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1278 C Turbo. Kikau, Jurbo, fifi, Gutho let downs. Ranked around 10,000.

The Rookie

1,316 – Turbo (C). Thought I was a bit below par, but hoping i’m just above.
The usual Staggs, Nikora and To’o on the Pine. Fifita and Xerri the only ones below 50.


So my 7 players on the pine averaged over 77 versus my 17 starters averaging just under 71.

Can’t remember doing that before. Suspect I’m not alone


5 npr with scores averaging 82 for me


I hope there’s some people who can’t afford Turbo next week. Wishful thinking?

POD Hunter

vs Storm he may only get 65?


Storm at AAMI Park will be the litmus test. IMO, Turbo still good for 65-80, but not a captain option.


i hope he is fit next week. looked uncomfortable a few times throughout the game


That’s just turbo I feel. The bloke is always grimacing even when 100% fit.


After that run on the kick return where he just submitted (3-4 mins to go) I watched him after the play the ball and he clutched at his right hamstring. But he carried on fine thereafter. Might have just been a cramp.


He was interviewed after the game and said he was fine


seen that as well. also the ankle squash & hobbling after a couple of tackles


What do we think about Calker moving forward as a POD purchase? He’ll be $450K after price changes, his next 6 games are against the Dragons, Sharks, Storm, Bulldogs, Broncos, Warriors.

Obviously wouldn’t play him every week, but he could be an interesting prospect in at least 3-4 of those games, especially if Turgess & Surgess come back next week.


Have had him since the start, not sure I would be buying but definite POD play.


Whilst I know he has potential to go big at any time, would you really want to start him in front of any of Ponga, Munster or Moses? Ponga is a no brainer to start every week and then you can choose whether to start another 5/8th in front of 2 or your bench 2RFs, FRFs (assuming most people are running with 2 FLBs and 2 HOKs). Would need to be a skinny team to contemplate starting Cody IMO


Not sure. All I know if Souths are going to be a chance this year Cody needs to fire. Surgess doubt he will be back next game. Playing the Dragons and that right edge D got carved up.


1297 all out
Captain Turbo
Souths game still to update so hope to crack 1300 and move up from high 2000’s


Ok so after the round i have decided that i gonna headbut Fifita, he coast me 22k all my legs came in except sharks 1-12 and i blame him, and to top it off i played him over jazz and lost my cash comp leg in supercoach, who is in agreement that he deserves a touch up

Pablo Bill

Yep let’s go, u might need some assistance, I’m benching him until he takes his balls out of whoever’s purse they are in


The more the merryer


In a ten team league scores 1180- 1374 if that gives par chasers any help


1282 looks below par

Ranked 200s


Ithink 1350 is par this round

Pablo Bill

1304, I should be elated but kinda not so pumped. This time of the year, gonna pulp out a few 1300, I need 1400+ to raise my interest although interestingly a lot are saying par is 1300, dream on, par will be sub 1200, that’s across the entire field, I am currently winning 8 out of 8 leagues. But there are plenty of scores well above mine


1250 par I reckon


Average score in my 20-team private league was 1293. Public league average was: 1301.

I expect par will fall somewhere between 1280-1320.


All out for 1417. Nathan brown trade in for cnk last week and taupau to Murray this week has come up huge


Kept tko over taupau but with fifi suspended not feeling confident with having to play tko every week

End Zone

Regarding high scores,someone in my league has a score of 1507,thats the highest i have heard of so far.He or she captained Turbo,played nikora,cleary,STK,murray,To’o does not have fifita as a player,his lowest scorer was Jurbo,and still had staggs and Sandor Earl on the pine,WOW,it was almost the perfect selection of players.


Par will be high 1200 imo


Maybe 1250


1551 is the highest in my leagues


I saw a 1589 on facebook earlier. Looked him up he’s ranked 22k tho.


My cash comp has a 1300 average this week.
There is definitely some serious scores out there.
I wish i plulled the trigger on Fifi to Teddy via Duals….
I woul be 80+ points better.


Averages of 1293 and 1301 in the two leagues I’m apart of.


Didn’t see the games today is Smith or Turbo owed anything


1301 lol. If I landed right on par I’ll take it,


Bit over imo


Sounds good bruz

Mighty tigs

All depends on your position. If you not already in the top 500 its probs a slight green but Close to the top it could be red


555 atm, would be happy to just stay 500’s


Never been so unhappy with a 1293 before.


Bludger of a round 1227 C Turbo

But still with a chance of winning both leagues I am in LOL
In my Public League C Turbo, Moses, Gutherson need to update 11 more than Mau and Jurbo.

Am pretty certain of red from position 194 just not sure how far I will drop.

The Duke

All out for 1214.