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760/10 issako looped.

Held Dubster and Moale for this week..

Think I’ll see a little red from 3k but I look healthy for 14 and 16.


Tough with only 10 player and to guess par in a bye round… maybe ~875-900. Adam Driussi suggesting 930pts for a guy Ranked 2500 is solid green.

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wombat stew

At least miller didnt get on and lose cash before i trade him tomorrow


1118 C Moses
Had 15 players.
BMM and Ford dropped out.

wombat stew

Great score and prob alot of r16 backup player.

Lil Papi

It’s not massive but 896 from 11 players cos I captained Marzhew lol won me my H2H


great call!


Nice work, Marzhew captain great call, spewing I didn’t even consider it. Someone in my league did and scored 905 with 10 players.

Lil Papi

I was hoping he was due a good score but couldn’t believe my luck when he scored twice in 2 minutes haha


12/927 and 15174 total. Hurt watching Jed score in Graham’s spot lol
Have a strong 17 for rnd14 without any backups from the likes of Hynes and Cleary.

the mechanic

SuperCoach has glitches and counted my full 15 for this week…


Haha, me too. All of a sudden up to 1270 from 1170. Best updates ever. I’m sure they sort it out


looks sorted now


uh oh … definitely appears to be counting all scorers in the total points. This will be interesting

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