Mega Guide 2023

The 2023 NRLSCTalk Mega Guide is here! This is the most in-depth, comprehensive and the best NRL SuperCoach preview available anywhere. Effectively, you passed up on one pint of overpriced craft beer for a very reasonably priced form guide that will set you apart from your league mates.

If you haven’t seen the Mega Guide before, then let me ensure you that it is the most extensive resource for SuperCoach planning available on the market. Inside this document is:

• All 17 teams previewed
• Analysis of every player in the game. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
• Stats and ratings.
• All from a team with decades of SuperCoach experience and multiple high finishes.
We will also be updating the Mega Guide across the preseason with any injuries and news that comes to hand, and we can send it straight back out to you so you have all of the most up to date information.

How can you purchase?

Easy, just click on the link below and for $15, you get almost 200 pages of SuperCoach gold!

The above link will direct you to make a Paypal transfer – this is our preferred method of payment but for anyone who wishes to use a different system, please just send us an email at and we’ll help you out. Also a reminder that the link to download the file once purchased will be sent to the email you have registered with Paypal previously.

Thank you for supporting us, and help us in supporting the Movember foundation. Best of luck in 2023.

Contributors: Lakey (Semisonic), Stilesy, JT, Wenin, Alex, Wilfred (Catfish)
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Been waiting for this to come out


Thanks mate, hope you enjoy 🙂


Hey fellas, Just got the Mega-guide – looking forward to it here at brekkie on a cold Feb morning (hahaha – it’s got to be about 6pm in Oz, hasn’t it?). Good stuff dudes – glad you got it out in time for the trials. Planning to dive in right now. Hope this message finds you well and untroubled by blood alcohol levels! Looking forward to having a chinwag with you all this year AND doing better at SC (finished in the 6000s last year, after 1117th in 2021 – I was riding on the back of Turbo’s success and… Read more »


Happy New Year mate! Hopefully the year, much like the season, is about to heat up. Should be back on the airwaves shortly as well. Thanks as always for the support and enjoy the Guide 🙂


Thanks matie – hope you’ve had a good off-season. Speak to you soon! 😉

All about the right PODS

Fantastic work guys! I find this guide incredibly valuable when building my team.


Thanks mate, support much appreciated by all of us 🙂


Great work team, first time user and am finding it super useful.


Just purchased and looks like i didn’t recieve a confirmation email 🙁


Hi GI – it may have gone to your junk folder, or it will go to the email you use for your PayPal. If you can’t find it send us an email on and I’ll help you out 🙂


Purchased, GL for the season ahead


Great job guys! I almost didn’t play this year out of frustration, but relented. The mega-guide is gold and hopefully I can avoid my dumb decisions I usually make…Thanks.

Good luck everyone.

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Cheers mate! It’s a long off-season so am sure we’ve all had the same thoughts of giving it away before that pre-season hope sways you back in…Good luck!


Gentlemen, massive thank you for all the work in this bad boy!!!! The season doesn’t truly begin until the guide hits my download folder. Can’t wait to read it.


Thanks again for the support this year!


Just an update – we’ll be releasing an updated version of the MegaGuide tomorrow morning after the first week of trials and a few typo fixes. Everyone who’s bought already should get emailed a link to download the latest copy.

Thanks again to everyone for their support this year!


Yeah JT! Get your Akubra on now mate – here come the Cowpokes! 🙂


Just wondering if the MegaGuide download link has been sent out yet. I purchased Sunday but no link as yet.


Hey there – if you have paid via the above link but haven’t yet got a download link please email us on The download link may have gone to either junk mail or to the original email linked to your PayPal account. Happy to help resolve for you


Cheers legends!


Hi guys,

Thanks for updating after week one of trials. Will you be updating again after last week?

I’m pretty sure my team is now set, but your views would be invaluable prior to round 1.

A few players I was set on have now been replaced with a few I didn’t think I would select this year.


Hey mate – we’re working through the washout of the final trials and injuries, etc. at the moment, looking for another version to be released around tomorrow or Wednesday. This will include updated predicted team lists and plenty of revised gradings/writeups for affected players.

I know my team definitely chopped and changed a bit with all the weekend’s goings on…


Thanks for the heads up.

The guide is absolute gold and your hard work is appreciated.

All the best


1st season rookie question:
If you select a dual position player in your 17 as say a centre, and he takes the field in his other position, do you still get his points for that game?




That’s why 80 minute 2r/ctw dpp’s are like gold. CTW often have low base and are super reliant on try’s. 2R’s usually have strong base so if you park them im your CTW position they provide good security.


Thank you…. A great tip


No problem. If you have any other questions don’t be afraid to ask. Better to use the Pre Season chat thread for general questions or the Pimp my Team thread for team or position type questions. The community on this site will be happy to provide advice and guidance. Best of luck for your season ahead!


Howdy guys! First draft of the year, any changes you would recommend?

Cheese (Stone)
Welch, Stefano (BMM, Moale)
Nanai, Ola, DFif (E.Katoa, Hopgood, Doorey)
Cleary (Hynes)
Douehi (Schuster)
S.Katoa, Val, Turuva, Alamoti (Talau, Warbrick, AKP)
Drinky (Turbo)

27.8k ITB


Updated Guide coming your way tomorrow morning!


Legends. The updates are very insightful and now my team looks a bit different to what it did yesterday.

I’ve got non-negotiables nailed down, but a few rookies have now been included due to injuries and the like.

Could this be the year I don’t throw my computer in the pool and swear I’ll never play again  

Onward and upward

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It’s been a few years since I last purchased the Mega Guide but with the season looming and me doing nothing to date I knew where I had to go. First glance through the guide this arvo and wow it has certainly come a long way in the last few years. Looks a professional glossy product that would put the old rugby league week to shame. Well done fellas!