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Salty Former Owner

It took me a while to work out who those guys were. Red equals St George, and from that angle Isaako looks a bit like Moses Mbye. Imagine the curse effect on Mbye! Negative points, I’d say.

Nevertheless, lets talk captains. It isn’t easy. My two best C options play each other in the first game, so there could be a very early loop for me. I’m going Latrell, but with no confidence.

Otherwise, I would like the Tele prediction for Val Holmes score to come true, but I think the Tele prediction record is worse than the Banner Curse.


I’m going teddy VC and Doueihi C. Are the manly boys available to C all weekend?


up till start of last game


Banner will undoubtedly work its magic this week. Can’t see the Dolphins maintaining that intensity for the entirety of the season, especially once their depth is questioned with a couple of injuries or suspensions to key assets.

Think I’m going the straight (C) on Cleary tonight. Good luck all!


Banner lost last week picking on the Fermor less Tits,
This week they are picking on the Fins in the most likely wettest game of the round.
HTFin will show them.


Fellow Perham owners – are we waiting another week?

Marks Marauders

dont have him but i would wait another week with anyone. i am waiting with tommy talaui. could have traded for the hammer. saved a trade this week happy to use 3 next week to fix any minor problems.




Why aren’t many people throwing the c on Harry against the Dogs?

im just saiyan

they are… hes literally the most captained


oh right, thanks.


Final R
TU: Soni Luke
TD: Warbrick
Comment: AKP


I’m tempted to go Khan-Pereira given he’ll likely be a POD with that horrendous score last week. Got the first game jitters out, now against a leaky Dragons side…Can’t go worse!


AKP will for sure score 100 now after his burnt a lot of people. I’m not playing him though lol

Bring Back The Bears

id love to have nuts that big
Hindsight coming Monday?


Which 2 to R out of Warbrick, I.Thompson and Turuva?


I have selected Thomson and turuva

Colossal Von Crumpet

Anyone interested in Shaq Mitchell? I feel he had an inflated score due to injuries, but am tempted all the same.


First gone once the troops return?

Colossal Von Crumpet

Hmm thanks juggler, this seems likely, aye. Reckon Moale or BMM are better options?


Maybe Moale. Have to see STG in action for BMM first.


Anyone tempted to play moale over uto? Think he was in for much higher minutes last week but Souths used the free interchange with grahams sin bin on him.


Yep I’ve given him the start


Wtf happened ‍♂️

Colossal Von Crumpet

Penrith forwards power game is blowing Souths middles apart. Moale a casualty of being worked over.

Last edited 8 months ago by Colossal Von Crumpet

For all to’o owners a thing that will happen a lot will be teams kicking to turuva all game, not good for to’os base.


TU: Munster to Hughes
TD: Munster to Ponga, Uto to Harris

Bring Back The Bears

who sold Garner?

Cohesive Unit

I held. He did fine but he fumbled the ball twice over the line, ball security isnt great but hes going to get chances to score at penrith like most anticipated.


Murray subbed off after 25 after playing 80 last week. Infuriating. But something that happened from time to time last year. Just impossible to predict


Yea didn’t look injured, just gassed hopefully.


What happened to cleary, saw him running off but have volume down

Stupor Coach

ankle tweak

Colossal Von Crumpet

Saying high ankle sprain on Fox. Friendly fire. Look to be strapping it up.


Cheers gents, got the volume down so that my daughter sleeps.

Salty Former Owner

I had the volume down too, but because I hate NRL commentary. Sometimes you miss ref’s decisions and injury reports, but the other is worse.

Cohesive Unit

The commentary is that bad. Think I’m going to go insane if I dont hit mute, its that or I’m going to hear about how Crichton is going to the bulldogs next year every single round of M. Ennis


bit annoying when main “commentator”starts talking about mulitalo ONE MINUTE after kickoff last night ,he is playing TODAY,


Dopple Ganger banner curse?
Has that ever happened before?


Someone said there was a team last year


Turuva the new To’o?

Stupor Coach

was literally about to post the the same thing.

think teams this year are screwed trying to find a poor kick returner in the panthers side, To’o, Turuva and Edwards all solid

Cohesive Unit

Like everything about his footy except he trys to play for a penalty a bit too often for me.


Where the $&@! Is Murray


I think To’o is done as a supercoach player. He’s not as involved as he used to be. Maybe a change in strategy from Ivan Cleary.


Lol this aged well


Aged like milk.


What a stinker of a game. On all counts. Errors galore, one sided, SC failures all round and the commentary team keep telling me different.

Last edited 8 months ago by BustedCashews

The best play was Luai running through the line with Rabbitohs backs turned.


Banner Stats 2023 Week 1 Banner, Fifi smashed it, beating both his average and predicted score  by 17 points. For some context Last year there were  21 Banners (with stats)  there was no Team news and scores for round 3, an entire team for round 20 and the late PG for 23 Banner vs Player average 2022 Banner 14 – 66.7% Player 7 – 33.3% (Cleary,iPap,Matto,Cobbo,McInnes,Manu,Latrell) Four players beat the banner by more than 20 points (Matto, Cleary,Manu, Latrell) and two players beat it by more than 50 (Cleary,Latrell) Banner vs Player average 2021 (rd 14 banner, the player didn’t… Read more »


These are the stats I live for 🙂


For the to’o try in years gone by I think Cleary would have got the assist. Usually when it’s 2v1 for the centre it goes to the man who creates the space. If so might be a few playmakers overpriced and centres underpriced.


I think you’re right. Let see if it updates.

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