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Does anyone on this site get frustrated with the inconsistency of games being updated? Only Thursday’s game has been adjusted so far.


Never had a week where so many of my H2H are so close. 6/7 of them are within 5-20 point difference win or lose.
The 7th one we are equal and he has 1 more to play.


Never before have so many H2H’s depended on so slim a margin and, in my case, on one particular individual…..Shiraz. Not a lot of time to mature but we’ll see how he goes this arvo against the mighty Tigers. Go Jacob (the Lebanon lightning) Kiraz!


I’d like to know ASAP too. Scores are level with my opponent at the moment and we have one player to go, and I have the luxury of matching his player if I know I’m in front. Will need to know before the 2pm kick off


I feel pretty bad for the Blues players who made their debut and are about to be dropped after 1 game (a 6 point loss mind you that was live til the last play). If what they’re saying is true then surely Staggs and Matto should feel pretty hard done by. They weren’t the issue for the Blues. The fact that Billy out-coached Freddy and that they gave Cleary no space all night was the issue. This is after he dropped stalwarts from successful Origin players the last few years in Fox, Gus and Jurbo. I know Freddy has a… Read more »


Can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. I thought NSW were in trouble the moment Cam Smith joined Billy’s team.


Blues halves didn’t take on the line, easy pickings when you aren’t asking any questions of the defence.

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kegs kings

Butcher to matto would be very nice for me


It sucks. If you want to do the loop and use vc. You can’t till updates. They need to fix it.


Really? Can’t you just play and captain an NPR? That initiates the loop


The loop is a gamble you have to be willing to lose on. It’s a loophole for a reason. It hasn’t been built in as a feature of the game.


Also, I can’t see any scores even close to loopable this week. Cook or Cleary would need 30ish in updates to loop.


Unless all your NPRs are nuffs

Sally M

Raiders: Wighton OUT, Frawley IN (five-eight), Schiller IN (bench), Harawira-Naera OUT (18)
Knights: Clifford OUT, Clune IN (half), Thompson (prop), D.Saifiti (bench), Crossland (18)


Tapine can do it all this year wow, killing it.

Afro Monkey

Yeah looking like a must own if he keeps going the way he’s going.

Sally M

Bulldogs: Waddell (2nd row), Faitala-Mariner (bench), Tanner (18)
Tigers: Twal (prop), Tamou (bench), Tupou (18)


Well, bludger of a first half and, while the football was not pristine, that was an extremely exciting second half of football.


Got you again this week temple guard. 3 in a row now

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