Players of Interest – Matt Moylan

With Valentine Holmes leaving and Shaun Johnson arriving this offseason, Matt Moylan reclaims the fullback jersey that placed him on the SuperCoach radar for everyone in 2016 and 2017 with an average of 63 PPG in 29 games. Can he become relevant once again in 2019?

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2018 Stats: Games played: 21, Average: 52, Tries: 2

2017 Stats: Games played: 18, Average: 59, Tries: 8

His dual position availability at 5/8 / FLB makes him more of an interesting prospect this year, but it should also be noted that he’s far from the only dual 5/8 / FLB this year… Think Kalyn Ponga, Cameron Munster and Connor Watson….It ain’t thin!

He is a little awkwardly priced at a 52 PPG average, but if he averages anywhere close to what he produced in 2016 and 2017 then he’ll make approximately $100,000. Interestingly, of the 5/8 eligible players last year, it was only Johnson and Cody Walker who averaged over 60 PPG (and played more than one game).

Cronulla play three of their first four games away, but play four teams that didn’t make the finals last year, and three teams that gave up plenty of points to fullbacks, including the Knights (3rd), Titans (1st), Cowboys (13th) and the Eels (4th).

He’s on my radar this year, what about you?

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His career average at fullback is in the low 60s and that opening draw looks juicy. He might take a few games to get used to the new spine but he’s currently pencilled in as my starting 5/8.


Will be going with him at either FB or 5/8 in my side and hope he starts strong

The key will be can we hold him if he starts a bit slow…..just knowing he’ll ton up the week we trade him lol


He’s penciled in my team at the moment with Ponga the other. I just think with Sharks forwards are better then the Warriors so SJ should get more time and space to put Moylan away. The problem is fitting them all in under salary without disrupting too much.


Hes one of those players who cleans up alot of mistakes/mess in sides. e.g if the structure goes wrong Moylan will be their for his team.Also,I remember when he played against the Panthers last year & he killed it.So,hes quite aware of any challenges that confronts him.

I never know what to make of none kickers in the spine?

The Myth

Will be in and out of my side throughout pre-season. Looks underpriced to me. But I think there’s plenty of good options in the halves this year.


Bouncing in and out of my team so far.
Leaning towards a yes.


Didn’t realise he averaged just 52 last year. I think he would be a point of difference but there are too many better choices in both 5/8th and FLB. Also if a few cows turn up in the halves and are skint elsewhere you are going to need one if not two of them to start with.