Pimp My Team v2.0

As we welcome in the new year with champagne, fireworks and the possibility of keyrings, it’s time for us to start tinkering with our 2019 SuperCoach sides.

Thankfully, the team at News Ltd have come to the party this year and opened up the Team Planner (for those with a SuperCoach Gold subscription) early so we have a great asset to start pulling together our respective squads. Just log into the official SuperCoach and as long as you have a subscription it will be available for you enjoy.

This post is designed for you to share your squad of the day / hour and seek feedback. To make things tick over nicely it’s a good idea to give a bit of advice yourself, no one likes a tight ass.


PS: you can find v1.0 here

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Site co-founder and all round SC tragic, Nick no longer writes too much these days but hosts the SC Report each week and looks after most of the site administration.

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    AbrownMan (@thecodeman)
    1 year ago

    Back for another year. Been lurking all pre season and tinkering away. This is what im settling on.

    Fifita,Kapow – Hetherington,Host
    Arrow,Murray,Matterson – *Lane,*Sirro,Fleg
    Morgan – Keighran
    Walker – Brown
    Munster- *CNK

    Good luck everyone !

    Super Naught
    Super Naught (@ewack)
    1 year ago

    Mods any chance of a Final RD 1 2019 Team thread for archival purposes?- Would be a neat resource and also possibly hilarious to look back at.

    For the record:

    Cook BBrail
    Fifita Tapau Joe O Tatola
    Jurbo Arrow Murray Lane Kamikamica Fledger
    Cleary DBrown
    Ponga Keighran
    Capewell CHK Nikora Ravalawa Sivo Simonsson Allen
    Tedesco Moylan

    BeersByTheGallen (@burkie23)
    1 year ago


    John the Mechanic
    John the Mechanic (@john-the-mechanic)
    1 year ago

    is it a bad idea to have cook and Smith in your hookers

    colesy (@colesy)
    1 year ago

    Fifi burr gutho tu
    Lolo mikaeli siro td

    Use Niko instead of gutho in ctw

    SADragon (@sadragon)
    1 year ago

    Cook, B Brailey
    Fifi Lane,*Glasby Tatola
    Arrow Murray Fitzgibbon,*Capewell *Garner Nikora
    Johnson, Brown
    Ponga, Keighran
    Gutho Holland CNK Sivo,Garrick Ravalawa Allen.
    Teddy, *Moylan

    Or the other squad is.
    Cook, B Brailey
    Fifi Taupau, *Napa Tatola
    Arrow Lane Fitzgibbon, *Murray *Capewell, Garner.
    Johnson, Brown
    Moylan, Keighran
    Gutho Holland Nikora Sivo, Ravalawa Allen Xerri
    Teddy *CNK.
    Tossing up between these 2 teams. Any help appreciated.
    TU Top Team
    TD Bottom Team.

    uncledami (@uncledami)
    Reply to  SADragon
    1 year ago

    Both nices team. Like the SJ pick. Team 1 due to Ponga

    George (@george)
    1 year ago

    A little off topic, but is anyone having trouble with the N RL app update, . Around 645 last night update came through, since then its its looping from update to open then back to update, and background for matches grey out,. Any help appreciated

    Bluey the Cattledog
    Bluey the Cattledog (@reimz)
    Reply to  George
    1 year ago

    I was having trouble on my old iPad but I thought it might have been because I can’t update it anymore and the new app needed a newer operating system update

    Chiefs luck
    Chiefs luck (@chiefs-luck)
    1 year ago

    TU: Mitchell
    TD: Holland

    If I go Holland it gives me a better option than Sivo

    sharky94 (@sharky94)
    1 year ago

    Gutho and bateman + 94k bank
    Marsters and capewell ?

    Moriarty (@mark-2)
    1 year ago

    TU: Crichton, Capewell
    TD: Fitzy, Bateman

    AKA: Benched Crichton vs. lottery Fitzy…

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