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An improvement this week – all out for 974 – last week it was 960!

Gonna bloody get an 8th consecutive red arrow! Like that old Springsteen song goes, ‘I’m Going Down’ (Down, down, down, down!).
Nothing can stop the rot! Currently in 8336th spot – I think I’m not even going to bother looking tomorrow! Only hope is unicorn points from Captain Cleary! 🙂


All out 905 (C) Nico luckily after having it on Cody most of the weekend.
Dodged a bullet there.
Record 10 players under score of 50.


I feel your pain mate! Sorry about the Rabbits this arvo! Dubbo’s starting to have bad vibes for you guys – although there must be quite a few Bunnies’ supporters out there in the Central West, I think.


AJW, i knew we would slide after Wayne left, but not so badly.
On todays performance we wont make top 10 let alone the 8.


After updates for Raiders v Bunnys i have gone from 35 points behind to 8 ahead in my H2H. Weird.


1042 c cleary
hoping not to far off a drop from #226

had no knights broncos tigers dogs dragons warriors raiders titans in my 17 & missed out points from 3 of 1st 4 matches. then came the last 2 big saturday games where only 2 from 9 scored above 50 (teddy & cleary c) & changed my tuilagi>butcher to cheese before kickoff. finally it leaves me looking at my last boost with turbo lolo talakai injured. another consecutive week to forget

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The Beer Whisperer

882 with all the big names. 2x 10s, 2x20s, 3x30s, 5×70+s Clear.y highest. Gonna need a new strategy next year.


1006 C Cleary
Turbo has to go. Awaiting Lolo
& Talakaia injury updates. Tuilagi & Randall… may get a stay of execution…

Temple Guard

That suxs that you got all them injured guys… darn tough on you Mate

Temple Guard

Now I got no idea who will be on the Banner…. rarely the Banner get’s beaten twice in a row…. any predictions?

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