NRL SCTalk Leagues & Group Codes – 2021

The official game is open!

The 2021 NRL SuperCoach season is underway with all players now locked and loaded.

To celebrate, here are your league codes and our group code for you all to get involved in.

All league codes below are 20 man leagues. First in, first served. Feel free to jump in as many or as few as you like.

Our group code is: 579870

Feel free to advertise your own leagues in the comments section below also.


Section A – 60+ Average Players from 2020
League NameLeague Code
SC Talk Cook382952
SC Talk Trbojevic673670
SC Talk Tedesco831165
SC Talk Nofoaluma303058
SC Talk Taumalolo851012
SC Talk Crichton193457
SC Talk Matterson490009
SC Talk Brimson761287
SC Talk Ponga238182
SC Talk BMoz706045
SC Talk Tupou754264
SC Talk Johnson543694
SC Talk Cook900271
SC Talk Papalii922899
SC Talk Mitchell751959
SC Talk Smith219465
SC Talk Gutherson355830
SC Talk Klemmer802462
SC Talk Brown535888
SC Talk Tolman852911
SC Talk Mann971438
SC Talk Paulo963888
SC Talk DCE247584
SC Talk Cleary975077
SC Talk Taukeiaho709915
SC Talk Saifiti731912
SC Talk Walker333423
SC Talk Frizell728329
SC Talk Luai362710
SC Talk Harris347755
SC Talk McInnes697340
SC Talk Graham630280
SC Talk Elliott194211
SC Talk Kikau696100
SC Talk Haas834448
SC Talk Munster941992
SC Talk Grant318048
SC Talk Papenhuyzen461294
SC Talk TPJ361320
SC Talk Yeo635979
SC Talk Edwards916815
SC Talk Lomax533240
SC Talk Murray231917
SC Talk Mansour970017
SC Talk Carrigan129878
SC Talk Koroisau751735
SC Talk Dufty952087
SC Talk Fifita490359
SC Talk McGuire524573
SC Talk Tevaga285304
SC Talk Best140130
SC Talk Tapine749639
SC Talk Allan710571
SC Talk Leilua972375
SC Talk Barnett123217
SC Talk Hughes664557
SC Talk Taupau448654
SC Talk Fotuaika500975
SC Talk Lane196236
SC Talk Reynolds470101
Section B – NRL teams
League NameLeague Code
SC Talk Broncos 1293593
SC Talk Bulldogs 1663374
SC Talk Raiders 1646144
SC Talk Sharks 1928642
SC Talk Titans 1830466
SC Talk Sea Eagles 1440763
SC Talk Storm 1922068
SC Talk Knights 1391121
SC Talk Warriors 1698736
SC Talk Cowboys 1726044
SC Talk Eels 1236796
SC Talk Panthers 1926696
SC Talk Rabbitohs 1542779
SC Talk Dragons 1447386
SC Talk Roosters 1707535
SC Talk Tigers 1710167
SC Talk Broncos 2612448
SC Talk Bulldogs 2877898
SC Talk Raiders 2535228
SC Talk Sharks 2693687
SC Talk Titans 2203043
SC Talk Sea Eagles 2799133
SC Talk Storm 2886284
SC Talk Knights 2323756
SC Talk Warriors 2189306
SC Talk Cowboys 2995360
SC Talk Eels 2861171
SC Talk Panthers 2314819
SC Talk Rabbitohs 2765736
SC Talk Dragons 2809875
SC Talk Roosters 2739057
SC Talk Tigers 2112139
SC Talk Broncos 3973098
SC Talk Bulldogs 3202089
SC Talk Raiders 3521961
SC Talk Sharks 3717789
SC Talk Titans 3562163
SC Talk Sea Eagles 3956618
SC Talk Storm 3989584
SC Talk Knights 3361388
SC Talk Warriors 3458989
SC Talk Cowboys 3355869
SC Talk Eels 3733348
SC Talk Panthers 3801069
SC Talk Rabbitohs 3580819
SC Talk Dragons 3692995
SC Talk Roosters 3878312
SC Talk Tigers 3516067
Section C – Countries
League NameLeague Code
SC Talk NZ 1760618
SC Talk NZ 2967053
SC Talk UK 1292155
SC Talk UK 2600292
Section D – Legends
League NameLeague Code
SC Talk Parker358955
SC Talk Thurston891362
SC Talk Campese176901
SC Talk Lew Brown993726
SC Talk Cartwright296724
SC Talk Lyon258719
SC Talk Fensom225772
SC Talk Hindmarsh277836
SC Talk Mannering209828
SC Talk Hayne281679
SC Talk Watmough693650
SC Talk Tronc680968
SC Talk Rose416347
SC Talk Bateman520671
SC Talk Slater127064
SC Talk Feeney355516
SC Talk Minto534004
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North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Mr.Smith (@travis2036)
2 months ago

hey peeps running a 6 man NRL draft (1 spot left) with the possibility of it turning into a dynasty (if SC have it available next season :)), $20 entry with some Twitter guys in there as well…drafting tomorrow 6/3  BOSTON_ROB:30pm we have 1 spot left all welcome 

Last edited 2 months ago by Mr.Smith
True_Grits (@true_grits)
2 months ago

A league for those of us who don’t stand a chance of winning but will still try like hell: 633491

Temple Guard
Temple Guard (@temple-guard)
2 months ago

Looking for a long term stayer….. in 279140 Final spot H2H… We do like a Banter in Chat so feel free to Join Thanks

Hurtlocker (@hurtlocker)
Reply to  Temple Guard
2 months ago

Hi Temple
Im in…..see you in the chat!

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