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Editor’s note: First POI for the year! If anyone wants to do any please feel free and email them through (nrlsctalk@hotmail.com) and we would be happy to post them for discussion. Cheers

MATT LODGE.    $208,900

With the Broncos signing Matt Lodge to a 1 year deal for next season, I thought I’d take a look at his stats from this year’s Qld Intrust Cup in which he played for Redcliffe.

This guy will be next season’s most controversial signing because of his criminal behaviour in America a while back, as well as his bad boy image here in Australia. But somehow he got out of a possible lengthy prison sentence over there, and has convinced the NRL to let him re-enter the playing fields of our competition. Whether this is right or wrong will be the topic of conversations leading up to his first game back, and those of us that play SC will almost certainly have an opinion on his inclusion in our fantasy games. But will you be considering him for your SC starting team.

The stats I’m using here can be found on the qrl.com.au site.

I’m sure there would be a variation between these stats and Fox stats, but I can only go on what I’ve found.

  • Games Played – 19
  • Total Minutes – 1058.  Average per game. 55.6
  • Total tackles – 354.   Average per game 18.6
  • Total Runs – 298.      Average per game. 15.68.  Aver Mtrs per run – 9.59
  • Total Metres – 2860.   Average per game. 150.5
  • Total Post Contact Metres – 870.    Average per game 45.7
  • Total Tackle Breaks – 94.     Average per game 4.94
  • Total Offloads – 59.    Average per game. 3.1

He played 50 minutes or more in 16/19 games. But I doubt very much that he’ll see that much time next season in the top grade. I’d be hoping for just over 40 minutes.

His starting price makes him very relevant as a bench prop in our SC teams.

In 2014 he played 4 games at an average of 36. In 2015 his starting price was $182,000, and in that year the starting Magic Number was 6418, so he got an 8 point reduction off his average, in his starting price, which was given at an average of 28.3.

A lot of questions surround this guy’s SC future.

Will he be allowed to offload? Given that he only plays prop, will he get 40-45 minutes or even more on occasions? Will his TB ability be as good in a better comp.?

Will there be enough upside in his money making ability to justify starting with him?

Does McGuire take the big minutes in the front row if Bird plays lock? Will an ageing Sam Thaiday hold him out of a spot in the front row rotation?

They have lost Blair who averaged 50.1 minutes a game and Ese’se who averaged 35.4

I’m sure you guys will have other questions as well, and I know that we’re a long way off from the trial games, so pick this apart as you please, and let’s see what the general consensus on this bloke is.

Cheers, and bring on 2018 I say. Lol.

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Also look at Brandon uele played 20 odd min for 17 points in base, tagatese heigno latimore all gone so there looksto be a bench spot for him and is a giant junior kiwi. Sharks have Fifita prior Ava semangfua and I reckon uele gets the other spot unless I’ve forgotten someone


Will keep him in mind, thanks.

Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders

capewell is a big chance