Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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Mahoney Randall
Haas AFB A.Fifita M.King
D.Fifita B.Smith Lolo Luki Momoisea b.turbo
Keary Schneider
SJ Ilias
Aitken lomax Tago Penisini Vailea Amone Koula
Teddy Papen

Let’s start this off!


Well balanced team mate – wouldn’t touch A Fif myself and prefer S Walker over Keary with goal kicking duties


Appreciate the feedback mate, my biggest worry with S walker is that he was almost unplayable against tougher opposition last year, and if he’s improved enough to become your starting HFB.


Goodluck mate… gotta love the Teddy/Papi duo at FB… I’ve bite the bullet and rolling with Turbo.. let’s go!

Temple Guard

THE PIMP is BACK… Hallelujah to that


I think I’m set…

Mahoney, Randall
AFB, JTB, Bullemor, King
Fifita, Matto, Lolo, Katoa, Olakau’atu, Tuilagi
Walker, Schneider
Mann, Ilias
Aitken, Fermor, Tago, Penesini, Russell, Vailea, Koula
Turbo, Cobbo

$17,300 in the kitty…

How exciting! 2 sleeps till season starts! Goodluck everyone!


2nd Row is money mate – great team


Appreciate the feedback legend!


Teddy and Pappy is probably the same cost as Turbo and Cobbo if not less, Id look into that! but other than that 5/8 is a bit dicey but other than that all good


Yea cheers brother!


which king did you go with


Grant / Randall
Haas Bully / King King
Fifita Crichton Fermor / Tago Tuilagi Momoisea
Hynes / Schneider
Hastings / Ilias
Bird Aitken Coates Penisini / Russell Amone Vailea
Teddy / Papy

Plan is to take a look at Hynes and if he doesn’t look good in the first two weeks, an easy swap to Munster with Hastings as duals. Tried to load up on CTWs that can play 2RF given the current conditions but could backfire if the game is played as fast early on.


Love the Hynes pick… Goodluck!


Cook Randall
Haas Uto M.King Momoisea
D.Fifita Aitken Fermor Luki Nanai Tuilagi
DCE Schneider
Keary Ilias
Staggs Amone Tago Mann Penisini Gildart Koula
Ted Pap

Would you sell DCE for Hastings so I can move Aitken/Fermor down and strengthen my 2RF?

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Bit of a different make up… I like it! Nice work!


Thank you, I also liked your side with Turbo and a few good pods in it


Grant Randall
Haas JTB King King
Fifita Lolo Bullemor Tuilagi Momo Burbo
SWalker Schneider
Munster Illias
Mann Coates Tago Amone Penisini Vailea Koula
Turbo Teddy

How’s the balance of this team look with Turbo in the side? Obviously short in the 2RF’s and CTW’s. Thanks.


Nothin wrong with this team.. love seeing Grant and Munster in there… now I want them lol.. Goodluck on the year ahead!


Great team but it’s a ballsy move starting with both Grant & Munster (who will both miss R1). But WOW! I love the look of those fullbacks in the same team. Well done


Mahoney Randall*
Haas Tino (King Thompson)
Fifita Crichton Taumalolo Martin* Bullemor*(Tuilagi)
S Walker (Schneider)
SJ (Ilias)
Sloan Coates Tago Penisini (Cobbo Amone Vailea)
Paps Ponga*


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Im not a fan of Ponga for anything more than pod value, dont see the knights doing heaps


Good team with a very strong 2nd row. I personally couldn’t start without Teddy or Turbo but it’s certainly a POD move. Good luck


Mahoney Randall
AFB JTB king Afif
Fifi Angus Lolo EKat Nanai Kelma
SWalker Schneider
Ilias Munster
Sloan Smith Penisini Russell Tago Amone Vailea
Teddy Paps

Feels pretty balanced, main areas would be FRF2, 2RF Bench and CTWs. Any suggestions?


I like it. I haven’t seen too many teams without Haas (but I think your FRF is solid enough). Good luck

The Pretender

Good side mate, FRF will sort it outself out in a month or so.


TU Luai
TD Brown


Trying to fit the last 4 players under the salary cap, which would be my best option?

TU: Aitken, Nanai, Gildart and Koula
TD: Taumalolo, Bullemor, Billy Smith and Vailea

moon the loon

i’d go 4 starters vs 3 and a possible bench so TD for me also TD gives you 4 for rd 13

confused duck

TU – Staggs + Matto
TD – Momi + Olakau’atu


TU: Angus & cheapie )(probably the Knights guy)
TD: Lolo & Katoa (NZ)

Haas, AFB, (Cheap, Cheap)
Fifi, Arrow, Fermor, Tuilagi, XX, XX


I’m high on Crichton and feel very ordinary about Katoa…


Got a lot going on this year so won’t have the time or head space to deal with overall so going to focus on H2H as I still crave those mate2mate bragging rights haha. With that said, it’s a different strategy initially and more about cash generation. So, the big questions are;

  • Can you get away with both Randall and Clark as HKs to start the game?
  • Vailea or Schiller? Who stays in their team the longest?
  • Storm King or Bullemore? as above

Thoughts appreciated

central coast crab

1. Not if you’re in a quality comp
2. Vailea, Schiller has rapana and kris to return
3. I’ve gone bullemore as he should get a decent run and is dual. But not confident on him. King will be a storm bench forward- generally don’t make too much cash. Go with your gut
Hope I’ve helped

The Pretender
  1. Truthfully, no.
  2. Vailea easy.
  3. Bullemor should start for longer, although I have no confidence in him really because once Schusters back, he loses all value.

Randell, Grant
Haas, Tino, JTB, King
Fifita, Bsmith, aitken, Fermor, tuilagi, momo
Moses, Schneider
Ilias, munster
Mann, tago, penisini, Russell, amone, vailea, koula
Teddy, paps

Hello and good luck all!


It’s a big call running Grant & Munster (both of whom will miss R1). It’s a well balanced team but probs a little bit weak in CTW. Good luck


Hey gang, can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Grant / Randall
Haas, Bullemor / JKing, MKing
DFifi, Curran, Luki / Tago, Nanai, Tuilagi
Hynes / Schneider
Munster / Ilias
Aitkin, Cobbo, Smith, Penisini / Russell, Vailea, Schiller
Teddy, Pappy

$13,800 ITB


Solid team mate, good structure. My only concern is having Bullemor and J.King as #2 /#3 FRFs but hey we have to make sacrifices somewhere.

central coast crab

Agree, if you want cheap in the fr maybe add jtb


This is a very well balanced team. As stated above it’s a big call running both Grant & Munster in R1. My only other concern is a lack of depth in FRF. Good luck


Mahoney Randall
Haas AFB Momo M.King
Angus Matto Young Luki Bull Tuilagi
Sexton Schneider
SJ Ilias
Aitken Fermor Coates Penisini Vailea Amone Tago
Teddy Papen

20k in the bank, thoughts?

Wallah Hezbula

That’s a great looking team!


TU – Sam Walker
TD – Mitch Moses

Wallah Hezbula

Remaining: 61K Grant, Randall Haas, AFB, JTB, MKing Tino, Nikora, Luki, Bully, Tuilagi, Momoi Ilias, Schneider Calker, Hastings Hammer, BSmith, Tago, Amone, Penisini, Vailea, Koula Turbo, Teddy Had been fairly set on this team with small changes here and there until TLT. After reading through a lot of insight on this site, feeling very iffy about my 2RF. I’ve selected based on the theory that the likes of Turbo, Teddy, Calker and Haas will cover up the lack of scoring but seems like I’m banking on too much. Am I better off downgrading the likes of Calker, Grant and Teddy… Read more »


Wow! that’s a different & ballsy team & I LIKE IT! I think your team well & truly covers any deficiencies in the 2nd row but I’m worried about your half backs & having to start Ilias. Then again those fullbacks do look fantastic. Good luck

Wallah Hezbula

Cheers TK, think I’m taking the chance of starting him this week against the Broncos but see how things pan out.

antonis knights

TU: Hynes & JTB
TD: S Walker & Fermor


Stuck in my halves now that cleary is out !

Randall – Grant
Haas AFB – M King J King
D Fifi, Crichton, Murray – Luki* Tago* Piakura
Hastings – Schneider
Amone – Ilias *
Lomax Staggs Fermor Penisini – Sualli Koula Vailea
Teddy – Pappy*

let me know your thoughts !


Good side with a gun 2nd row & CTW’s but yeah I agree that u need to upgrade one of your starting halves.


Thinking of dropping luki to Tuilagi to free up cash for SJ. Will use SJ as a stepping stone to cleary when he returns. Hopefully scores well with an easy draw

The Pretender

I don’t think you can have those 3 guns in the 2RF and run 4 cheap halves. Might need to downgrade and spread your cash.


Who would your pick in the halves be now that cleary is gone?

The Pretender

Munster is my call for the guy to hold your halves together. If you cant find the cash for him, then your next options are the parra or roosters halves, but I cannot tell you which one of those is the best option.


Any concerns having grant Munster and pappy tho?

Don’t mind Dylan brown as a consistent scorer or S walker

The Pretender

I dont think so, all 3 are likely to be in the top 2-3 in their position come seasons end. Last year I had Smith, Munster and Pap + JAC at various points.


Thanks legend

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