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First cab off the rank this year. Team probably sucks though.

Holmes/To’o/Dunster/Te Whare/Alamoti/Skleton/Howarth

$103k itb


Uto your weak point along with ctw 34567 .Plenty of time to go.Garner Cleary Too on week 3 jump out at me

All about the right PODS

My current draft is similar, with only one gun ctw. You currently have the two I am tossing up. I have two gun 5/8s.

So Sings the Bard

Yeah, similar also, but i’m jumping on Hammer, CNK & Sloan. All fairly cheap starting FLB’s avail at CTW……………Could be gold.


Isnt CNK playing centre with Te Maire Martin playing fullback? Who knows with Hammer and Tesi Niu? Tesi Niu was abysmal as a centre two seasons ago at the Broncos. He made Morgan Harper look like a defensive genius. I can easily see there being a switch early. Sloan comes with the risk of playing Hook roulette without a team being name for Round 1.


Current draft

Cheese, Boyd
Wench, Collins, Uto, Mole
Angus, DFifi, Garter, JHop, JHeth, Blored
Cleary, Fogarty
Doueihi, Schuster
Val, IThompson, CNK, Dumpster, Alomoti, Te Whar, Genghis
Teddy, Latrell

$178K ITB

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Not bad to start. If you’ve got the cash available though, you may as well spend up for Hynes over Fogarty.

All about the right PODS

Thoughts on this team.
Grant & Cheese
Tapine, Cotter, Moeroa & Pele
Fifita, Garner, Hopgood, Stone, Blore & Mooney
Cleary & Hynes
Doueihi & Schuster
Holmes, Thompson, Smith, Dunster, Alomoti, Howard & Khan-Pereira
Teddy & Turbo
Obviously dependent on cheapies.


That 2RF could go pear shaped in the blink of an eye. Too risky for me.


Strong team.2FR is becoming less relevant.

Temple Guard

you think so???… IPap Cam Angus…. and so on could be the difference but we all got our strategy


5 out of the top 17 points scorers last year were 2RF, up from 4 in 2021 and same number as 2020. 3 out of 17 (17.6% by position) scores have to come from 2RF. Not insignificant. But my point was: Stone may only get 20-30min and similar scores Mooney may not even get a bench spot and Ricky usually brings young fwds on slowly. He doesn’t place minutes pressure on them. Blore looks likely to get a bench role and had a ppm of .63 in 2021 You want none of these near your 17 and an injury to… Read more »

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Murray draw ,Ipap Kicks in vastly inferior teams .Angus in a team with many mouths to feed. I’m hoping for the Garners Stormboys Eels to supply us with cheaper options.

SC Rookie

First draft – really want a stacked spine at the expense of FRF

Grant / Smith*
D saifiti, Keppie / Moale, Pele
D fifi, Garner, Katoa / Hopgood, Schuster, Blore
Hynes / Cleary*
Burton / Doueihi*
Taulagi, Hammer, CNK, Talau / R Smith, Khan-Pereira, Alamoti
Teddy / Turbo*


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first go – would appreciate thoughts

Grant BSmith
Cotter Welch Utoika Murdoch-M
ACrichton Garner Hopg Gilbert Stone Schuster
Cleary Boyd
Munster Doueihi
Nicoll-K RSmith TTalau PAlamoti
Tabuai-F Te Whare
Tedesco Brimson
$13,900 ITB

also, tossing up whether
Angus to Cam Murray
Munster to Drinkwater via duals


The Pretender

Dont mind it, maybe a few guys with very little upside but I really like your spine.


New Build 23
Grant Smith
Gilbert Horse TAle Moale
Dafi Hop Nuikore Blore Stone Hetho
Cleary Boyd
Munster Shush
Val Perham Hammer CNK Sloane Kubla Jowarth
Chell Drinky
$110k itb for 2rf mainly
Input welcome


Love the Fb combo of fatrell and drinky – its ballsy to start without TT but without knowing how freely he’s moving its smart and you can downgrade to TT if he’s firing from the get go. I’ve got no idea who horse, kubla and Hop are.


Kubla was the grandson of Ghengis Khan aka AKP winger for tits with a 4/5 game window . Hoping he can hold his spot but thats very optomistic
Horsburgh -Raiders
Hop -Hopgood – Eels


Really like the horsburgh pick if he gets the starting lock role


Current lineup – critique away boys
Cheese, Mitch Kenny
Haas, Welch, Keppie, Moale
Dfifi, Elliott, RFM, Hopgood, Schuster, Doorey
Cleary, Boyd
Munster, Doueihi
Cobbo, Perham, Izaac Thompson, CNK, Talau, Dunster, Alamoti
Fatrell, TT


The Billy Knowles FB combo.
I had had Elliot last year . Good goer but not for me at Newc.
RFM (C) Certainly one for the trials
5+ kenny good depth for the rotating bye


Gould just hinted on twitter RFM won’t play 80 and is club captain only, not on-field captain.

>Ray is club captain. Concentrates on leadership culture connectivity inclusivity. He is longest serving player at club. On field captains, probably looking for 80 min players. On field the whole game. Mahoney and Burton are perfect, but this is their first go at NRL captaincy.


Thx B99


Current Team


Thoughts lads?


Quite like this build. It would be more viable if Stone got top 13
Just be wary of 3 panther outs rnd 3

The Pretender

nice team – just dont think RFM is the guy. Also a little expensive in the CTW.


Hi everyone. This is my latest team. Thoughts?

Grant, Cheese
Welch, Uto, (Pele, Dual Nuff)
Fifi, Murray, Garner, (Hop, Blore, Hetho)
Cleary, Hynes
Douehi, Schuster
To’o, Thompson, CNK, Dunster, (Talau, Alamoti, Khan)
Teddy, Turbo


If you put Hetho up to FR and Schuster up to 2R, you can get warriors cheap half( I can’t think of his name) and then you don’t need a buff


Version 64 – will I win some chicken or where did I go wrong?


Winging it !
H2H ?


Overall – until it goes wrong and it becomes H2H

  • Same here. Love that 2rf . gone slightly different in halves and FB’ Loving the variation of teams this year.
Hold Your Horse

Draft 1.0

Smith (Kenny*)
Haas Harris (Uto Hetherington)
Murray Curren Elliot (Sutton* Hoopgood Stone)
Cleary (Boyd*)
Burton (Schuster)

Perham NTF CNK Hodgson (Sloan Burbo Howarth)
Teddy (Turbo*)

400K in the bank that will be used. Just waiting for preseaon to see who stands out. The FOX might be in for a good year.

All comments welcome


I’d probably play Hops or Schuster over Kenny
Unsure if Curren will be available Rnd1.
Read something some where.

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First team of the year! Unsure on cheapies but actually not too unhappy with how it’s turned out

Cheese/ Luke
Haas/Gilbert/ *Uto/ Pele
Angus/ Fifi/ Garner/ *Hop/ Stone/ Schu
Hynes/ *Cleary
Dou/ Metcalf
To’o/ Sualii/ Hammer/ Te Whare/ Alamoti/ Skelton/ Howarth
Latrell/ *Turbo

Only $2.8k ITB… Bit worried

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Doubt Metcalf starts rnd 1


I’ve heard Luke will be back up hooker. Not normally a good thing


Looking forward to this season! Landed on this set up after a few goes any thoughts?

Meaney/too/hammer/cnk/ dunster/alamoti/khan pereira

83k itb


Like Deardon but has a low floor. Four scores around the 33 mark
You would expect that in his first breakout year and natural progression should see some improvement.

So Sings the Bard

Pretty happy with this version. Might miss out on a few CTW points early on, but 3 starting FLB’s in that pos, surely a couple of them might surprise.
COOK, Cheese*
TINO, JAIFITI, Uto, Ben mm
MURRAY, HORS, NIUK, Hop, Piakura, Blore
HYNES, Cleary*
BURTON, Schuster*
HAMMER, CNK, RSMITH, TALAU, Sloan, Alamoti, Khan
21k itb


Hi everyone. Almost didn’t play this year due to my poor finish to the year, but here we are…
Can I get some input please? It would be much appreciated.
I’ve included some guns who I will keep all year and the rest will hopefully make me some cash.

Smith, Kenny
Fa’asuamaleaui, Tapine, Utoikamanu, Pele
Hopgood, Blore, Howarth, Katoa, Chan, Mooney
Katoa, Hynes
Munster, Schuster,
Manu, Suaalii, Skelton, Te Whare, Tabui,-Fidow, Alamoti, Khan-Pereira
Tedesco, Mitchell

$562,500 in the bank.

Happy Supercoaching.


You have to many players that may not start, Katoa, Skelton, Te Whare, Howarth, Chan, Mooney. Very light in 2RF, 1 injury and you are in big trouble. Too many Storm players in the 2RF, BYE troubles there. I can’t find to many positives in that line up.


Thanks for the input Sniper. Is there anywhere I can get more info on what starting line ups may/may not be yet?


Both and Fox Sports Nrl did post possible teams over the past month. Also noticed ScPlaybook has just started posting again focusing on individual team reviews. NRL SC Champions have 3 current podcasts out ATM. All the best for the season.

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Noticed both NRL and Fox have taken down the posts from their sites. Do a search NRL best 17 team lists and you should be able to access some info.


Thanks Magpies. I’ll take a look. All the best to you too.


Too many Roosters for early bye


Great to be back.
I have come up with this team over a couple of weeks of changes, I think it’s pretty solid but would like some opinions.

Robson, Hodgeson
Gilbert, Welch, Hetherington, Suluka-Fifita
DFifita, Garner, Hop, Horse, Blore, Doorey
Cleay, Boyd
Doueihi, Schuster
Holmes, Suaalii, Russell, Thompson, Dunster, Alamoti, Khan
Teddy, Drinky
$187k ITB


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wombat stew

Like it. Im sure changes will be made closer to the action but go with your gut . Thinking ill run with hodgson with cheese. Suluka-Fifita im hoping will have opportunities this year


am i seeing scam texts appearing in supercoach talk pages?


Has been one in particular over the last 2 months

Wallah Hezbula

Rip and tear SC peeps!

Remaining 3K

Api, Cheese
Tofu, Welch, Hetho, JCollins
DFifi, Lolo, Katoa, Hopgood, Schuster, Mooney
Cleary, Boyd
Burton, Calker
Holmes, Perham, CNK, Izaac, Dunster, Alamoti, Hodgson
Teddy, Turbo


G’day everyone, good luck for the new season.
I’ve been juggling combinations to try and get a side I’m comfortable with…..for the moment lol.

Dsaf /Welch / Moale /Moeroa
Crichton /DFifita /Hopgood/
Schuster /Dooley /Blore
Cleary/ Swalker
Doueihi/ Burton
Val /Hammer/ Talau/ Dunster/
Alamoti /Te Whare /Khan


I like this team…But not sold on Burton…Id swap him to Shuster and upgrade a CTW member…Maybe Hammer to To’O


Work in Progress:
* Cheese / Boyd
* Taps / Tohu / Uto / P.Saulo
* Elliot / Katoa / Hopgood / Shu / BMM / Stone
* Cleary / Moses
* Burton / Sullivan
* AJ / Val / Hammer / CNH / Sloan / Alamoti / AKP
* Turbo / Drinkwater

*75k in bank

Tried to factor early bye rounds in. Worried about my back row … could downgrade AJ or Val for a premium back rower


Agree that your 2nd row is a little skinny.


Im not sure Moses is a play to start Storm, Sharks, Manly, Panthers, Roosters first 5 rounds – I dont see much upside.

Is Sullivan injured?

AJ is also a ? re their opening fixtures too.

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