But in saying that Cheese is a worry. I’ve got 3 Roosters for R4, so this will be my 1st round that will test my depth. Cheese might have to go!


Im sure there are a lot higher scores but after seeing peoples results here, im quite happy with my 1,067

The Pretender

There wont be too many much higher make – highest weekly score might not tip 1200 !


C HopGun would probably tip someone over 1200 but assume not by much!


Cheese has to go, the question is to who though. No obvious replacements possibly Robson? No one standing out. Super Pod to Api now that he will play 80 mins? Tigers look like a school boys team so that makes it hard

The Pretender

Robson, Mahoney, Luke (I dont like this but some do) or if you have Boyd (another trade out candidate) he can go to 9 and you can look at halves.


Thinking about the possibility of Cleary +Cheese > Trindall + Robson. Don’t love the idea of trading through my spine when its a questionable trade, but Cheese has to go and not a Boyd owner so less flexibility there


Does anyone know what time the game unlocks this year? Last year they made an effort to open the game early (9:30 from memory) due to everyone complaining it was taking too long but seems like this year they have dropped back into the later unlocks. not sure if its just the first couple of weeks while they iron out all the kinks.


Usually takes a little longer at the start of each season until they get their routine right


Need 6 trades this week, Talau, Cheese, E. Butcher, Pele, Boyd and Blore

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E.But, Boyd + Pele all can probably be held dependant on needs. Boyd provides flexibility to Trindall in moving Cheese on, and Pele is bottom dollar so no need to move on. EBut shouldn’t lose too much this week so if you have high priority trades do them first


If anyone is considering trading Pele this week, with all the other shit going on (ie injuries, suspensions, poor performances, Panthers bye) then buy a lottery ticket!


I didnt want to trade.
I ended up going Blore>BMM, so one less headache this week.
BMM played lots of minutes, looks unfit atm.


Suspensions are in, what a joke! Suaalii got nothing for refusing to pass the ball to my captain Teddy!


Dreamteam is open! Let the three rage trades begin! Myvteam looks like Swiss cheese!


WTF is dreamteam?


Another fantasy format (the original I think), similar to SC. However, it always opens first. So good to get rid of Smith and Teddy so quickly! Just the warm up for this afternoon!


Managed 1120 (1123 round 1)
My under 20% ownership PODs came through with some attacking stats, E Katoa, Mahoney and Tino and I put the big C on HopGOD

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You’re only about 650 points ahead of me. Phew,


Haha damn


From 2k to 30k overall, OUCH.


almost the same for me – yuck


I feel ya – I went from 8k to 23k


I’m way to scared to look at my rank. I already know it will be rank. I have never had such a shit start. I just need to find the delete app button! I’m not looking any you tube or listening to any pods this week as surely to God I can’t possibly do any worse!