Team News, Scores & Chat – Round 1

Well, here we are. The 2022 NRL season is back and you know what that means, so is the Banner…..

Best of luck Teddy and also to your owners!

Yours in despair,

The Banner

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Scored 1089 with turbo as C pretty happy with that.


Cracking score!


I haven’t scoured through all the comments but everyone seems disappointed with scores just under 1000. I got lucky – 1011 with updates (if any) to come. Not really much between everyone and over the course of 26 weeks anything can happen.


All out for 894, like a lot of teams Grant and Munster on the pine.
Todd Payten has done it to us again. Using one of the games most explosive ball runners as a battering ram…. Great idea mate. Stuck with Luki and LoLo for now but not falling for it next year!


What are peoples thoughts on Hiku as a replacement for Russell? Solid base and cows have a decent draw. Could average 50-60 over the first few months.
TU Not a bad option
TD Forget it, look elsewhere


804 FML. Would have been a somewhat less catastrophic 854 had I not done a last second trade Luki –> Nanai and actually transferred the R to him so I had 17 playing rather than 16 + Koula’s AE. Add to this every 50/50 call I made backfired on me. Ah well, comps not won in R1!

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Not a good round 1, all out for 837, my round one impulse trades cost me 120 points

  • Mahoney to Bsmith
  • Jhughes to DCE
  • Lomax to Staggs

With this in mind, Who is the optimum trade for Bsmith, if he is out.
TU: Find 50K with another trade and go Grant
TD: With 40K itb, going straight to Mahoney
Comment: Smith > Walters, given he’s starting again

Wallah Hezbula

Remaining: 43K

Cheese, Randall
Haas, AFB, JTB, MKing
Gus, Nikora, Nanai, Bully, Tuilagi, Momoi
Hastings, Schneider
Munster, Ilias
Hammer, BSmith, Tago, Amone, Penisini, Vailea, Koula
Turbo. Teddy

Woeful score this round – Captain Cheese did not help (I may or may not have cried). Smart money suggests JTB > JKing & Cheese > Grant unless I need to upgrade elsewhere.

TU: Stick with proposed trades
TD: Address other areas


She’s a cruel mistress

Alfie Lewis

Anyone else make the rookie error of not checking late mail and copping a single digit AE? E.g TPJ’s late scratching. It’s pretty much cost me the 50k already lol :/


I copped a single digit AE for a different reason – I made a last minute trade before lockout and didn’t realise it didn’t auto transfer my last R to the newly traded in guy (Nanai), so I only had 16 playing and then got Koula’s 4, ending on 804 total.

I wouldn’t say its cost you the 50k already, it’s only round 1, just not an ideal start. One POD captain choice in a months time could make up a significant chunk of the damage done.


Just to add to the above, <7k people scored above 1000 in round 1, and only 262 people scored >1100. Plenty of people in that top 262 you probably wouldn’t want to change squads with either, they just had a lucky outing in R1.

So even with a score of 800, you are only 300 points behind the top 200, with 24 rounds to make up the deficit. Far from over.


First Fullback is Turbo
Gutho >
TU Papi
TD Hynes

Temple Guard

If You got Gutho….. and I know the feeling… I got him too…. You got to believe in Your First 25 You picked IMO
Don’t chase last weeks points!!!!!

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