Pimp My Team v2.0

As we welcome in the new year with champagne, fireworks and the possibility of keyrings, it’s time for us to start tinkering with our 2019 SuperCoach sides.

Thankfully, the team at News Ltd have come to the party this year and opened up the Team Planner (for those with a SuperCoach Gold subscription) early so we have a great asset to start pulling together our respective squads. Just log into the official SuperCoach and as long as you have a subscription it will be available for you enjoy.

This post is designed for you to share your squad of the day / hour and seek feedback. To make things tick over nicely it’s a good idea to give a bit of advice yourself, no one likes a tight ass.


PS: you can find v1.0 here

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Site co-founder and all round SC tragic, Nick no longer writes too much these days but hosts the SC Report each week and looks after most of the site administration.

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    deeaannn (@deeaannn)
    1 year ago

    Done and dusted. Good luck everyone!

    Hodgson (Holland*)
    Fifita, Tapau (Tatola, Kamika)
    Lolo, Fitzgibbon, Lane (Murray*, Burr*, Host)
    Cleary (Keighran)
    Ponga (Brown)
    Bateman, Katoa, Nikora, Ravalawa (Garrick, Sivo, Simonsson)
    Teddy (CNK*)

    $282,400 ITB

    Second Year Syndrome
    Second Year Syndrome (@dashy)
    1 year ago

    Alright lads. One last post for a couple of last opinions

    Cook (B.Brailey)
    Fifita, Lane (J.Of*, Tatola)
    Jurbo, Arrow, Murray (Radley*, Garner*, Sele)
    Morgan (A.K)
    C. Walker (D. Brown)
    Bateman, CNK, Capewell, Nikora (Ravalawa, Sivo, Simmo)
    Tedesco (Hughes*)

    109k in the bank. Should I spend that anywhere?

    Cheers for all the tips and articles. Up the SC talk. Best of luck to all for this season.

    Hayman607 (@hayman607)
    1 year ago

    Almost time to stop tinkering…

    CS9, Friend
    Fifi, Lane, Flegler, Tatola
    Jurbo, Matters, Arrow, Murray, Garner, Nikora
    Morgan, Keighran
    Widdop, Brown
    Bateman, CNK, Bird, Kahu, Ravalawa, Garrick, Sivo
    Teddy, Munster

    Doesn’t look at lot different to most on here

    Suggestions appreciated.

    Michael (@duke-silver)
    1 year ago

    Hopefully last decision

    TU: Taupau / Kahu
    TD: Matterson / BMoz

    Monty Burns
    Monty Burns (@mackeydevils)
    Reply to  Michael
    1 year ago

    keeper and glass vs two mid-rangers

    honestly, not sold on Kahu but if it gets you Kapow then it’s still a TU

    Sonnysideup (@sonnysideup)
    Reply to  Monty Burns
    1 year ago

    Mid rangers they may be but they are two mid rangers with potential. Their situations are significantly different to last year. BMoz is on the end of a much better attack and Matterson is now the quality player in the pack instead of being lost amongst the Roosters talent. Unless the tigers are retarded he should get more opportunity

    rockstar71 (@rockstar71)
    1 year ago

    TU Cartwright & CNK
    TD Burr & Kahu

    Monty Burns
    Monty Burns (@mackeydevils)
    Reply to  rockstar71
    1 year ago

    I would seriously stress upon you to to consider a third option: CNK and Burr

    BunnyAllStars (@bunnyallstars)
    Reply to  Monty Burns
    1 year ago


    Camerz (@camerz)
    1 year ago

    Cook – Brailey Fifi Taupau – Napa Tatola Jurbo Arrow Lane – Murray Garner Burr Morgan – Keighran Johnson – Brown Bateman CNK Opacic Nikora – Simonsson Garrick Ravalawa Teddy – Ponga Was set with this but thought I was missing someone up front, dont like Napa but theres no one around that price and I would like Joe O. My question is would downgrading Jurbo getting in Fitz and Joe O be worth. Would be funding it with Opacic to Allan. Never thought about not having Jurbo until now. Jurbo – Fitz Napa – Joe O Opacic – Allan… Read more »

    Hakuna Matautia.
    Hakuna Matautia. (@hakuna-matautia-2)
    1 year ago

    Hey guys, pretty set on this team:

    Cook (Brailey)
    Fifi, Kapow (Lane*, Fleger)
    Jurbo, Arrow, Murray (Capewell*, Nikora*, Host)
    SJ (Brown)
    Milf (Keighran)
    Bateman, Bird, CNK, Sivo (Simo*, Garrick, Rava)
    Teddy (RTS*)

    Any advice for changes would be great. Good luck everyone!

    Jasted (@downslap)
    1 year ago

    Fleger/host type leaving 111k ITB for upgrades… Or blow now on getting one to Capewell junior T type?

    Jasted (@downslap)
    Reply to  Jasted
    1 year ago

    Also can we not add images anymore?

    The Immortal JT
    The Immortal JT (@rgcowboys)
    1 year ago

    TU – Cook, Host, Bateman
    TD – McCullough, Napa, Mitchell
    Thanks in advance.

    ARJ (@a)
    1 year ago

    Holland (Radley)
    Fifi Kapow (Lane Host)
    Jurbo Arrow Brown (Murray Garner Nikora)
    Cleary (Keighran)
    Milf (Brown)
    Capewell Kahu Opacic Rava (Garrick Sivo Simonsson)
    Teddy (CNK)

    I think my backs are pretty under cooked however I have 171k ITB for pretty solid upgrades in the early rounds.

    uncledami (@uncledami)
    Reply to  ARJ
    1 year ago

    You may not be able to field 4 CTW in a couple of weeks. Id bring Holland down and turn Radley into Friend and a cheapie HKR with your cash ITB

    Would love your thoughts, please comment.x