SuperCoach BBL – Chat & League Codes

The second of the silly season SuperCoach leagues has landed, with the Big Bash League open for business!

It shapes as a very interesting season with question marks over the involvement of the international stars we’ve grown accustomed to, as well as just where these games are going to be played and how the season will be played out. It’s one of the trickiest fantasy competitions you’ll find given there’s games every day, players coming and going and double game weeks (DGWs) left, right and centre!

While the fixtures are yet to be released, we’ve created some SC Talk Groups below – use the 6-digit codes in brackets to join up.

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North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Colossal Von Crumpet
Colossal Von Crumpet (@colossal-von-crumpet)
2 months ago

Anyone else put the armband on Short last night?

I did and though it was genius when Jacks got a duck, only for Darcy to go down facing his first ball! lol

Dravid (@dravid)
Reply to  Colossal Von Crumpet
2 months ago

Maxi for me this week… Short probably captain next round though.

Bring Back the Bears
Bring Back the Bears (@ciunno)
Reply to  Dravid
2 months ago

Darcy is an absolute lock for next round.

Last edited 2 months ago by Bring Back the Bears
Mighty tigs
Mighty tigs (@mighty-tigs)
Reply to  Bring Back the Bears
2 months ago

Im locking in Rashid Khan this week

Bring Back the Bears
Bring Back the Bears (@ciunno)
2 months ago

Interesting first round

Mighty tigs
Mighty tigs (@mighty-tigs)
2 months ago

Well im not having the best week C khan over short only for him to be dropped and then smash Khan everywhere, traded Phillipe to collin Ingram only for Phillipe to be dropped and score huge traded in Bartlett as a backup for him to be dropped (though he looked good tbh) and Christan didn’t even get a bowl in the sixes huge win. Hope the thunder get up tonight.

parramanMK2 (@parramanmk2)
2 months ago

Just wondering if anyone knows of any h2h leagues that still might have openings …..
Or if not, if i was to open one would it be auto filled before start of round 3?

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