Player of Interest – Alex Twal

He’s teased us from time-to-time with glimpses of real SuperCoach star potential, but Alex Twal has yet to elevate himself from the mid-40 PPG average FRF quagmire.

Recent Statistics

2018: Games played (21), Average (43), MPG (37), PPM (1.17)
2017: Games played (9),  Average (46) , MPG (41), PPM (1.12)

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Twal seemed to be headed for a massive 2018, but the recently departed Wests Tigers coach, Ivan Cleary must have missed the 2017 world cup where Twal played massive minutes for Lebanon and his workload didn’t suffer.

2017 Rugby League World Cup stats: 

  • Vs. France: 17 runs and 29 tackles for 66 SuperCoach points in 50 minutes
  • Vs. Australia: 13 runs, 34 tackles for 50 SuperCoach points in 60 minutes
  • Vs. England: 17 runs , 43 tackles and 2 tackle breaks for 72 SC points in 72 minutes
  • Vs. Tonga 17 runs, 32 tackles for 57 SuperCoach points in 80 minutes

This is exactly what we want to see from a developing FRF on the world stage. What’s even more impressive is the fact that 90+% of his output is from pure base statistics.

With the exits of Tim Grant and Sauaso Sue and a new coach on the scene, Twal will hopefully be given more of an opportunity to shine in 2019. If we are to be guided by past PPM rate, which is a very consistent 1.15, and assuming that he can increase his minutes to 50-55 MPG, this could see him average between 58-64 PPG.

An average like this would certainly see him elevated out of that quagmire and into legitimate keeper territory at the FRF position.

However, it should be noted that in 2018 when he played in excess of 40 MPG his PPM dropped from 1.15 to 1.03.

He’s gathered my interest this pre-season, what about you?

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Nice write up on the bus i hope he gets no 13. The thing that impress me most his tackle miss tackles there very few misses . & he can bend line taylor can’t I can see big shake up at tigers they go size. Not moblie I believe you can go mobile. On back of strong returning full back. To get the opposition on the back foot so you can expose them. Or wise useless


Would like to find those stats from his big minute performance.
Ultimately think he’s being held back too much which is also reigning in his creative stats, but if he’s given the 13 and 65+ I’ll happily give up Murray / iPap for him

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

Sue only played 15 games, averaging 35 minutes last season Grant only played 5 games, averaging 40 minutes last season I’m not sure if the departure of those two players will lead to Twal getting more minutes, especially with the addition of Matterson who is a chance of playing 80 on an edge, and then needing to divvy up minutes for Packer, Matulino, Taylor, Eisenhuth etc in the middle. He has too many question marks over his minutes at an awkward price for me to entertain him at this stage, especially when Siro, CHN, Bateman, Stimson etc are all better… Read more »


Your right, there’s no real standout or depth in the middle for Tigers. Eisenhuth, ET (Is he in the outer?), Matterson, (seriously, is he really a middle player?, can his body handle the workload there?), Rochow (I just threw up in my mouth), Mutalino, Musgrove, Packer & Twal. There is potential there for someone to pick up some work if they step up. The other one that interests me is Musgrove. A bit of a bad boy but has played under Madge before, great ppm. How’s he looking OTB?

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

I don’t know about you  Bear but to me Matulino, ET, Packer, Eisenhuth, Twal etc is a lot of depth in the middle.

Matulino – 43 mins last season
Packer – 44 mins last season
Eisenhuth – 59 minutes last season
Taylor – 62 minutes last season
Twal – 37 mins last season

I brought up Matterson because he’ll be playing on an edge, and most likely be playing 70-80 mins, therefore, that limits the number of minutes on offer for other players in the pack.


Yeah the depth is there I guess, what I’m saying is that it’s not really that strong of a pack and besides maybe Packer and Matulino, they’re all dispensable. If a player like Twal can step it up then he can easily better his 37 minutes. Also a new coach so those minutes are debatable. It all depends on TLT, were all clutching at straws atm.

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

Are you assuming that Twal is going to get the minutes you think he’s going to get? Are you assuming that Eisenhuth could be in reserve grade? You are speaking like you know what Madge is going to do.

You’re speculating again – you’re hopeful that Madge is more consistent – you don’t really know if he will be.

I don’t know what the minutes are going to be for all the middle forwards, I’m just pointing out the minutes they played last season to illustrate the depth they’ve got.


Flock ET was told not renewing his contract. I saw it NRL universe. In dec or jan magde llike size


But just because Tigers fans want him, doesn’t mean it will happen. What is been happening at pre-season? My mail is that Eisenhuth will start at lock with EJ on the bench.


That’s ok Wenin. I feel point is no ET I trying to say from what i read

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

As  WeninRome pointed out, it doesn’t matter what the fans want, or who you believe is the best forward in the pack. All of what you’re saying is based on what you want to happen, which is fine, but it has little relevance when discussing what is actually going to happen. I know I’d much rather spend my money on players in the same price range (or cheaper) who’re going to start and get significant minutes, rather than speculate on players who may or may not start, and may or may not get significant minutes. Twal fits into the latter… Read more »


That’s half the battle but Flock. Last year everyone said that Cook, TPJ, Matterson, Tevega, Kikau, Arrow weren’t good options because their minutes were to speculative. Players like Latu, Smith, Carty, Gallen, were good options. If you picked the first lot of mentioned players over the others, then you were killing it. What is actually going to happen? No one knows so we have to consider the Twals and other diamonds in the rough who MAY get more minutes.

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

I’m by no means saying not to consider the likes of Twal, I’m just pointing out that there are players around his price range who ARE going to get way more minutes, and do have stronger job security.

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

You’re most definitely speculating. You don’t know what Madge is going to do.

I don’t see how bringing up the point of him averaging more minutes in 2017 than he did in 2018 means he’s going to play more minutes in 2019. That’s not the pattern. And look, I’m not starting he won’t or he will play more minutes than last season, all I’m saying is, you’re speculating on how many minutes he is going to get, especially when there’s seemingly a lot of competition for minutes in the middle.


8. Packer 10. Matulino 13. Eisenhuth 15. Twal 16 Mikaele (???) 17. ET

Still leaves <40 per player on the bench: poison


Twal mike Liddle alioa


Sounds pretty close i say


Just throwing my two cents in whats to say Madge sticks with Matulino and Packer to start?? Could Twal start? should def see bigger min then?

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

If that were the case, I’d be bitter towards every Tigers player, considering your entire team destroyed us in R6 last season.

We’ll be getting payback in R1.



In my short SC experience, I’ve found the game is more than just numbers, sometimes it’s about going with gut feel – that could be through seeing a little something in a player most others had missed or just plain luck.
In saying that sometimes numbers speak louder than words. I’ll have an eye on Twal but won’t be grabbing him early season.

I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE

Selections are most definitely more than just numbers, however, I’m not entirely sure  OnTheBus would still be making this POI if this was another forward on another team in a similar situation.

Seems to be a little bit of orange and black in this “gut feel”. 😉

The Myth

Theres a lot of potential in that tigers pack, and I will be keeping a very close eye on them early to see who Madge favours. But picking out that one with only trials to go on seems a risk not worth it for me.


The problem with Tigers forwards is by the time we really see who would be the best option in that pack it’s probably gonna be Rd 6-7 and the fact they don’t play the first bye puts them in that awkward stage of done get them or just let them slide

Twal could be another on an ever growing watchlist lol


The capacity of an excel spreadsheet will be getting put to the test by the end of this preseason haha