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Tommy Smurf Sangsta
Tommy Smurf Sangsta (@tommy-smurf-sangsta)
2 months ago

I’m going to find it tough going back to less trades next year. Personally I’d like 2 trades every week. The entire anorak aspect of SC is starting to wear thin on me. I’d like to see it opened up a bit more and a slight bit more random and fun to reward casual players. As it stands now, the winners are mostly decided early in the season. Make it a bit more like Mario Kart and give people a chance to make up ground at the back end of the season. Of course not too random otherwise it’s pointless,… Read more »

liverpoolbronco (@liverpoolbronco)
Reply to  Tommy Smurf Sangsta
2 months ago

In FPL you get 1 trade a week plus can get more trades but it takes points off you if you make extra trades I think. Maybe that could be an option next season if you max trade you can get more trades but it takes points off your team.

Bear (@wackers)
Reply to  liverpoolbronco
2 months ago

Don’t necessary need more trades but I wouldn’t mind SC taking a few ideas from FPL. Players can choose a triple captain week, Play your C and VC for double points week, play your reserves week. That would really open it up without messing with trades.

Epitome (@unbreakable)
Reply to  Tommy Smurf Sangsta
2 months ago

I personally enjoyed the more trades and no bye rounds this year, I kinda hate planning for the bye rounds, seems to pigeon hole people in to grabbing the same players for the 6-8 weeks leading up to the byes.

Opened up a lot more variety not having them this season.

liverpoolbronco (@liverpoolbronco)
Reply to  Epitome
2 months ago

Even just also have the wildcard card chip where you change your whole team for only one week as well. It would be interesting to see if you use it during origin or at the end of the seas when players get rested for the finsls

Last edited 2 months ago by liverpoolbronco
SC Rookie
SC Rookie (@manlysc)
2 months ago

Thanks to everyone on this site for helping me understand SuperCoach in my first year. Finished 19,000. Nothing to brag about by any means. But for my first year (where I had no idea what I was doing for the first month and was outside 30K at one stage), I’m happy with the result. Cheers all.

Watson (@hastings)
Reply to  SC Rookie
2 months ago

Well done Rookie. Look forward to seeing you back here next year.
Enjoy the off season.

bigduke6 (@bigduke6)
2 months ago

Love this website. Thanks to all the contributors.
Also my 2 pence is that if the winner had 2 teams that’s clearly against the rules. It’s not difficult for IP addresses to be checked and if anything illegal the Tim should be declared the winner.

BroncosGirl (@broncosgirl)
2 months ago

New/ general offeseason chat open

Bluegoose (@bluegoose)
2 months ago

Tumbled 1741 places to finish in 5396th. Spent most of the year in the 2000’s so can’t regret going all chips in and having a crack at Turbo. Ugly last 2 rounds! No asterisks in a crazy different year but a slightly bad taste left in the mouth from the double team controversy. I would give the winner a lot of airplay next year but grill them really hard about events. Maybe not quite as many laughs this year from the chat but still a big effort from the regulars to keep contributing & to stay the course. Likewise the… Read more »

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