Player of Interest – Jake Averillo

Having won the race to partner Kyle Flanagan in the halves to start the season, Averillo looms as a great prospect given his availability in the CTW as well as at 5/8.

We only got a glimpse of him in the halves last year (2 games, scoring 71 and 56 for an average of 63.5) but at a heavily discounted starting price due to multiple games off (and on) the bench, as well as injury, there’s a lot of potential for upside.

He certainly passed the eye test, but with Flanagan likely taking the goal kicking tee (although this isn’t guaranteed), that could impact his floor. He will most likely start as a popular option given his price tag and opportunity, plus he has a handy dual position status as well.

An unfortunate elbow injury has him racing the clock for Round 1.

Is he in your side?

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Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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Stokesy12 (@smartcarnt)
1 month ago

A really handy DPP is offset by an untimely injury and plenty of ??? on the Dogs this year. Undoubted talent but unlikely to get a promotion from the watch list

tanous (@tanous)
1 month ago

i would like to see him match fit before i jump on board. especially if the dogs have a slow or injury affected start to the season & he ends up being rushed back in below 100%

OnTheBus (@samardo)
1 month ago

If he is named in the no.6 for round 1 ill probably end up picking him. Whether i play him in the 17 or not is the question.

Phil (@phil-m)
1 month ago

Great blog, Catfish.
Averillo has potential to be perhaps a 50+ player, but he isn’t in my side atm, nor any Dogs. If he isn’t kicking goals, coming back from injury, and his awkward 300K+ price scares makes me weary.

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