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Damn, might need to reverse my Ponga trade!


What happened?




The Banner has not been strong this year


last week’s guy failed to make the BE, and will miss a few weeks as well

as a Miller owner, I strongly support the banner


As a non-owner and also a Manly fan, this pleases me.

Silky Smooth

what happen to ponga … source?


Just referring to banner mate


Good day all
So I have 11 playing including last nights te whare. I play head to head and both my opponents in two seperate leagues had issako. I was planning to bring in cook and Harris for mahoney and Walsh. My question is, should I concede defeat and save the trades or should I still try get the win?
Currently have 23 trades. 21 left if I trade. Both opponents have 13 this week.

Silky Smooth

depends where you are on the ladder … and both will cover next round too

central coast crab

Save the trades


Fellow H2H player.
I’d still go Harris this week as his price will only go up but Cook could wait until next week, depending on what other trades you might have planned.

FWIW, I’ve brought both in this week and have clear air next week because we never know what Origin is going to throw up to deal with.

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If you think they’re both keepers they’ll win you future H2H matches. It’s too early to give us as well


Thank you all for your responses. I’m going to ahead gents!

moon the loon

never give up


I forgot to move Katoa into my HB spot so can’t get Cody Walker

TU Hold Hynes
TD Trade to Moses


Hynes misses 4 games while Moses misses 2 games during the bye period, not worth the trade IMO, Hynes can still score just as much or even outscore Moses with 2 less games. With only 13 players scores counted this week, you should be able to find points elsewhere


21 trades left and 2 boosts with 13 playing this week with I Katoas 31 likely to be lowest score (touch wood). Have looped Isaako.
Do either of these trades seem worthwhile to use a boost or just hold?
TU: Grant to Cook
TD: Pele to Fainu from Manly.



You can asses after tonight’s game. If someone gets a 10 do it


JMK is the only worthwhile option for Grant IMO. Everyone else is a downgrade.

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Yeah, he clocked off in the second half and still put on 78 SC points. And he seems to have the vision and speed of a halfback when he kicks into gear.


I went Grant to JMK last minute on gut feel and watching last night, he’s a much more enjoyable watch than Grant has been.

Salty Former Owner

Fainu might give you less than 31. I’d wait a week to see if Grant plays 14, and if he plays well after backing up.
I’m saving my boosts for emergencies, if a gun is out. I’m sure a crisis will arise sometime in the next few weeks.


quick question guys ,i know its probly asked already
If you loop and make captain a bye player(Manu)
and put yr captain (Garrick)as the only playing non player
Will i get VC(Gutho) doubled? and Garrick as an AE?


If you don’t have 17 players playing this week, there’s no need to bump Garrick from your 17. Just reserve him.


I believe that Garrick needs to be in your 17. You in my opinion get the best 13 scores from the 17 and get the VC score as C. Guessing that i=you get the best 12 scores + the lowest score as the AE. I simply don’t know what will happen to a score outside the selected 17. The trick may work but maybe not. Not sure if this is what you mean but I wouldn’t risk it.


I think pick your best 17. Of those the best 13 get scored. I don’t think you get the vc score as a c unless you loop the vc and put the c on a non player.

If Gutho played last night and you had the vc on him he stays as the vc. Will not have his scored doubled if you have no c.

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So I’m a H2H player with mostly no matchups this round and sitting pretty in all my leagues. Tempted to make the below trades, keen to get everyones thoughts on what they would do…

Walsh > Ponga
Murray > Tohu
Holmes > Herbie

TU: Save the trades
TD: Pull the trigger
Comment: Tohu trade in only..

Current Team with 24 trades and 2 boosts remaining

Grant (Luke)
Taps, Horse (Edwards, Keppie)
Fif, Presto Murray (Shuey, Hosking, Saulo)
Hynes (Cleary)
Dylbags (Katoa)
Garrick, AJ, Holmes, Turuva (Manu, Smith, Eisenuth)
Teddy (Walsh)





Definitely bring in Tohu.

RE the other two, would you be making the same trade if no clubs had a bye this week?


Good question. I’d be keeping Holmes and Walsh to play. The thing is they aren’t playing, and will miss a few games.

In saying that, you’ve helped me lean towards holding them for 1 more week and doing Murray > Tohu only this week


Playing H2H I would make 1 or 2 trades to move towards my final team. The most important thing in H2H is trades for the finals. Overall player run out of trades, H2H players should do their best not to.


Campbell Graham has been ruled out of Souths game

The Duke

And the armband goes on Ponga.


Banner Stats update Banner Stats 2023 Two wins in a row, does the banner have some momentum? Another win for the Banner, even though the bar was very low, Burbo’s average was only 21.8 and he couldn’t even beat that. Burbo scored 9 points 12.8 less than his 2023 average, 18.2 less than his 2022 average and 16 points less than his projected score he was also well under his break even.  The first 12 weeks of Banner scores have been 83,48,79,62,74,124, 85, 40, 90, a DNP, 59, 40 and 9 points  (two banners in week 2) 2 wins out… Read more »

Temple Guard

There used to be a time when The Banner really spooked SC’s… Burbo last week was a joke… Normally the Banner will have Guns on it… Teddy Hynes Cleary Latrell Haas and so on…. looks like the Banner is scrapping the bottom of the Barrel… sad to say 🙁

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true dat


No 6pm game. Killing me. I better get used to it.


Ponga will be fine he’s playing for his origin jersey now. Get on before it’s to late

Silky Smooth

my VC is Isaako … still cap Dbrown vs cowboys?


I’m leaning towards taking the VC myself as a bird in the hand as it were.

But I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts on this too.

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105,109,113 and 116 are the 4 tons hes put up this season. Ive taken the c off brown and taken isaakos safe 109 (pre update)


I took the VC loop of isaako . I’ve started off well already with couchman isaako and jmk in my top 13. So wanted to a good captain score

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It’s a little scary that Brown is playing the Cows that just conceded 66 and have lost a lot of their best players but Brown seems to go better in tougher matches. If Parra put on bulk points tonight I’d rather be on Moses.


Moses = flat track bully


Easy loop there.


When do the updates for the first game usually come in?


This year we usually get the Thursday updates around lunchtime Friday. Don’t think we will get them tonight given it’s already so late.


Any love for Scott Drinkwater over Kalyn Ponga?


Super pod and covers 14. Strong average in a struggling side. Definitely being underrated but I don’t have the balls.


Just bought him in as a last minute brainsnap/masterstroke. Time will tell

Temple Guard

Kudos to You and LR I didn’t see that coming 🙂


Huge if true.


I’m gonna go with masterstroke

Sally M

24 hr Warriors still 1-17, Tuaupiki & Going still reserves
Broncos still 1-17, Hoeter & Smoothy still reserves

Sally M

Eel: 1-17, Asi (18)
Cowboys: Gosiewski (2nd row), Leilua (bench), Elliot (18)


Went pod hunting
Should I stick with Luciano now that he’s coming off the bench?

Temple Guard

Big Red Tohu Curran or Ford would be my preferred choices… Even Ofa
Ohhh and Tapine been DPP same as Tohu and Big Red

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Have red. Was 8k short of tohu. And don’t trust the Curran/ford mins. Hoping Luci comes on and plays the last 60. With the eels weak edges he may sneak a junk time try.


First Couchman, now Greig. The supercoach gods are shining on them.


I traded in ofahengaue.. 11pts and gone for the game.



Sad times. Could have been a good trade. Think he’s been carrying that same injury since the pre-season. Missed a lot of pre season with a calf issue.


Have them both playing . I should play the lotto. My projected is 1000 now


How confident are we gutho keeps those try assists ? Need to know for loop

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