Player of Interest – Connor Watson

SuperCoach is BACK and so are our Players of Interest articles!

Over the coming 16 days, we will be releasing the 2021 Players of Interest series with content coming straight from this year’s Mega Guide. The Mega Guide will be released very soon, but until then, enjoy these little snippets to see the sort of content that you can expect see in the guide for every player!

We start this years series in Newcastle with Connor Watsonwritten by Semisonic.

Watson had a fantastic 2019 season, but a horrendous 2020.

The young star has had zero luck with injury throughout the past 12 months. Playing off the bench behind Jayden Brailey in the opening rounds, Watson earned promotion in round 3 to the starting hooking role following Brailey’s ACL injury. He had to shift into the halves to cover a Mitchell Pearce injury but then hurt his own ankle – lasting just nine minutes. In his second game back from injury, Watson suffered an achilles injury after just six minutes of game time, which unfortunately ended his season.

The whole saga has gifted us a SuperCoach option with Watson coming in at a $200k+ discount from his first previous two Knights seasons, starting the season priced at just $288,600.

The dynamic utility has his eyes set on the #13 jersey this year. However, I would have thought he’d be in the #14 playing a roaming lock role that he started in last year. In 2020 when playing that role, Watson played 44.7 MPG for an average of 54.7 points. With that said, Knights inside man, Barry Toohey is reporting that he’s a real shot to start at lock, with Barnett pushing to the left flank at the expense of Lachlan Fitzgibbon who would find himself starting in a bench role. If that’s the case and as long as that achilles is good to go in round one, there’s not a lot of deterrence to starting with Watson in your 2021

What do you think?

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All about the right PODS
All about the right PODS (@mcras)
17 days ago

If he starts at 13 he will be a must at either 12 or 6

Casper (@teardrop)
Reply to  All about the right PODS
17 days ago

I’m a bit confused, please explain what you mean by “12 and 6”.


All about the right PODS
All about the right PODS (@mcras)
Reply to  Casper
17 days ago

He is hooker and 5/8 dual.

central coast crab
central coast crab (@central-coast-crab)
Reply to  All about the right PODS
16 days ago

Old school

AJW (@ajw)
Reply to  central coast crab
16 days ago

Yes from what I remember, the player numbering must have changed at the beginning of the 1980s, as I distinctly remember Ray Price wearing the 8 (the old lock’s number) and Maxie Krilich with a 12 for Manly, (Terry Randall had the 9 in 2nd row) but wearing the 9 for the 1982 Kangaroos.
Crikey, I just realized that I sound like some old buggar down at the local RSL talking about the good old days! 🙂

Last edited 16 days ago by AJW
Ihatelovesongs (@ihatelovesongs)
Reply to  AJW
15 days ago

it changed after the 1988 season I know Elias has 12 then and 9 the year after

TurkeySnow (@turkeysnow)
17 days ago

locked in.

OnTheBus (@samardo)
17 days ago

If he starts at lock he will be in my top 25, not too sure about the top 17 if brailey gets 80 mins

marmalade (@marmalade)
17 days ago

One of the few players in SC who can start from the bench and still score reasonably well. At his price, he will make plenty of coin providing he stays healthy. A solid No 2 pick at hooker or 5/8.

Heugenious (@heugenious)
17 days ago

Interesting choice of club first up Semi ;-P

Semisonic (@semisonc)
Reply to  Heugenious
16 days ago

Odd…. must have been a coincidence

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