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I have ctws Tago, Tass and Koula sitting on the bench averaging mid 80s but played Sivo (just bought him this week.) That might seem sad but the team I’m playing is coming 20th (not playing for months) but had Papy as captain, plus DCE, Teddy, Tago, Kolo all shining through. Even his sub got 31. Sometimes SuperCoach is just six.


At least you’ve kept them mate. I’ve traded out both Tass and Koula.

Sally M

Warriors: Walsh OUT, Harris-Tevita (fullback), Pompey IN (centre), Aitken (2nd row), Murchie OUT, Pene IN (prop), Curran (2nd row), Harris (lock), Fonua-Blake (bench), Lussick IN (bench), Katoa OUT (18)
Tigers: Tamou OUT, Seyfarth (prop), Dias IN (bench), Liddle (18)


What are we thinking about Harris for the run home? That was a big half from him there. He pretty much went a point a minute. The try was a cherry on top. Can he return to being a top 5 2RF for the back 8 weeks, as he has been in the past? Gus looks short this year. Fifita hard to predict with his mins. Papalii, Lolo, King and Tapine are better for the FRF. Tago and Talakai handy to have as a dual in the 2RF. And if not, who are people looking to play on their 2RF… Read more »

kegs kings

Only gunna have those 3 with tago lolo and a dual nuff.

Sally M

I agree Murray, Matterson and Olakua’atu are the top 3. Given I want to run with 2 fullbacks, 2 halves and 2 five-eights I’m leaning to running an interchangable FR/BR of Taumalolo and Papali’i, and BR/CW of Talakai and Fermor rather than finding the fourth best backrower.

kegs kings

Gives us an extra ctw as a pod for the run home

Sally M

and Max King will be BR/FR dual as well to give cover as well.

The Fact Hunt



1106 Cleary c with Tapine and Lomax to go.

As much as I’d love to get Latrell in I’ve got Kennedy at fb and I’m grabbing Pappy this week.


1180 all done. Seems pretty decent this week so can’t complain. Glad I saw the Matto news in time and played Tohu instead. Not sure whether to keep him or kikau as my 4th 2rf now. He won’t have the luxury of playing my tigers every week though


Don’t think I can hold lomax till next week, amone doesn’t know how to pass a ball


Interesting that Campbell Graham got the assist and talakai didn’t. If you told me only 1 would of got it I’d say it would be talakai.

Blood Nutt

Really ?!?! What a joke. 100% agree

Blood Nutt

Also how did Manu end up on 97. What did he finish live again ? Was about to say the scorers have been better before this week but some silly buggers going on it feels.

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Manu was low 80s. 82? I think. Cost me my H2H . With Koro also getting a huge bump

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yeh that’s bizarre. I’m actually shocked Graham got it, he really didn’t do much. talakai on the other hand was way more involved in the try. just shows how frustrating this game is. even after all the decisions and luck invoked, there’s still the stats keepers you gotta win with


I think I commented earlier that it wasn’t so easy. Latrell was in the backline rather than a sweeping fullback. And Graham’s quick hands were arguably the biggest impact on the try.

Surprised Talakai didn’t get it. But maybe they deemed that Kennedy swept on the play?

Blood Nutt

He didn’t though they just ran it through the hands. Crazy


Don’t think that game has updated yet. It may change


1250 all done.

Lomax is a painful hold. What is Stuart doing giving an impact fb 5 mins?


That he is Sheldon. I think he needs to change clubs to a team that knows how to play to right edge. Nofa is another who is wasted on the right.


1007 all out.
I look at my team and it seems quite reasonable on paper. Unfortunately, my “stars” (Grant, Papaali, ACrichton, May, et cetera) are being outscored by my bench players (M King, Tass). Just going to have to hang in there and hope that they all click at once before the end of the season.
Looking at the other teams, there seems to be for a few in the same boat. Just frustrating.


1002 all out. 1 x 20, 6 x 30s, 2 x 40s. harry grant, angus crichton, papali’i, mitch moses, and peta hiku can all go and get …

So many failures across the 17 and got pumped in every H2H match.

You wouldn’t know that I’ve been playing this infuriating game since Jason Ryles played for Easts. Why do I bother FFS.

Temple Guard

Haha… trust me we all have the joyful moments, better luck next round Mate

The Duke

All out for 1101. The terrible weather kept my H2H closer than it should have been.


1222. captain Nico who hopefully will upgrade a little more. Only let down was Angus Chrichton and leaving Koula on the pine


Sharks game has already updated he went up a bit


1111 C Cleary
Just slipped back to 1060 with that so some work to do. A few r17 guys like Cody & Lomax fizzed…. hope they pay us back in R17. Hope TLT throws up some cheaper surprise for the bye too.

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