Player of Interest – Clint Gutherson

Next up in our Player of Interest series is the King, Clint Gutherson. Why is he even the King? I don’t know, can someone please fill me in…

Also, making his season debut for 2021, it’s former SuperChamp – Catfish! It’s great to have you back.



In 2020 Clint Gutherson (Gutho) had the best season of his SuperCoach career, exceeding even his 2017 efforts when he was goalkicking as well. Gutho is one of the players who definitely benefited from the faster rules, and his heavy involvement in the Eels’ attack was evident as the season progressed.

If you focus on the period after the 6 again rule was introduced, Gutho averaged 73.8 PPG (although he received a slight 2 PPG bump from goalkicking for 4 weeks while Moses was out injured) for a 16 game period. He averaged a very healthy 42.6 PPG in base and base attack, which supports how involved he looked on the field.

Gutho is a bit of a smokey option as an alternative to the usual suspects at fullback for Round 1, given the Eels’ friendly start to the season. As an example, Gutho averaged 88.4 PPG in the first 8 games he played after the 6 again rule was introduced. He could definitely do this again, given the draw – it just depends if you have the cajones to put him in over a Teddy, Turbo or Papenhuyzen!

So, do you?

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Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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CQ Bulldog
CQ Bulldog (@cq-bulldog)
3 months ago


Stokesy12 (@smartcarnt)
3 months ago

Interesting pick to review, as there really hasn’t been much interest in him at all from the teams i’ve seen 
This year he seems to be stuck between the guys with some upside (Turbo, Brimson, RTS) and the #1 scorer in Teddy.
His best also comes out when on of their halves are out and they need him more around the RZ.

Last edited 3 months ago by Stokesy12
Pool Man
Pool Man (@paulo)
Reply to  Catfish
3 months ago

Thanks for the write up Catfish. Great comparison here in your reply as well. If it wasn’t for that 2nd game against the Panthers he would have had a better average than Brimson and co and would be ranked 3rd behind Teddy and Ponga. He would need to keep up his try scoring which I think is sustainable (same as Ponga and one less than Teddy).

EVILCAM17 (@evilcam17)
3 months ago

I would love to have him in my side, he’s such a competitor.
He could match or better teddy turbo pappy in early rounds on last seasons form, but unless he’s kicking goals I think he is stuck in limbo a bit for SC.
Thanks for the write up mate.
Appreciate your efforts

OnTheBus (@samardo)
3 months ago

Big cajones, gutho locked in. great POD

symonds (@symonds)
2 months ago

How does Gutho score historically when Moses/Brown are both in the side?

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