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Hey all, The first time I’ve decided to have a go at NRL Supercoach this year so would definitely appreciate any thoughts on the team I’ve put together as I’m definitely a rookie supercoach. I have $287,800 left in the bank and my team at the moment is: R. Mahoney (C. Randall) P. Hass, E. Bullemor (J Taunoa-Brown, M. King) D. Fifita, A. Crichton, L. Martin (K. Tuilagi, J. Momoisea, B. Piakura) N. Hynes (B. Schneider) L. Illias (S. Johnson) T. Sloan, K. Staggs, S. Russell, W. Penisini (J. Suaalii, V. Vailea, T. Koula) J. Tedesco (R. Papenhuyzen) Thanks in… Read more »


Good team for first try

Temple Guard

Rookie???? My Butt..Looks pretty darn Good


Thoughts, if any please.
Randall, Grant.
I. Papalii, Collins, T. Moeroa,B. Hamlin Uele.
Angus, Olakauto, L. Martin, J.Momoisea, Tailagi, Piakura.
Hynes, Schneider.
Hastings, L. Ilias.
Z.Lomax, B. Smith, W. Penisini, I. Tago, C. Ramsey ,S.Russell, T. Amone
Turbo, S. Cobbo.
$26 k ITB.

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The Pretender

Moeroa not playing – suggest you move Momoisea to FRF, Tago to 2RF and get Vailea in your ctw instead. Otherwise, decent side with Turbo in it – personally I would like you to have one of the gun FB’s as your 2nd FB, but pretty good Turbo side.


Personally I would drop Moeroa and Isaah Papalii – Pick up Haas and upgrade elsewhere with the extra cash


Hi Gents , anyone wanting a last minute league to join

SCTalk Brisneyland 951800
SCTalk Noosangatta 751682
SCTakSunnyCoast 163764
SCTalk SunnyCoast2 415388

all the best for the round 1 games.


Hey lads think I’ve finally settled on a team, any feedback?

Mahoney (Randall)

Haas, Arrow (Fifita, Max King)

Fifita, Gus, Luki (Bullemor, Tuilagi, Momoisea)

S Walker (Schneider)

Amone (Ilias)

Bird, Aitken, Mann, Fermor (Tago, Penisini, Vailea)

Teddy (Paps)

The Pretender

I like Bird but I think there are better options than him with him being named on an edge. Good side, although that 5/8 role is a bit of a concern. Also don’t like Andrew Fifita at all !


Should I swap Mann in and run Amone in CTW?


Appreciate any feedback on the team, 2nd year playing

Mahoney // Randall
Haas AFB // JTB M.King
Fifita Crichton Lolo // Bulle Tuilagi Piakura
Walker // Schneider
Mann // Ilias
Aitken Fermor Penisini Tago // Smith Amone Vailea
Teddy // Papi


Trade Bulle
Put one of Fermor/Aitken/Tago in 2RF to use dual position
Try and find money for a coates/russell in CW

The Pretender

Why trade Bullemor? After being named to partner Ola you have to think he starts for the first 3-6 weeks until Schuster returns, then moves to the middle rotation..


I haven’t gone with him. Never played more than 40 minutes in a reg season game. Davey is a good player who will push for position. Job security is volatile with Des. I see more value in the cowboys 2nd rowers or making use of dual position with fermor/tago.
Personally not for me

The Pretender

I agree with not having him in the 2RF, but given the barren wasteland that is the FRF, I think hes worth a crack there ahead of JTB who has a historically poor ppm for a middle forward and a 4 forward bench…


Thats true with the FRF. Ive just gone with King and Thompson from the Knights. Neither will be in the 17. Used the extra 100K in CTW/2RF and loaded up there.


Was thinking he would start for 3-6 weeks and could be used as a stepping stone to someone else after cash gen


I personally think he’s a good option. I saw one of their trial games and he looked really good to me.


Last reserve:
TU Penisini
TD Schneider

The Pretender

Eels to come out hot.


Hey Team:

Do I keep Angus Crichton and bullemore/momo


Fermor and Curran – TU
DFifi and Koula/Cheapie – TD

Dog of War

So if Verrills is out for another 4-6 weeks with a broken thumb is Connor Watson worth the risk

The Pretender

Doubt it – but hes now got POD value. Hutchison on the bench says to me Watson wont play 80 regardless of where he plays.


Last reserve?

Thinking one of the last two


Yep hands down the last 2, they are the safest bets anyway.


Leaning towards Randall


TU: Rocco Berry
TD: Billy Smith


Flip a coin. Smith might have higher potential upside but Berry safer and should be more durable


GL to everyone for what is hopefully a successful season!

Been doing some last minute tinkering – thoughts?

Cook – Randall *
Haas, AFB – Momo, King
Gus, Lolo, Curran – Luki*, Piakura, Howarth
Keary – Ilias
Walker – Amone
Fermor, Cobbo, Smith, Tago – Russell*, Penis, Vailea
Tedesco – Papz*

7k ITB

I initially had D Fifi instead of Curran and a cheapie instead of Fermor.


Or do I grab Schneider and move Amone down, keeping D FIFI


Any finals thoughts a gift – cheers all. Good luck for the season. Bring it on.

Mahoney (Randall)
Haas AFB (Momo M King)
Fifita Crichton Lolo Aitken* Tuilagi* (Piakura)
S Walker (Schneider)
Mann (Illias)
Lomax Coates B Smith Penisini (Tago Vailea Koula)
Teddy Pap*

Final reserve
TU: Randall
TD: Tago

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The Pretender

No Russell in CTW is a big balls play. On the outside of Gutho on the left wing, you would have to think he jags tries.



Mahoney, Randall
Haas Utoik, JTB, M King
D Fifita, Aitken, I Tago, Bullemor, Fermor, Tuilagi
DCE, Scgneider
Mann, Ilias
Lomax, Staggs, X Coates, Penisini, Amone, Vailea, Schiller
Pap, Teddy
75k in bank

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SJ goal kicking for warriors?


TU: David Fifita
TD: Angus Crichton


Any Manly fans have any insight on Sipley? He’s a starting FRF at only $260.4k but I have heard VERY! little about him. I’m wondering if he may be a better option than JTB??? Thoughts appreciated

Wallah Hezbula

Stick with JTB, Sipley better in a bench role and Des may start Keppie or Paseka instead.


Thanks for the advice WH. Sipley looks good but my concern is how few minutes Des can give to his benchies


Thoughts on my team. Am a unsure with Hastings but not sure who else I could get. Have $9k spare

Cook, Randall
Haas, AFB, JKing, MKing
Fifita, Lolo, Aitken, Bullemor, Tuilagi, Momoisea
SWalker, Schneider
Hastings, Ilias
Staggs, Amone, Tago, Russell, Penisini, Vailea, Koula
Turbo, Papy


TU: Bullemor & Nanai
TD: JTB & Luki

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Wallah Hezbula

Current team

Cheese, Randall
Haas, AFB, JTB, MKing
Gus, Nikora, Luki, Bully, Tuilagi, Momoi
Hastings, Schneider
Munster, Ilias
Hammer, BSmith, Tago, Amone, Penisini, Vailea, Koula
Turbo, Teddy

Damn the last minute tinkering! Rip & tear SC peeps and best of luck for season 2022! May the odds be ever in your favour.

TU: Munster, Hastings, Momoi (35K)
TD: Keary, Moses, Piakura (12K)

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