SoloNick Podcast – Round 1

The first of our Sunday night weekend wrap podcasts for 2019 is here – Nick is solo on these pods, running through all the ups and downs of the weekend that was, in the context of his team and relevant SC players in general.

Feedback is very welcome – if you hate the idea please let us know and we’ll (I’ll) stop! If you like it let me know also – plan is to make it more interactive going forward and get some SC horror/glory stories from twitter to read out each week.

Subscribe to our podcast channel on any one of the major streaming services including, iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast, just search NRL SuperCoach Talk podcast. That way you will get the latest episodes to your phone as soon as they are released.

You can also download the podcast via the direct link here and our Podcentre.

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Site co-founder and all round SC tragic, Nick no longer writes too much these days but hosts the SC Report each week and looks after most of the site administration.

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Vicer - GTO Solver
Vicer - GTO Solver (@vicer)
1 year ago

Cheers Nick, love your dry-humour mate! Teddy for a bounce-back tonne and Friend for a back-2-back tonne against Manly whose forwards are even more depleted after AFB and how Farah faired!

TurkeySnow (@turkeysnow)
Reply to  Vicer - GTO Solver
1 year ago

Yeah I am thinking Friend could score another try and do great! Thinking C option!

WoolyScore (@woolyscore)
1 year ago

Great stuff Nick – I think your content is spot on mate, short and sweet – which is rather perfect to wrap up a Sunday night. Unfortunately I’m a doggies fan and feeling rather wounded :'(

Boris the Blade
Boris the Blade (@perkeroverthere)
1 year ago

Well done Nick. You have the balance just right . Kerrod Holland is gone for Jake Friend and do I dare trade Teddy..,?

The First XIII
The First XIII (@the-first-xiii)
1 year ago

haha, Holland did have a horror outfit. It’s called a bulldogs jersey.

Guns-NRookies (@guns-nrookies)
1 year ago

Thanks Nick. Nice rundown of the round. Looking forward to the next installment.

TurkeySnow (@turkeysnow)
1 year ago

Great PODcast fellas. Nikora played outside SJ for clarification, they looked a little off, but good things to come I feel.

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