Players of Interest – Brett Morris

2018 stats – games played (23), Average (40), tries (9)

2017 stats – games played (18), Average (38), tries (6)

If it seems as though it was a decade ago that Brett Morris (“B-Moz”) was carving up the NRL and scoring 20+ tries per season – well it was. In 2009 he scored 25 tries and in 2010 he scored 20 tries. Since then it’s been tough going for the former representative winger. In his last four years with the Dragons he averaged just 11.75 tries per year, decreasing a further to 8.5 in his four years at the Bulldogs.

But now – well, B-Moz is going from one of the worst teams in the comp (sorry, Joe) to one of the best teams, playing alongside Latrell Mitchell at the Roosters and slotting into the wing position vacated by Blake Ferguson. Ryan Hall is lurking and will be fit by round 6-8, at which point his return could spell bad news for B-Moz. However, hopefully by then his value has increased to a point where he can be traded for a fallen premium – all he requires is a fast start and a few tries running off Latrell (edit: it has been made very clear (LOL) to me that B-Moz may not be playing outside of Latrell. Point taken. He might still be an option even if he is on the other side…maybe….) in the first few weeks.

He is priced at only a 40 average so surely there is potential upside here given he is playing in such a strong attacking team. Outside of Mitchell, he will get some great finishing opportunities, and the ability to go looking for the dirty work that Mitchell doesn’t want to do.

He is a player that I have my eye on as a bit of a left field selection, hopefully with some upside. What about you?


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Wouldnt he be outside of Manu and Tupou would remaim outside of Latrell on the left?


Too expensive 😉

Hitro Okesene

Bmoz is a very nice bloke, I will say that. But that won’t be enough to keep him in the Roosters side when Hall comes right. Nor will it be enough for him to come into my team in rd1. Good left-field choice for discussion, though. I’ll still never forget his broken shoulder heroics in Origin that time. Or the crazy aerial put down for the Dragons he did way back when.


Good write-up mate and definitely some food for thought. B-Moz’s expression in that picture though summarises my feelings towards having him in my side this year. A little too much risk for me.


Risky pick for sure. Could pay off, but too old, too slow, too injured, too risky for me.


Might be a great player between 14-20 when stars get rested and play origin, could end up at fullback for a game or 2


Please pick him  nick1085


Fergo avg 33 PPG in hit ups. BMOZ avg 17. Exactly half the work rate. Put that in perspective – even if he replicates every try and try assist and line break that Fergo had last season, his poor work rate alone with be 16 points less than Fergos avg which was 65. not just using a bit of vague logic here, you’re probably looking at a ball park avg of 49 .. and there’s no way he’s getting over for some of those tries that Fergs put on. Just my take but i spewed in my mouth a little… Read more »


BMoz: Not in this lifetime.

However, if you could earn SC points for “trying”, and helping out senior citizens, you’d earn a motza, Nick.


If he was priced at a 30 average he’d be worth a thought but it’s a firm no at a 40 average

I’d rather a Hampton for 15k less and potentially much greater upside

moon the loon

nice effort in the WCC