SoloNick Podcast – R17

Finally, good to have the big guns back in our teams this week! Get the recap lowdown on the pod, same as every week

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Site co-founder and all round SC tragic, Nick no longer writes too much these days but hosts the SC Report each week and looks after most of the site administration.

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Penrith Premiers
Penrith Premiers (@lukesdruitt)
1 year ago

Have you got a go fund me page set up for a new tv after no doubt throwing the remote through it at the end to the cricket?? Im not a kiwi but wow you guys were robbed I listened to the pod at work just after that game finished. Would of been a rough morning if you stayed up and watched it for it to end like that… Thanks for the pod, its a nice wrap of the weekend sc wise. Appreciate your work.

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