Players of Interest – Victor Radley

2018 stats – games played (22), Average (43), minutes per game (44), PPM (0.97)

2017 stats – games played (3), Average (50), minutes per game (73), PPM (0.69)

Victor Radley steps into the position vacated by Ryan Matterson and should see a significant increase in minutes over and above the 44 MPG that he averaged last year.

We all know how good Matterson was for owners in the lock role for the Roosters last year, and if Radley can be anywhere near that level then it will be a bonanza for owners given that he is starting at just $400k (43 average).

In a bold prediction, I can see 55+ minutes per game for Radley, potentially increasing even further above that. Boyd Cordner and Angus Crichton will demand big minutes also, so it will be a question of how many minutes does Jake Friend get rested for and will Cordner’s minutes be managed slightly?

Perhaps it might look a little something like this:

JWH – 40, Friend – 65, Taukeiaho – 40

Cordner – 65, Crichton – 80, Radley – 55

Liu – 40, Collins – 25, Tetevano – 40, Aubusson – 30

Hopefully pre-season will tell all, but Radley is one who I have my eye on for sure. He could slot in nicely as your 3rd or 4th second row forward, and should give solid scores for your team immediately from round 1.

What are your thoughts?


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I mentioned in another thread that I think it’s time that Cordner starts getting ‘managed’ a bit, particularly each side of and during origin. His run of injuries, particularly around origin, as a Roosters fan a pertinent. Make up of Roosters bench will be interesting as well, I think Brock Lamb and Lachlan Lam might need time in first grade if they are in fact heir apparent to Cronk’s 7 jersey. All that aside Radley brings a point of diffeeence to Roosters attack with his very capable ball playing. I am hopeful he consistently gets 80 throughout this season. Regardless,… Read more »


He’s locked in as my starting hooker in the hopes he plays at least 55 mins with potential for an easy 60 mins and can average close to 55 as a minimum

His dual is handy and if he’s able to be held long enough will provide a huge number for Rd 16


In the 8 games that he played 50 minutes or more in last year, he averaged a tick under 52 per game.
In the 7 games that he was selected to start at lock he averaged 47.8 minutes pg, and 53.57 points pg.
So if your guess of him playing 55 minutes is right mate, he could be a good mid ranger to start with.


Inflict us Victus.
I’m a bit bias, my love for Radley means I have to take a punt on him.


Will be watching closely through Trials to see what extent he is used, If he was to get 60+min at 13 would be great. Any chance he could see 50min at 13 and then move to 9 if Friend is spelled?

But at 400k with an av of 43 an increase in 10-15 min is great to start, around SOO more min and when injuries hit as well.


Also Great short write up!

Sirlee Oldman

I think he’ll be in most teams for all these reasons. As an added bonus I like watching him play.


This is so true.
Kid plays like a bull out of the gate.


I agree with you. Very good article especially. When all. Looking for good options at hooker role thank you article


Personally I think there are a stack of options and for me I’m leaving him out

Would be a must have if he became An 80 min hooker through injury.

I miss Cliffy

I’ve only been playing sc for 5 years and I know the strategy of guns and cheapies but there is so many mid range options to start the year would could potentially be season long keepers for spots 16-21 .. Radley, sorenson, Sutton(raiders),stimson, Barba, Brimson, capewell,bird,all will see a huge increase in minutes .. I’m tempted to run 4-5 of these players as I think I’ll still make money while collecting early season points .. ensures illnjave a strong 17

I miss Cliffy

I’ve moved this discussion to pimp my team so you can keep this convo on radley


I’m not as bullish on Radley’s minutes, because Cordner will play 80 mins as long as he is fit. He’s only 26 after all, which is pretty crazy.

That said, if he gets 55+ I’m super keen!


Agree on Radley’s minutes. Also, by season’s end, Matterson wasn’t playing big minutes except when he filled in for Keary for a few weeks. His 80-minute games early in the season were mainly on the edge. I’d rather get Matto playing 80 at the Tiges than Radley.
And just because we’ll read it a thousand times before the season starts, the trials rarely give much insight on minutes for forwards because they play with enlarged squads and unlimited interchange.


Just to elaborate on my reasoning for Radley’s minutes, I suspect Plan A for the Chooks will be for Friend to routinely play 80 minutes. Radley relieved for him for varying periods in the first eight rounds last year, then Baptiste was on the bench from rounds 9 to 19, before Friend played 80 minutes each week, apart from a four-minute early mark in the last round. I think Friend was playing injured early on and, based on my expectation he will play 80 minutes with Baptiste offloaded to the Cows, I’ve got him pencilled in for my team as… Read more »


WCC on 17/Feb should be the best indication on how Radley will be played. In my team atm.


Victor Radley signed until 2023.

Cordner & Crichton will both play 80 mins so hopefully Radley will start @ 13.

central coast crab

Wouldn’t be surprised if Cordner spends more time as a middle forward. So maybe sharing time between the edge and middle


I can’t see them taking the NSW captain, and arguably the best left edge backrower in the world, and rotating him in the middle.

Radley and Liu will share the load in the middle with the props.


Great write up.

Not feeling this one personally. With Cordner and Crichton there I see him sharing the lock role with Liu.

The main upside would be if he was to play 10-15 mins at Hooker to relieve Friend.


this is one of the hardest blokes to gauge IMO. Chooks are like raiders. Have a ridiculously equal rotation through middle with almost everyone getting 45 or 35 minutes. meaning SC trappish or slow burning cashies. until you have a bloke like this come through with decent PPM skills and real ability … but what are the mins going to be and is he worth it. OK, so Lui played 16 games in the starting 13 jersey. avg 55 mins. Radley started 7 games there last year for 47 mpg. His PPM was 1.16 with two tries. if he maintained… Read more »

The Riff

Just playing devil’s advocate and don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Radley getting 55+ mins, but in all of these comments, no one has mentioned Liu. He was the starting lock last year and seriously, did nothing wrong. In fact, he went really well, and as someone mentioned, played an avg of 55 mins. I can’t see Cordner or Crichton getting less than 80 mins, barring injury, so would Liu’s mins drop so dramatically just to accommodate Radley? They didn’t last year. Just my 2c.


Good point


How good is it to be the roosters , all players are guaranteed a starting position so why not play the reserve grade team