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The Green Monsters

Poor old Jackie Boy has only had one good game in 2 years and you’ve gone and thrown the banner curse at him. Harsh


Turbo owners, what is the ideal score for him to get to avoid the axe?

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If I had him I would never be selling him except for long term injury reason



Karma Keg

I’ll just leave this here, Dogs, Raiders, Knights, Titans, Sharks, Bunnies, Tigers, Broncos. If you have him, you’ve got to hold him.

Salty Former Owner

I don’t know, but there are a number of factors involved. Mainly, what he scores compared to the alternatives. If he scores 100, but Turbo and Ponga get 50, I’m keeping him regardless. The price drops are also important, and I’m expecting the experts on here to calculate that for me (I’m not smart enough to work it out).
I have Turbo and Teddy, and unless they both go well, one of them will go. It’s the easiest way to make money we’ll see all year.


Does anyone actually own Wighton?




Hi all, I’ve got harry as my vc, the c is on turbo. Should I loop or stay calm. I thought I had the kahounas but they’re starting to quiver. Thanks


Stay calm I’d say

The Beer Whisperer

Harry’s sub-100 score should make that easy. Hold the line.


Thanks lads, cracking a can now for tonight’s festivities. That’ll fix it


I’ve got the C on Turbo as well, and have just cracked my second. For purely medicinal purposes of course 🙂
Unfortunately I saw a few things last week that I think Turbo can exploit in my Roosters

Eric Cartman

Playing you this week in my league sonny. GL and up the chooks


In SC Champz?

The Beer Whisperer

I haven’t seen Many pass to Turbo all game. Screw Bradman, I’m bringing forward number 11 to bat!


You spent $1.2M on Turbo for a reason – to throw the C on him every week and streak ahead of the rest of us – do it!

Walkers On

TU: Russell -> Bullemor
TD: Hold trades and hope 3 trades is enough to fix everything next week


TU – Moses and Kikau
TD – Sexton and Curran


I really love the upside of Curran – he looks like a great footballer and he’s so involved in the play – huge skills and enthusiasm and always looks dangerous (and I’ve got both those 2 , so of course I’m gonna favour them! 🙂 ).


What to do with SJ? can only trade for another 5/8 already have Ilias, can move Amone there, have 472K to spend unless another trade to get some cash,


AJ Brimson

Colossal Von Crumpet

I’m in same position, and warming to Clifford. Dearden also caught my eye, but I don’t know enough about him, or trust Cowboys.


Hahaha – nice haircut there! At least he looks the part, rising up out of a cemetary! Good luck for this round everyone (although it has already started!). 😉


Looks like he’s wearing a wig lol

Rex Bannercurse

Eisenhuth starting in a slap for any Leniu buyers


There is something here we don’t know. Leniu looks the goods and passes the eye test but it seems for some reason Ivan either doesn’t think he is ready or trust him.
Or Eisenhuith is to take the initial brunt and then Leniu comes on and plays bigger minutes against tired opposition? We will know soon but it’s definitely confusing


and score.


Leniu was a gun coming through the grades. If my memory serves me correctly, he excelled in the NYC and progressed to New South Wales Cup after only 3 to 4 games. He continued to excel at that level. He really hasn’t been given much of a chance by Cleary since coming into first grade and, personally, I am really concerned that he will never realise his true potential if he isn’t given a go. It certainly can’t be anything to do with his personality. He is one of the nicest, most humble people you would ever meet. I just… Read more »


No sure if it’s just me but I can’t read the Captains Call Article. Anyone else having similar problems?


I can read the article but can’t read the comments

Colossal Von Crumpet

Same issue for me as well tk. Reading on mobile, FWIW.


Has B Smith been confirmed as starting for roosters tonight?


Not yet. Have to wait until an hour before kickoff for final teams.


Bugger as I need to swing tago down to CTW to replace him lol. Oh well let’s take a punt and wait i guess

Bring Back The Bears

50/50 here – whats the thoughts of you guys?
Last R
TU – Randall
TD – Tuilagi

Last edited 4 months ago by Bring Back The Bears

No way Sua deserved to be sent for 10min. Personally, watching it at normal speed, I didn’t even think it was a penalty. But if he does get sent, then O’Sullivan’s Oscar worthy performance deserves for him to be removed by the Bunker Doctor for the rest of the game just like Radley was last week. O’Sullivan went down and lay face down, not moving at all, until he was sure he had the penalty. Players need to know if you take a dive you will be removed. I don’t have a problem with genuine stuff but play acting really… Read more »


Have to agree with you, Sonny. Players lying down is a blight on the game.

Sally M

Roosters: Taukieaho (prop), Hutchison (hooker), Waerea-Hargreaves (bench), Watson (bench), Naiqama (18)

Sea Eagles: Keppie (prop), Davey IN (bench), Sipley OUT (18)


Ahhhh the world is right again … Sally M back with updated team lists

Thank you good sir!!


Thinking Koro might lose his TS going off last years allocation of try assists to hookers.


Found some coin…
TU. D.Brown > M.Moses
TD. Hold


Last reserve
TU Billy Smith
TD Bullemore


Hey everyone, gotta pick a final reserve.
TU: Billy Smith
Comment: MKing


That’s such BS on the game … Lomax scores, throws the ball away and the ref stops the clock???? Seriously … saved the DRagons at least 30 secs then as it didn’t start again until Lomax had the ball placed on the T … he kicked it in less than 30 ófficial’ clock seconds …


Billy smith right wing

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