Site co-founder and all round SC tragic, Nick no longer writes too much these days but hosts the SC Report each week and looks after most of the site administration.

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RabbitohInTheShire (@lemonskin)
1 year ago

Is the Canberra vs Sharks game updated yet? I’m down by three in my H2H with Papalii the last POD. Really, really hoping he updates.

Doose (@doose)
Reply to  RabbitohInTheShire
1 year ago

Not yet

OnTheBus (@samardo)
1 year ago

Its been a few weeks but i finally get to sit and have a coffee and read through the posts 🙂

GL to the top end for the final round and todays updates

BillyAbelaLFC (@billyabela)
1 year ago

Dragons vs Tigers updates

Momirovski 144 > 145
Benji 102 > 111
Brooks 96 > 73
Taylor 69 > 69
Nofo 60 > 74
Matterson 53 > 59
Chee-Kam 39 > 38
Marsters 19 > 20

Mciness 69 > 73
Widdop 68 > 65
Leilua 60 > 67
Aitken 55 > 57
Hunt 33 > 48
Lafai 33 > 40
Sailor 25 > 30
Kerr 12 > 11

Sams seals
Sams seals (@sams-seals)
Reply to  BillyAbelaLFC
1 year ago

Kerr, the gift that keeps on giving 🙁

OnTheBus (@samardo)
1 year ago

Noticed a post regarding the footy catchup , i’m working on saturday afternoon but might be able to come down 7-8 , might be too late …..

Il be at the tiges game though so might be able to say a quick hello to fellow SCtalk players somehow

tanous (@tanous)
1 year ago

checking in & see i have gone from 1205 at last lockout to 1270 after the last update.
massive swing. still waiting for the downdates to come

RabbitohInTheShire (@lemonskin)
Reply to  tanous
1 year ago

Lucky. I went from three point to 5 point behind in my H2H XD

CallMeBigPapi (@callmebigpapi)
Reply to  RabbitohInTheShire
1 year ago

went from down by 14 to up by 16 in H2H

Soundasapound (@soundasapound)
1 year ago

Are scores final gents?

tanous (@tanous)
Reply to  Soundasapound
1 year ago

hopefully. just downdated 5 again to 1265

unders (@unders)
1 year ago

In the case of a H2H tie, will the person who finished higher on the ladder go through to the GF?

tanous (@tanous)
Reply to  unders
1 year ago

higher on the ladder pre finals rd22

chooksm8 (@hh123)
1 month ago

TU: Ryan hall
TD: Hammer

1 44 45 46
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