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Pot Luck

1178 C Turbo, current rank 24th.
Have been in the top 31 from round 10 until now and a sizeable red arrow to come.
DCE and Turbo combining for only 75 the let downs this week after they blasted over 300 combined points against the warriors earlier this year. Matto on my bench for first time since round 4 rubbing salt in the wound too.


Unlucky PL. The halves will do that unfortunately. Looking at the key halves over 2 weeks: Munster = 210 over 2 rounds (owned by 54 of top 100 but I suspect rested by a few this week) SJ = 185 over 2 rounds (owned by 93, most of whom probably played) Cleary = 173 over 2 rounds (owned by 41, I suspect some would rest) Keary 162 over 2 rounds (owned by 6) DCE = 141 over 2 rounds (owned by 14 but 6 of top 25 – I assume all would play) Cody = 132 over 2 rounds (owned… Read more »

Pot Luck

It is a week to week seesawing affair with most of those halves except Munster and SJ in this case.
Yep, I am 1 of the brave souls who owns Cody. I will be playing him this week against the dogs and I will be playing DCE against the tigers and looking forward to both! If big Matto can split the dogs defence in half then so can Cody. Love the POD element in these types of players.

I was never going to catch rank number 1 by choosing the same players as him!


Clutching at straws here fellow addicts down by 11, what are the odds for downdates to come in for cam smith and Munster and positive updates to come in for Bateman and Murray


Unlikely. Sorry.


1184 c TTurbo for last 2 weeks have been very disappointing.

Left matto in npr for first time.


1208. C Turbo. Matto and Cleary on the pine. Too much depth this year is making it hard to get my 17 right. I keep losing to sides with literally 17 players


1314 C Bateman

Flipped a coin for captaincy (Ponga or Bateman), seems like fate was on my side this week! Ranked 2556, hopefully can keep the charge going for the next 4 weeks and get in to the top 1k 😀


Not sure if anyone on this site speaks Russian, but the team coming second has an interesting name (Trakhat’ Tebya = F*$# You in Russian)


1198 atm C Munster . leaves me with24572 total , was 34th expecting a drop but by how far?
Very happy to end up at that score after a blunderous start


I think you meant 38th…I’m 34th 🙂

I would guess you might drop to around 80th? There are a lot of teams close and I would assume there will be a lot of teams with closer to 1300


yep 38 th just got home from a family do
Thnx doose

POD Hunter

great captain call.


1241 c teddy might be abit below par this week
hoping rts ponga fifita bounce back next round




1297 c turbo pretty solid considering he scored sub 50, thanks munster, cleary and matto


only lost 4 spots with a 1250 currently 42 from 38


best advice for H2H from here on out? finished 1st in 2 leagues and 4th in one so have second chances, with my remaining 3 trades should i play for matchups?


is it worth going ponga to munster with my last trade? or is getting Fifi or nikora out of the team a better idea?


Will AFB continue to play 60+ minutes?

TU: Yes
TD: No


Wrong week, sorry!

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