Mega Guide 2022

Welcome back the 2022 NRLSCTalk Mega Guide. This is the most in-depth, comprehensive and the best NRL SuperCoach preview available anywhere. Effectively, you passed up on one pint of overpriced craft beer for a very reasonably priced form guide that will set you apart from your league mates.
If you haven’t seen the Mega Guide before, then let me ensure you that it is the most extensive resource for SuperCoach planning available on the market. Inside this document is:
• All 16 teams previewed
• Analysis of every player in the game. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 514 in total.
• Stats and ratings.
• All from a team with decades of SuperCoach experience and multiple high finishes.
We will also be updating the Mega Guide across the preseason with any injuries and news that comes to hand, and we can send it straight back out to you so you have all of the most up to date information.

How can you purchase?

Easy, just click on the link below and for $15, you get almost 160 pages of SuperCoach gold!

Thank you for supporting us, and help us in supporting the Movember foundation. Best of luck in 2022.

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Cheers guys


Thanks mate!


happy to donate to you guys, great effort. GL for the season


Thanks OTB! Good luck mate


Can confirm it’s a good read 


Just gonna look for my cheque-book now! Good stuff fellas – and always very impressive how you get all these stars to pose for the launch of the guide each year! You must have some clout with the big-boys! Proof that it’s a well-thumbed tome by people all over the rugby league world! 😉 See yah round dudes! Cheers!


Got it fellas! Juicy reading! Took me less than 5 minutes from paying to delivery. Still had some XXXX-flavoured sweat dripping from it, so must have been one of you Qld boys who packed it (JT, Wenin???): Thanks dudes! 😉


If it was JT it was definitely FNQ Lager mate. Glad you’re enjoying it.


I purchase this every year and its a good detailed read. Thanks for all your hard work guys.


Thanks mate, appreciate it!


No worries


Paypal, Wont allow password reset or open another account. Another way to pay ?


Thanks guys. I’ve been looking fwd to this


Hi Daniel,
I have also purchased the mega guide. Like Krusty, I’m not sure how to download it. I’ve sent you an email.
Thanks for everything and good luck for the season.


Don’t worry, Daniel.
I found the instructions in the email under the one I sent to you asking for instructions.
I’m an idiot…
Thanks again.


Hahaha Watson – nah, you’re no idiot mate! Happens to many of us 50-somethings! We’ve just got to remember that sometimes you have to scroll down, rather than thinking that nothing works! What are just natural reactions for these millenials and co. must be in fact sought for, by us Generation Xers!
Hope you’re well – looking forward to the Indigenous game (yeah I managed to find a source to it, over here even!):

Cheers! 😉

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I’ve made my purchase and encourage everyone else to do as well. Fantastic guide. I may need this guide more than most though. After a career-best 67th in 2020 I didn;t even make top the 5000 last year. Can’t wait forthe season to start.


Its very hard to back up a top 100 score dude


I’m with ya mate, from top 10 two years ago to outside the top 10,000 last year was a rough one! Hopefully Mega Guide 2022 can help get me off to a flier this year 

Dog of War

Hey guys am looking at getting this. Probably a stupid question but curious if the guide functions on IOS or do you need to view it through a PC?


It’s fine on iOS.

Mobile Chicane

The mega guide is distributed as a pdf document. You can read pdf documents on just about anything these days (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS).


Hey guys, successfully downloaded yesterday (stalled by my own user error haha), amazing resource. Thank you to the whole team for all of the effort, a def highlight of the start of the year. Thanks also to Daniel for getting back to me so quickly to help me sort out the purchase. May the supercoach gods shine on your TLT selections!!!!


Cheers, just purchased! Decided I don’t want to give newscorp my monies anymore.


Got it today! This is amazing. Thank you so much for all the effort. This is the year I beat my best finish, 156th and it will be due to this guide

Dog of War

Bought this today and we’ll worth the read lads. Great work


thanks for all the effort, great read, great insight. love the time and dedication put into this guide.
but, there is no way jack hetherington should be listed as an edge backrower on the predicted bulldogs team list.

Dog of War

Why wouldn’t you? Talk out of belmore is that Hetherington and TPJ will start on the edge with Vaughan and Thompson up front and Jackson at lock.


Its been confirmed he will play backrow?


Has there been an updated version yet? If so, where can I get that?


Great read as always guys, love your work!


Great guide , I am play dam raft this year not many tips in it for Draft , anyone I need to remove from the list ?


Hey there fellas – how is the updated version coming along? Haven’t checked my email for it, but you did mention on Thursday’s pod that it would soon come out: Sorry for hassling you! 😉