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Stupor Coach
Stupor Coach (@thatsmyteam)
22 days ago

Nathan Brown straight into my side this week

Ray Stone just played a season high 47 mins and will replace Reed Mahoney at hooker this week. He surely can’t be expected to play 80

Brown to play 60 at lock and pick up another 15-20 at hooker I reckon.

tanous (@tanous)
Reply to  Stupor Coach
22 days ago

brown wont play hooker unless forced to cover mid game.
a utility off the bench will cover.
taka/salmon/davies/will smith/etc. would get a run off the bench.

Last edited 22 days ago by tanous
auspng (@auspng)
22 days ago

TU G.Williams to DCE
TD Papalii to a 610k (or less) FRF

Side is Cook Starling
Haas Papalllii JFH Nuff
Matterson Barnett Brown Bateman Nuff Nuff
Cleary Williams
Munster Walker
Yeo To’o Lomax Nofo Crichton To’a Nuff
Teddy Ponga

110k ITB after using 1 trade to Nuff Fui

First trade will mean I have to play JFH this week and hoping for 60+. Will captain DCE though in hopes he rips apart the dogs.

Last edited 22 days ago by auspng
willshillbillies (@willshillbillies)
22 days ago

1534 C Teddy placed 1065 for the round, thought it would be higher. Got the week off in my H2H stoked as now I have max trades for last 2 weeks.

chukka (@chukka)
Reply to  willshillbillies
22 days ago

Crowded at the top. I scored 1500 even and placed 2975.

chukka (@chukka)
22 days ago

1500 even. Nice feeling for a change to NOT have my NPRs completely dominate members of my top 17. Could have picked up an extra 15 if I had played To’a over Fermor as last reserve, but overall feeling pretty happy that I made good choices with getting a quality 17 on the park this week.

fcttb (@fcttb)
22 days ago

WOW 1649 for highest round score. It moved the team up from just inside top 1000 to 324th (a massive 633 place leap for a team already high up in the rankings).
Well done – frame that one !!!

tanous (@tanous)
Reply to  fcttb
22 days ago

yeh the big round scores make huge jumps
i had rd 10 score of 1448 which was 450th for the round
jumped me to 516 from 1624 in rd 9

cowspanker (@cowspanker)
22 days ago

1538, broke into the top 400 for the first time ever.
Papa and his lack of mins have been my achilles heel over the past month.
He’s getting the boot from my team even if he’s fit.

DNA (@dna)
18 days ago

Just off to get another dose of Nofo up the clacker.

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