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TU: Taumalolo
TD: Aitken


Hey guys, just after some feedback.

Smith, Randall**
Haas, Uto, Momoisea, M.King
Fifita, Crichton, Bullemor, Tuilagi, Piakura, Harris
Taaffe, Schneider
Hastings, llias**
Aitken, Coobo, Tago, Penisini Amone**, Suaalii, Koula
Turbo Papz**

$439,800 ITB.

I’m wanting to try and keep some funds to bring in Cleary early but I’m open for suggestions.


Like it, only thing I’d be worried about is the halves. If you’re intent on waiting for Cleary then Teddy > Turbo and upgrade Taaffe. Otherwise keep Turbo and upgrade Taafe/forget about Cleary.

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as South’s fan would have to agree. Taaffe a strong chance of being named at 14 once Trell is back. New coach this year but a look at Benji’s minutes last year doesn’t look good for young Blake


Appreciate your thoughts

Mahoney Randall
Haas, AFB, bullemore, king
B smith, aitken, fermor, Watson, luki, howarth
DCE, schneider
Wighton, ilias
Staggs, Coates, tago, penisini, amone, suaalli, taas
Pap, teddy

75k in the bank


Very solid team, with some pods in the halves. I like it


A bit weak in the backrow but the potential to make coin and upgrade is definately there. Good luck


Well I think I’m settled but I’m at the mercy of the CTW gods…13,800 in the bank
Cook Randall
Haas Arrow Leniu M.King
D.Fifi Lolo deBelin Katoa Nanai Tuilagi
Walker Schneider
Ilias Munster
Coates Amone Gildart Penisini Tago Russell Vailea
Teddy Paps


Good team. I wanted Munster but can’t seem to afford him &/ or don’t want to remove Staggs from CTW to get him. I haven’t seen many teams with deBelin or Katoa but it’s a solid & deep 2nd row. Good luck


Cheers mate. Wanted de Belin for POD value but sadly had to let Staggs and Sloane go because I just couldn’t start without Fifita.

Finals Run

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

TU: Hughes
TD: S Walker +$95K

Mahoney – Randall*
Haas/AFB – A Fifita/M King
Fifita/TPJ/Lolo – Luki/Momoisea/Burbo
Hughes – Ilias*
Bromw – Hastings*
Staggs/Coats/Tago/Penisini – Amone/Vailea/Harris
Teddy – Paps*

Cheers for the advice


Who is your 5/8 ‘Bromw’????

Finals Run

Sorry, thats Dylan Brown


Yeah copy. It’s a very good team but I’d like to see a third FRF, as I don’t see A.Fifita do’n much. Can u afford to upgrade to Bulemore?


I’m guessing Brown

central coast crab

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the warriors halves make up when Walsh returns

The Pretender

CHT bench.


TU: Mann
TD: Fermor

Professor Fate

yep keen on this question too. Mann playing 65 minutes at 13 as opposed to Fermor on an edge, maybe 80 minutes.

The Pretender

I cant see Fermor playing 80 unless Proctor is playing as a middle – that said, its possible.

Mann for 60mins vs Fermor 65mins on an edge is probably the debate.


+1 on this question. Biggest doubt in my side is Mann at CTW but hoping floor is better than a rookie winger. Newcastle #13s were all over the place last year in terms of selections, minutes and PPM according to sueprcoachstats. Mann


Anyones who can give a rundown on Luki ($351k) v Nanai ($343K)
are they SC relevant?
pecking order?
ive not seen either play, one more attacking than the other?

The Pretender

Nanai has a lower ppm and seemed to thrive on attacking stats last year. Luki seems to be good in attack as well but was a lot busier with base power.




Hey guys. Would love some advice on my current squad.
Cook Randall
Haas afb AFifi mking
Fifita Angus lolo Tago tuilagi jmomo
Moses shneider
Hastings illias
Aitken staggs fermor amone bsmith peni vailea
Teddy papy



that starting 2rf is money


At first glance I was worried about having Hastings as a starting 1/2back. BUT! that 2nd Row & CTW certainly make up for it. Solid team


When available switch cook to mclnnes I reckon. Would also try to bring in smith/mahoney over him, that just my opinion


Love it. If you find the cash, maybe upgrade Hastings to a solid 5/8 and bobs your uncle.


Version 100 of 200 before kick off:

Mahoney | Randall
Haas Uto | JTB M.King
Dfif Matto Lolo | Luki Tago Tuilagi
Moses | Schneider
Hastings | Ilias
Lomax Mann Fermor Penisini | Amone Suaalii Koula
Teddy | Paps

Any thoughts? I’ve definitely sacrified at 5/8, but feel there’s just better value elsewhere.


Great side…We have similar taste , almost the same tho I went SJ and Brown in the halves and I also have 2 different CTWs in Berry and V2

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Like the brown pick. I wanted one of moses/brown as Parra have a nice opening draw and typically hit the ground running. Moses kicking goals is what made me go for him.

The Pretender

I would like Lomax so much more if he didnt have an incredibly tough rds 2-5.


Very solid team with no obvious weaknesses

Eric Cartman

hey gents hope you all didn’t get too much carnage for TLT. locked in this side for tmrw. happy with it, thoughts welcome.

randall , Walters
AFB Collins / J. King M. King
Fifita Angus Arrow / Nanai Tago tuilagi
Swalker / schneider
SJ / ilias
Smith Russell Amone Penisini / cobbo vailea burbo (for vc loophole)
Turbo / teddy


Only concern is Walters dropping out of the side. Other than that, some nice PODs, and Turbo/Teddy is lethal.

Eric Cartman

thanks mate! figured i cant trust any of the walters fam so i went collins > JTB gildart > burbo for loop and walters > mahoney


Wow I can’t believe how many people are fitting in Turbo & Teddy. What a gun combination & I think it easily! covers the points in starting with 2 cheapie hookers. I’m starting to consider the same as I think this set up has max points & should get u off to a great start. I would suggest a third FRF though but I spose u could move Arrow up. Good luck

Eric Cartman

even turbo and pap is still just as solid with his Gk. Both teddy and turbos draw open up the same time so its defs not a bad approach. cheers mate same to you .


TU: Coates
TD: Fermor


Any one got solid Tofu news
Have seen 3wks , mid season and indefinite


B.Smith – C.Randall**
P.Haas, J.Papalii – Tanoua Brown, J.Momoisea
A.Crichton, L.Thompson, J.Bird – E.Bullemor, B.Piakura, S.Harris
J.Hughes – B.Schneider
L.Keary (VC) – L.Ilias**
V.Holmes, E.Aitken, K.Staggs, X.Coates – T.Sloan**, V.Vailea, J.Schiller
R.Papenhuyzen (C) – B.Taafe**

MIB – 48.9k
PROJ – 1217
** represents selected as reserve

Feel a bit short on the bench, thoughts?


A lot of PODs i dont mind it. Goodluck!


Hi all this is my second year at this, i need help please. i have $258,400 left to spend and want it on field so please review what’s my weakest line, are there players on field i should upgrade and who to so as to maximise my $25k, etc. My selection as to who is playing on field is purely based on the ‘optimise’ button so this maybe way off, please review and see who i should swap on/off the field Emergencies same as above selection was per optimise please review, obviously Teddy is no brainer (currently Teddy, Bullemor, Tuilgai,… Read more »

The Pretender

I would be looking at Haas or Munster with that cash, or both. As for your reserves, Randall should be a reserve over Ilias IMO, others are fine.


thanks mate, if i cant get both then is it Munster or Haas

and also then who goes? or doe it not matter?


Munster is suspended


Can I get a bit of feedback for my first draft….no doubt it will change 37 times before Thursday.

Grant, Randall
TPJ, J Safiti, Momoisea, Leo Thompson
DFifi, Katoa, Luki, Tago, Bullemor, Tuilagi
Keary, Schnieder
SJ, Ilias
To’o, Staggs, Hammer, BSmith, Amone, Penisini, Vailea
Teddy, Papps.


The Pretender

Good side, To’o is a nice pod as Penrith will go left more without Cleary (although may struggle to put on points so its worth noting). 2RF is a little weak and FRF is podish, which is not a bad idea.


First draft of the team following TLT:

Randall / Hetherington
Haas, AFB / King, Momoisea
Dfif, Leilua, Lolo / Tuilagi, Tago, Bullemor
Keary / Schneider
Mann / Ilias
Staggs, Coates, Lomax, Pennisini / Schiller, Vailea, Koula
Turbo / Pap

8.8k ITB

TU: Hastings, Amone, JTB
TD: Keary, Schiller, Momoisea

Keen to hear some other thoughts on the team.

Walkers On

Thoughts on Daniel Tupou? Thinking he might go a bit closer to his 2020 average with a full strength Roosters team back

The Pretender

Tupou will go as Keary goes. If Keary goes well (likely), he will put Tupou away PLENTY. Just hard to warrant a $520k spend in the CTW with so many cheapies in there.


Hey guys, would love some feedback.

Cook, Randall
Haas, AFB, J.King, M.King
Fifita, Lolo, Olakauatu, Luki, Tago, Tuilagi
SWalker, Schneider
Hastings, llias
Staggs, Fermor, Coates, Amone, Russell, Penisini, Vailea
Turbo Papz

$50,100 ITB.

The Pretender

Cook is a POD, I think it could work.
Forwards are good, Ola POD is nice.
Backline very good for a Turbo team.

Goodluck for the year, I think you are set.