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As we welcome in the new year with champagne, fireworks and the possibility of keyrings, it’s time for us to start tinkering with our 2019 SuperCoach sides.

Thankfully, the team at News Ltd have come to the party this year and opened up the Team Planner (for those with a SuperCoach Gold subscription) early so we have a great asset to start pulling together our respective squads. Just log into the official SuperCoach and as long as you have a subscription it will be available for you enjoy.

This post is designed for you to share your squad of the day / hour and seek feedback. To make things tick over nicely it’s a good idea to give a bit of advice yourself, no one likes a tight ass.



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Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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GCTitans86 (@gctitans86)
1 year ago

Final effort prior to TLT Week 1, would love to hear some thoughts 🙂 Cook (Friend*) Fifi Taupau (Napa* Kamikamica) Jurbo Arrow SBurgess (Nikora* Burr Carty) Morgan (NZ) Ponga (DBrown) Croker JRoberts Kahu Lomaz (Garrick Xerri Allan) Teddy (CNK*) A few points – Kamikamica / Burr depend on teams listed. Kamikaze could turn into Host / Kerr etc. Very conscious that I would likely have Xerri and Allan as NPR rnd 1, hoping for the best but they could / should be next in line behind a couple of gents with injury history. Invested a little heavily in CTW with… Read more »

Epitome7 (@unbreakable)
Reply to  GCTitans86
1 year ago

Not bad, not sold on the halves you’ve chosen, very weak in terms of back-up 2RF as well. Might be worth downgrading Cook or Teddy and strengthening one of those two.

CSI (@csi)
Borderline keeper
1 year ago

What do people feel Bennett effect on C Walker.
Trying to decide between
TU. C Walker
TD. Widdop

Catfish (@cbheroes)
Reply to  CSI
1 year ago

If you mean the Bennett effect where he made his 5/8 score better in 3 consecutive years, then it’s an easy thumbs-up.

Mighty tigs
Mighty tigs (@mighty-tigs)
Reply to  Catfish
1 year ago

Catfish who are you halves currently

lol at the Donkeys
lol at the Donkeys (@nrlsupercoach00)
Reply to  CSI
1 year ago

Walker would be the safer pick, but Widdop’s your man if you have enough safe options throughout your team and want someone that has a high ceiling.

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