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Benny's Jets

TU: Grant, Garner, Wiliame
TD: Luke, Fifita, To’o


$320k itb

Robson, Cheese
Welch, Uto, Moale, Pele
Tapine, EButcher, Hopgood, Keppie, Doorey, Carty
Cleary, Katoa
Munster, Douihi
Garrick, To’o, alamotti, Kahn, CNK, Taruva, Warbrick
Teddy, Turbo

The Pretender

Could you spend the 320k on Robson > Grant? I also think Carty is a huge risk, can you try Wiliame there?


Yeah I’ve been tossing up Robson to Grant.

Carty was the last into my team and I’m not overly convinced but Wiliame doesn’t get me excited either.

Thanks mate

Brick Wall

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Robson due to his early draw? Nice draw & 5 Home vs 3 Away

CBR – Home
BRO – Away
NZL – Home
GCT – Home
BUL – Away
DOL – Home
NZL – Away
NEW – Home


Pretty sure I’m locked and loaded.. thoughts?

Grant, B.Smith
Welch, Uto (BMM, Pele)
Fifita, Carrigan, N.Butcher, Hopgood (Carty, Doorey)
Cleary, S.Walker
Douehi (Katoa)
Holmes, Meaney, Thompson, Alamoti (Turuva, AKP, Warbrick)
Teddy, Turbo


Which one for last ctw spot
AKP Warbicrk. Alamoti. Turuva


I’m going with Warbrick which means he will probably get 15, so you should avoid him


I’m off the AKP train . If he survives in the team he’ll make a great down grade. I’m playing the other 3 but i had AKP as a benchie to cover any outs seeing he plays in the last game of the round. Tigers backs pretty much the same as when they spooned so if your keen go for it. I have TT in reserves as late cover


I’m playing talau, we just lost fermor plus sami and AKPs defence is very suspect. Whoever drops into fermors spot will not have defended there. I imagine it’ll be reasonably disjointed

I could easily see talau scoring a double down that edge


TU: Ponga+Blore
TD: Hastings+Preston


I’d go Ponga Preston if you can. Hastings is not SC relevant and Blore will be out of the side as soon as Bateman is playing


TU – Ponga
TD – Boyd


New season so dont forget to get your team in playing order. Unless vc/c move your late game players to the bench

Benny's Jets

TU: Meaney
TD: Miller


Robson or Sam Walker (TBoyd dual)
Robson $$$ would allow Pele to Keppie

thoughts would be appreciated


Is Keppie better to have in your team than Pele?


considering extra $, prob not
your choice between Robson or S Walker? cheers


I went Keppie down to Pele .On stats Keppie looks a slow burn plus the possibility Aloiai starts Keppie bench at any time.


thanks for your reply


TU – Welch and CNK
TD – Keppie and To’o

Rest of my FRF and CTW below for reference

FRF – Tapine Uto Pele
CTW – Holmes AKP Turuva Thompson Alamoti Warbrick


Men! Bit late to the party this year but finally made my team lol. Any tips and changes would be massively appreciated as I’ve been out of the loop

77k itb
Grant/ cheese*
Cotter/ Welch/ uto*/ keppie
Murray/ tapine/ Egan/ hopgood*/ Ford/ schuster
Cleary/ boyd
Douelhi/ katoa
Holmes/ CNK/ turuva/ warbrick/ williame/ alamoti/ khan
Teddy/ turbo*


Not bad for quick throw together mate. Plenty of options around for Schuster but no real knock for picking in R1.


What’s better?

TU- Tapine + warbrick + 77k
TD- Niukore + Suaalii + 2k


Hi everyone
Haas and Wilton, or
Cotter and Carrigan


Cotter and Carrigan = bank the points.


Thanks so much for the reply


TU Ford
TD Doorey
Comment: Carty or Keppie

Silky Smooth

TU: CLeary, BSmith, Keppie, Loiero, howarth
DU: Mahoney, EKatoa, CNK, Welch, Boyd

Chasing point with Mahoney vs Smith …. smith will not get 80 min ….
passing on cleary … coz of bye … plus no api … might impact his game ..i think???

and passing on Cleary allows me to upgrade to welch, katoa, CNK …

also comments of CNK, Hammer, or HAZE … can take only only one
Also comments of Katoa vs Loiero …both storm 2rf …


Haze and Katoa for mine… GL


Cleary + captain’s armband outscores Welch + Katoa + CNK easily.


Wiliame worth picking over talau or HSS? Also means I get to keep 77k itb


Longtime stalker, first time poster! Agonising last decision.
TU – Tapine
TD – Cotter

Temple Guard

If you have a DPP in FRF than I go Tapine, otherwise difficult to split them 2
I assume you looking for a 2RF


with price not being an issue.
TU: Turbo
TD: Drinkwater


Final CTW:

TU: Turuva
TD: Alamoti

Comment: Warbrick