Players of Interest – Greg Inglis

2018 stats – games played (16), Average (50), tries (8)

2017 stats – games played (1), Average (65), tries (1)

Greg Inglis (“GI”) will turn 32 on the 15th of January, but for the first time in a few years, I’m seriously considering the South Sydney and Queensland captain for my SuperCoach side.

Following numerous injuries, including an ACL tear in the first game of the 2017 season, Inglis was shifted back out to the centres to preserve his body a bit more as he recovered from the injury. He still had a few bumps and bruises (a broken thumb in round 16 saw him miss six weeks and Queensland’s game three win), but it allowed him to get through the season largely in one piece.

YearGames Average
2011 18 43.6
2012 19 59.2
2013 18 65.6
2014 21 63.8
2015 19 65.4
2016 20 60.1
2017 1 65
2018 16 50.1

But a consequence of the move was Inglis’ being far less involved and scoring far fewer SuperCoach points. He scored just 50.1 points per game, representing his lowest averaging season since his first year at the Burrow in 2011 where he averaged 44 PPG. Between that, GI was an annual 60+ PPG scorer from the fullback position. Even when he tore his ACL midway through that first game of 2017, GI stayed out there and scored a try to bump his score up to 65.

Now one full year on from his ACL recovery, GI looks set to be a SuperCoach option once again.

New head coach Wayne Bennett loves a ball playing fullback. Something Inglis has over Alex Johnston is spades. The best he had was a young buck by the name of Darren Lockyer. The kid was that good at his job, Bennett moved him into five-eighth where he also had some success. Since then there’s been Darius Boyd at St George, Darius Boyd in Newcastle and, uhhh, Darius Boyd in Brisbane. But anyway, there’s been a lot of talk that Inglis will be getting the #1 jersey back to play that role, and he’ll be the one running those sweep plays and delivering the final ball.

Inglis is getting on a bit now, but talent doesn’t just disappear. If he does win the battle for the custodian role, there’s a 15 point per game increase potential. Realistically, I think he would produce in the high 50’s and for a centre-wing eligible player, that would have put him in the top 10 averaging players of 2018. But can he get back to that? What’s your thoughts?

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CoG (@sandworm)
1 year ago

Good pick Semi,
Nearly every major leg injury takes a season to improve. If he was 26ish i’d pick him. So classy!
$469k a good price , cant see him losing too much cash and potentially going upwards of 100k
Good coach , good squad .good player and proven sc quality

SupercoachGodsBeNice (@supercoachgodsbenice)
1 year ago

Thanks Semi now you’ve got me adding GI to my side 😆 😆

FBK (@fbk)
1 year ago

Told myself I wouldn’t start SC this early…hmmmm 😆 it’s a good shout on GI

fiiish (@fiiish)
1 year ago

Nice write up! Worth a shout if fullback I think

BT (@bt)
1 year ago

Yep, i’m keen. Decent price too.

OnTheBus (@samardo)
1 year ago

Trials can’t come quick enough but my thoughts are wayne Bennett
is a SC killer

TugSpeedman (@tugspeedman)
1 year ago

Great write up yet again.
Inglis is definitely a player that has peaked my interest but I just have a bad gut feeling that Bennett will kill his output.
Just a shame that we only really have Boyd’s stats to compare against.

BunnyAllStars (@bunnyallstars)
1 year ago

Corey Allan or Inglis will play f/b this year…..bring on the trials. All over Inglis if back where he belongs though bunnies a bit skinny in centre depth…but flush with wingers

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