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998 C Hynes. Mixed bag from new recruits, Garrick, Grant and Cotter. Tago on the Pine. Thank god that round is over.


Nice comfy win by the Cows .Unfortunately my players didnt get among the pts 1020


Interesting observation although I am not quite sure of its relevance. 1018 all out (pending updates) but, on reviewing the 10 leagues in which I am competing, I have won 7 against teams placed higher than I am and the 3 that I lost are all against teams placed lower than me. In some cases, the gap has been quite significant. Would that suggest that those with well constructed and potentially strong teams have not fared as well this week while others who have not put in the same amount of thought have “fluked it”? Maybe it just says something… Read more »


The conditions obviously slowed down the high-scoring, flashy players. Organising halfbacks (Reynolds, Cleary, Schneider, Hastings), grafting centres (Tago, Hiku) and hardworking forwards (Cotter, Ipap, Arrow) seemed to fare well.

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I wish I had thought of that before the round began, DCE…


It’s always the way, Watson! – from a fellow SC sufferer.


Interesting to see if they all took chances with Capt or if they stuck to the (to quote everyone in my fantasy epl game) template.


980 c ipaps
Total 11809
Feels like I’m the lowest scoring with a good c score. Big red coming from 236


Great captain choice

Mighty tigs

Not sure if this was before or after those small updates but really don’t think you will lose much ground


Finished on 1015 & went up 10 places to 226. Didn’t think I was a hope of being in the green. Round score rank was 32k.

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Salty Former Owner

It’ll be an interesting Trade Talk this week. For the most part, the conditions meant it was hard to stand out unless you scored tries (Ipap, Tago, Suaali etc), so the superguns didn’t have a good week.
If people talk about rage trading, I’ll be downvoting any of that, except maybe Talakai. Turbo didn’t look fit, so if I had him I wouldn’t know what to do, except wait for the medical rumours.
I do know that I’ll be looking closely at the Warriors draw, and loading up on teams playing them. The Warriors were still awful.

Mighty tigs

I’m 90% sure I’m rage trading Turbo


1059 with the C on Hynes

The Duke

I truly do not care if Talakai is getting dual status, as far as I’m concerned, he’s going to be a cash sink in two positions instead of one then. His tenure in my side is like Trent Barrett’s coaching job at the Bulldogs.

Mighty tigs

Fair enough, Im happy enough to hold, still reckon he’s a keeper and plays a bye round


1224.. rnk 904…
Should be green arrows

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I noticed Sam Walker didn’t get awarded a kick and regather break for his try. Though ARey did. I’m guessing because walkers kick ended up in the in goal before he regathered it?


Yep that’s right, need to regather in the field of play I’m pretty sure

Afro Monkey

Wishing I went with my gut and traded Talaki out lol, he lost 93k so if I still sell I’ll manage to get around 200k from him. Still semi-worth it.

Mighty tigs

1024 up 5 spots into 57th traded in Lolo and Turbo so stoked with that


No trade talk this week?????

Temple Guard

Wrong page buddy…. this is rd10 Chat


Yeah I know I’m asking why there is no trade talk page.

Temple Guard

Have you got the recent comments column on your device?

Temple Guard

Thanks mate. Huge help

Temple Guard

You are welcome


So, yes thanks for that link TG.. but why have they changed so that now I have to get to this link on here ( thanks TG) to access talk…
I’ve had no access since Saturday…

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