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Tommy Smurf Sangsta
Tommy Smurf Sangsta (@tommy-smurf-sangsta)
5 days ago

I hope Sivo is gonna get suspended for his dirty shot on Turbo. He’s robbed the comp of its star player for the next 3 weeks and also stopped him from possibly winning the Dally M. But this is habitual for Parramatta. They are the dirtiest team in the comp. What they did earlier this year against the Chooks was nasty and they’ve taken out two Manly players in this game as well. Parra’s coach is a joke and needs to take the majority blame for what is going on there. Those who do not learn history are doomed to… Read more »

JoeytheJaguar (@joeythejaguar)
Reply to  Tommy Smurf Sangsta
5 days ago

Hope you feel a little bit better after posting that, mate.

Tommy Smurf Sangsta
Tommy Smurf Sangsta (@tommy-smurf-sangsta)
Reply to  JoeytheJaguar
5 days ago

Yep! But none of it is wrong…

void (@fotc-leggyblonde)
Reply to  Tommy Smurf Sangsta
5 days ago

some recency bias if you think parra are the dirtiest team..

Hayden (@nedyah28)
5 days ago

1486 (C Turbo) from Rank 2130
2 trades left and held on to both this week having a Top 4 spot in all 7 leagues (and hence two bites at the cherry if things went south) even though I felt my team was severely under-strength. Special mentions to James (56) and Foran (63).

Went 7/7 and now have a week off in all seven leagues to watch next week’s carnage unfold and hopefully get more info on Turbo and the like. What a crazy week!

kindboy (@kindboy)
3 days ago

H2H player 4 trades left. Probably gonna get Turbo in if he is playing, not sure for who though yet.

Current team atm 200k itb
Grant(VC) / Hunt
Haas, Papali’i / AFB, Leniu
Fifita, Kikau, Barnett / Leilua, Fui
Cleary / Walker
CWalker / Schuster
Nofo, Val, Ramien, Tupou / To’o, Fergo, Laurie
Ponga(C) / Teddy

Any ideas lads?

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