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tanous (@tanous)
1 month ago

finished up 1242
dropped 44 spots to 354

Peeking Ducks
Peeking Ducks (@peeking-ducks)
1 month ago

Hi guys. What teams do you rekon have the best runs home?

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weebs (@weebs)
Reply to  Peeking Ducks
1 month ago

Panthers, raiders, knights

LOTE (@oscar-stgeorge)
Reply to  Peeking Ducks
1 month ago


POD (@pod)
1 month ago

Is Aubo’s run of 80 min games over for now?

LOTE (@oscar-stgeorge)
Reply to  POD
1 month ago

Don’t think Cordner is back yet so hopefully he gets the esge spot over Sitili

Markus10 (@markus10)
1 month ago

Which trade combo would be best
1. Munster + jfh -> Moses + Bateman
2. Best + grant -> latrell + jazz
3. Something better???

Current team
Bsmith grant
Haas jfh Rudolph nuff
Matto lolo kikau carrigan jhop nuff
Cleary luai
Sj Munster
Yeo sauce Nofo talau best Williame nuff
Ted ponga
$28k itb

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Benny's Jets
Benny's Jets (@bennyandthejets)
1 month ago

who is the priority buy this week?

TU: McInnes
TD: Bateman

Eels247 (@eels247)
1 month ago

Gday gents – likely most stuck I have ever been. Any priority trade thoughts really valued.

Trade both, one of AFB, Munster? Upgrade Katoa, Best

70K in bank.

Cook Jazz*
Haas AFB Rudolf* (Nuff)
Lolo Bateman Carrigan Katoa* (Davey nuff)
Cleary (Walters)
Munster Johnson*
Nofo Yeo Lomax Mansour (best, Lemelu, nuff)
Teddy (HTF)

chukka (@chukka)
Reply to  Eels247
1 month ago

Ouch that is a tough spot, not a lot to work with on your bench. I think AFB is a must-sell, you definitely need his cash and he’s out for 4 weeks by the looks of it. As well as Best, you’re also going to want to cash-out Walters and HTF ASAP so you have the cash to upgrade Rudolph soon.

I’m seriously considering holding Munster, but because you really need 2 starters I’d recommend selling both AFB and Munster. Grab a gun FRF and maybe take a flyer on Brimson for 5/8.

Kenny Blankenship
Kenny Blankenship (@dfez03)
1 month ago

Don’t have Ponga and now probably will have to death-ride until Turbo comes back. Pending TLT carnage, thinking:

Best >> CNK
Iku >> Mansour

Raiders have the tastiest 3 week draw I’ve ever seen, albeit the Titans look like they’re hitting a bit of form. Broncos and Dogs are woeful. CNK could be an interesting POD – he’s had 3 games under 60 since the restart and not much attacking stats

Battler (@battler)
1 month ago

I have 5k in the bank after going Papi to Ponga. Thinking of going Luai to one of either Wighton or Brimson for my second trade. Both have POD appeal, but Wighton has the draw and the team to go on a run imo. Thoughts?

TU: Wighton
TD: Brimson

Last edited 1 month ago by Battler
Sally M
Sally M (@sally-m)
1 month ago

Trade talk Round 14 thread is now open!

tanous (@tanous)
1 month ago

191.3k bank
api cook
haas tko rudolf jtb
lolo mcinnes carrigan hess ekatoa fui
cleary moses
sj munster
yeo mann lomax aubo best htf williame
teddy papy

can do the papy>ponga trade i missed last round
leaves 157.1k for 2nd trade
stumped on a plan without TLT

Deep Thinker
Deep Thinker (@the-king)
Reply to  tanous
1 month ago

Nice first trade.

Unless aubo is named to play SRF I wouldn’t trust him v Storm.

Time to upgrade Best/Ekat to a gun ctw.

tanous (@tanous)
Reply to  Deep Thinker
1 month ago

just realised im in the wrong thread. lol
i got enough in the bank to go best to nofo but tough draw

Last edited 1 month ago by tanous
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