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1032. Seems slightly above par but not the biggest I’ve seen by any means. Hopefully green arrow from 1k


923/12(c)isaako took a hit as i have 17 exact next week if all origin players back up. Guy in my league has 1133(c)brown highest i seen


I seen an 1178


942 with 12 players. Captained Garrick. Pretty happy with that round.

kegs kings

1039 ranked 61st. Total 15505 now. Around par for the top end. Big weekend away and wasn’t to smart with my capt choice which cost me a fair bit.


996 captain C.Walker had 15 playing


13/847. (C) Garrick.


13/1024 VC Moses. Best year yet, sitting at 3k overall

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Second Year Syndrome

997 C Tohu. Ranked 4.006th. 14.906 total points


1070 C isaako
Lowest was katoa
Studs were my trade ins isaako jmk and tohu
Greig and couchman a bit unexpected
Ranked top 3k so hopefully a decent jump


1000 (Moses Looped)
Glad to own Marzhew even if I wasn’t brave enough to C him. Hopefully be able to field 17 next week. Could be tight!


Solid score mate


Just saw you ripped in with 1170! Awesome Hoffa… you are on the move!! I just aimed for the exact number (13) this week with an eye on R14. Concerned about D Fifi and Latrell not backing up. Fingers crossed!


Thanks mate, I’m pretty happy this week but may pay the price next week. Only 16 and that’s if all my origin guys back up and Manu is back. Grant, Dfif, Hynes and Cleary are my origin players. Might need to make 3 trades.


I sold Hynes to Moses and kept Latrell but have those other 3 guys. On the upside Gutho looked fine for you this week and that was a handy score. A week off and then 3 really good match ups for him including that tricky R16/R17 double. He is due for another ton. Hopefully he delivers!



Seems a bit higher than avg hopefully?


Guy in my public league got 1184. Garrick lowest on 51. He looped isaako, had moses horsey and marzhew. Highest I’ve seen


what did you score this week


I only got 893 off 13. Was out sat night didn’t bring in Cody from Manu. Ahead in h2h by 21… oppo had Marzhew and has Ponga capt.. i feel I’m gonna lose !! That sort of SC year

Colossal Von Crumpet

825/11 (including VTF’s lol cameo), looped Isaako. Marzhew smashing it today. Well done to the four figure scores this week, planning FTW!


vtw gave me 12 players but would have rathered him not play at all for cash sakes haha

Colossal Von Crumpet

Exactly! When the 70th min came up I thought we were on the clear. Not to be!

the mechanic

1071 after the 1592 last week hopefully continue my upward trend. Was ranked 57000 after rd 8. As of last week 7500th hopefully keep getting a few bumps towards respectability with some decent bye planning. Hope everyone else is climbing a bit as well.


Green for sure. I think your well above par


991. Looped Isaako.
Nikorima disappointing but moved to fullback. Doorey and Keppie did better than I expected. Swings and roundabouts.
Marzhew has been wonderful. I had him for two years after he left Parramatta and he couldn’t get a game. It took me eleven rounds to get him in this year but I’m glad that I did.


1007 with 12 players and VC on Brown. Pretty happy with that 🙂


Moses, Brown, Ponga and Katoa in my halves and peanuts in the bank. Round 14 will be a test.


984 C Tohu 1,100’s.

Every decision I made was wrong (again) but not too bad.


924 ranked 3k.
could of went harder this round, but still saving a trade when I can.
Would have loved to bring in the big scores this week, but I think I will make up the 100-200 the next week on the teams who went hard at Eels, Knights and Manly. will have 21 next week without trading, if my few Origin players back up.

the mechanic

Just an observation. In the Canberra game there was 5 tries scored and only 3 TS awarded is that usual? Apologies if it’s already been covered but how is the Tass try assist different to croker? For 2 of hopoates try’s there was no TS given at all. Just TC is that standard. I hadn’t noticed it before


Also, mechanic, on the Matty Johns show tonight it was said that Cody had 4 try assists.
Only paid 3 atm.