SuperCoach Racing – Chat & League Codes

It hasn’t taken long but the legends at the Daily Telegraph have already got our next SuperCoach instalment in store for us.

SuperCoach racing is back this year and kicks off from this Saturday the 2nd of October.

We’ve created some SC Talk Groups below – use the 6-digit codes in brackets to join up.

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North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Mighty tigs
Mighty tigs (@mighty-tigs)
6 days ago

All out for 187 with a team made on Tuesday I will take that. Jockey and scrathcing cost me some points but i’ll take that score

BarefootCowboy (@barefootcowboy)
6 days ago

Rank 38 (-27 places). score 1034, exactly 70 points behind 1st. Stable value plus 25k to 2.45 million. So pretty happy all things considered.

Epitome (@unbreakable)
Reply to  BarefootCowboy
6 days ago

Not too bad mate, you’re still in a great spot.

I went up to 76th (+15 places), total score 1018. Stable value up to $2,475,000.

BarefootCowboy (@barefootcowboy)
Reply to  Epitome
6 days ago

Well done Epitome. I am assuming you avoided Grand Slam -50k.
4 rounds 70 points is not impossible.

Epitome (@unbreakable)
Reply to  BarefootCowboy
6 days ago

I did avoid Grandslam thankfully, however I also avoided the +$25K from Cherry Tortini which in hindsight was an obvious selection that I missed out on.

Next weekend will be the round to go for a big push, every round after that is only 1 meet, far fewer opportunities to jag pod’s.

Bluegoose (@bluegoose)
5 days ago

161. Once diamond effort and a young Werther got scratched and Pippie (c) missed it was going to be hard work. Tip of the hat to J Kah for trying hard to get me a few points though! 🙂

Last edited 5 days ago by Bluegoose
BarefootCowboy (@barefootcowboy)
3 days ago

Next week will be a crazy week – 4 rounds in 8 days and Origin 1 in the middle. Woo hoo!

Early Stable for this week
Mystic Journey
Alligator Blood
Fun star
Cherry Tortini
September Run
Let’s Karakadeal
Young Werther
Victoria Quay (G2)

It has to better then last week barring no scratchings.

Epitome (@unbreakable)
2 days ago

SuperCoach BBL opened today, we’ll have to get one of those discussion threads up and running soon 

Keen for the racing this weekend, thinking I might deploy a couple of big POD’s, I probably only stand a chance of the big prize if I can find a way to get in to the top 30 before the last 3 rounds. With there being only 9-10 races in each of the last 3 rounds it’s going to be nigh impossible to gain ground unless you pull off some insane roughies.

Epitome (@unbreakable)
1 day ago

First draft that I threw together in 10 mins, will be many changes to come with how many options there is –

Mystic Journey ~ G1
Mr Quickie ~ G1
Funstar ~ G1
Octane ~ G2
Cherry Tortoni ~ G1
September Run ~ G1
Personal ~ G2
Odeum (c) ~ G1
Hit The Shot ~ G1
Young Werther ~ G1
Miravalle (e) ~ G2
Rachel King

polarbear (@polarbear)
Reply to  Epitome
1 day ago

Similar to mine. Jamie Kah Jockey
Which one of these? Would like both
TU Young Werther
TD Hit The Shot
Cheers. Should be a good day for a punt & a beer

zen (@zensboys)
1 day ago

Tu swats that
Td September run

Last edited 1 day ago by zen
happy gilmore
happy gilmore (@happy-gilmore)
1 hour ago

TU Aysar
TD wild ruler
Comment Cherry Tortoni
Note have 2 In derby and Coolmore already cheers

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