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Got 4 spots left to fill 786653. Good luck everyone!


I just joined, what a gun league. Cheers


Ilias Tu
or Randall Td
for reserve



HOK: Mahoney, Randall
FRF: Haas, Tatola, JTB, King
2RF: Dfif, Murray, Taumololo, Tuilagi, Nanai, Tago
HFB: Moses, Schneider
5/8: Mann, Ilias
CTW: Lomax, Fermor, Berry, Russell, Billy Smith, Penisini, Vailea
FB: Tedesco, Papy


Last minute help please. Thanks in advance fellas.

Cheese (Randall)
Haas Uto Bul (M King)
Fifi Aitken Lolo Luke (Tuilagi JMomo)
Hastings (Schneider)
Illias (Munster)
Coates Tago Amono Penisini BSmith (Vailea Koula)
Teddy Pap


398k ITB

Wallah Hezbula

Solid 17 for opening round. Best of luck mate!

Benny's Jets

TU: Tago 2RF, Russell CTW
TD: Tago CTW, Bullemor 2RF

i have Fermor and Aitken already in my CTW fyi


Hey All,
First time posting this year after an extended offseason for myself. Would appreciate any help on my team. Feel like I’ve got a decent balance for the most part, but am second guessing Mann/ Fermor to name a couple.

Mahoney/ Randall*
Haas/ Bullemor/ Jking/ Mking
Dfif/ Crichton/ Aitken/ Luki*/ Tuilagi*/ Momoisea
DCE/ Schneider
Mann/ Ilias
Bird/ Fermor/ Russell/ Amone/ Tago/ Penesini/ Vailea
Teddy/ Papy*

Second Year Syndrome

Locked and loaded! $100 ITB…
GL all.

Randall – Grant
Haas, AFB – King boys
Fifita, Angus, Aitken – Nanai, Tuilagi, Howarth
SWalker – Schneider
Brown – Ilias
Staggs, Smith, Tago, Russell – Amone, Penisini, Vailea
Tedesco – Paps

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TU: Lomax
TD: Jack Bird


who is goalkicker for broncos now? staggs or isaako?


Is Turbo worth this??

TU: Turbo, Hastings, Nanai
TD: Teddy, S Walker, A Crichton


hopefully this team will help me this year.gone el cheapo in the ctw’s
if papy does get omitted i can keep him on the side with randall going reserve
strong forward pack,with covid and injuries I feel they were needed
comments and suggestions are always appreciated
Bol for the season all

team 1.png

TD: Bulle


TU: Moses & Aitken
TD: Hughes & E.katoa


TU D.Brown
TD Hastings


TU Josh Papalii, Billy Smith
TD Ryan Matterson, Bullemor

2 Eazy

Just wondering I set up a custom private league and don’t enough players to join the league, will Supercoach automatically fill up remaining spots?


Yep. Im fairly certain all spots will be filled at kick off of the first game of the year


Here we go lads! How good nearly go time, just want to share the final product in case of any big misses. Thanks hope everyone gets off to a flyer!

Randell ( Grant )
Haas, JTB, (M.king, Fifita)
Gus, D.Fifita, Luki (Bullemor, Momo, Tuilagi)
Moses (Schneider)
Walker (Ilias)
Staggs, Hammer, Coates, Tago (Penisini, Vailea, Amone)
Teddy (Papy)


TU – s.walker
TD – keary


Its nearly showtime!!
Good luck to everyone

Final draft

Mahoney / randall*
Haas bulle / JTB Afif
Dfif Gus Lolo / Tago* tuilagi momoi
DCE / schneider
Keary / ilias
Aitken staggs coates amone / penisini* vailea koula
Pappy / Ponga*

62,800 itb


TU- ilias/Schneider halfback.
d brown/Munster 5/8
TD- Moses/Schneider halfback
Iliad/Munster 5/8

Thanks guys and girls

kegs kings

TD Easy for me.


Yeah I was leaning towards it because of having to run either Ilias or Schneider each week. Just felt like brown could be a decent pod