JT’s Weekly Roundup – R6

It looked like being a relatively normal round on the SuperCoach front until the Parramatta Eels, led by the likes of Moses, Sivo, Jennings, Mahoney, Lane and Gutherson absolutely tore the Tigers a new one on Easter Monday on their way to a huge win. Great day for Rugby League in the West of Sydney (well, not for Tigers fans), great day for SuperCoach owners all over if you had any of them.

Elsewhere, another scintillating round of NRL didn’t quite lend itself to some mammoth individual player scores as we would have hoped, with only the mercurial John Bateman (101), tryscorer Andrew Fifita (106) and Monday’s Mitchell Moses (133) cracking the triple figures. In spite of that, we saw some big scores in the majority of SuperCoach leagues this week, with many of the usual suspects and hugely popular SC players scoring well and bumping their owners up to some massive totals. Last week, it was a case of who you captained. This week, it was a case of who you chose as your reserves or CTWs (to Okenbor or not to Okenbor…), and whether you nabbed some beautiful junk-time points that made the difference.

We might also be seeing the last of some popular cheapies, at least in SuperCoach sides, with Luke Garner, Jayden Okunbor, Reuben Garrick and Mika Ravalawa (all in my team) disappointing for various reasons and halting their future cash rises. It’s another huge week for trading and with the number of players on the rise and the number seemingly grounded, there’ll be plenty of tough decisions to be made before Round 7 kicks off on Thursday afternoon. Although, as Nick eloquently put it, it’ll pretty much be Payne Haas and ??? for your trades this week if you don’t already have the big man.

And what do we make of some of the efforts of several Round 12 trade-in targets? James Fisher-Harris (57), Viliame Kikau (38), Rhyse Martin (32), Addin Fonua-Blake (didn’t play due to suspension but was sighted in a knee brace in the sheds) have raised a few question marks. While JFH didn’t disappoint with that score, he’s now $576k and possibly out of reach if you don’t have him already, as these games will probably become the norm without attacking stats.

This week’s column will again focus on:

  • Who Rocked – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed it
  • Who Flopped – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed your week
  • Who Shocked – the left-field players who will no doubt be high on the list of trade-ins the next round and prime candidates for SC players chasing last week’s points!
  • Cheapie watch – all the cheapies and their outlook going forward
  • Injuries & Suspensions – early prognosis and possible SuperCoach impact.

The Rockers

Mitchell Moses (133), Clint Gutherson (88), Shaun Lane (87), Reed Mahoney (87), Maika Sivo (80). Easter Monday delivered some blue and yellow SuperCoach eggs here and these 5 were in the thick of it as you’d expect when they rack up 51 NRL points. Plenty of ownership, plenty of smiles on faces when they lit BankWest Stadium alight. For Moses and Gutho, anyone who jumped on early has been duly rewarded with some great scores to start the year (although Moses has been his usual rollercoaster), while Mahoney, Lane and Sivo rewarded those that stuck strong while there were trade-in options around them. They’ll play the Round 12 bye and continue to make cash, so anyone that’s held on can sit comfortably for another month or so. Even as a Lane owner, though, you have to look objectively at that game. He got a try assist and a try this game, but his base stat output is probably not good enough to make him a season-long keeper.

Andrew Fifita (106) – Crossed for a try to help the Sharks get the win and was immense – pretty sure he did the same thing last season coming off an injury that looked like it’d sideline him for a significant length of time. Unreal. 5 offloads, 5 tackle busts, and it could have been a bigger score if he had have converted his 13 runs below 8 metres to a little more. He’s the premium front rower in the SuperCoach competition for a reason. This showed it.

John Bateman (101) – was gifted a try and try assist by some hilariously diabolical Brisbane defence to notch his first ton of the year. Outside of that, had another great base stat game, so all the more reasons to treat him as the set-and-forget CTW option for the rest of the year, barring injury.

Nathan Cleary (96) – A try, try assist, 4 goals, 2 forced dropouts and a heap of tackles. This was a tremendous Cleary performance and while it stung for me as a non-owner, it would have hurt the 5k+ who have sold him since Round 1. Penrith are in disarray on the field but from a SuperCoach perspective, Cleary seems to be finding his feet with two big scores in a row now. Word around that he might not make it back to the Blues jumper this year which would mean he’s a virtual must for Round 12.

Daly Cherry-Evans (91) – Had a breakeven of 120 and didn’t clear it. A definitely failure. Only 91 points in a bit of a bludger of a game? Embarrassing for his owners. A definite sell. Hopefully Tom Sangster punishes that performance by docking him at least $600k of his $712k pricetag. It’s only fair for the rest of us.

Latrell Mitchell (86) – I thought he was going to clear the ton easily here. A try and a try assist to open the game and he looked like going absolutely insane up against the Storm’s right-side defence, but was quietened in a big way when Melbourne eventually came back. Had dropped to a very handy $520k but based on his fruitless last 60 minutes (outside of that incredible field goal – wow), maybe we’re right to only be looking at him post-Origin.

Kalyn Ponga (83) – Saved himself with a great try in the second half but couldn’t get anything much going with his side constantly turning over the ball. It’s 3 80-point games in a row now, to coincide with his return to the fullback position, and while it hasn’t resulted in a win for the Knights, it’s resulted in plenty of SuperCoach owners happy they held on or happy they jumped aboard when he’d hit rock bottom a few weeks earlier. Interestingly, he gave away the goalkicking duties after shanking a couple.

Cameron Smith (80) – Ran the ball just twice in this game but directed the Storm around brilliantly. This score was without goalkicks but that may just be temporary with CS9 ruling himself out before the game with a groin complaint.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (78) – If the Warriors were serious, this game should have been so much more for RTS and his many owners. RTS was the one shining light on a dark day for the club across the Tasman as he looked simply unstoppable with ball in hand before execution let them down. Again, it shows just how valuable a player he may be in this game, with the Warriors still failing to fire but RTS finding himself in the Rockers yet again. Might be in trouble for the ANZAC Day clash with the Storm after picking up a dreaded hamstring strain. Does that mean a delayed victory for the Banner this week?

Lachlan Burr (75) – He’s gone well above the cheapie stage and is now into the ‘is it too late to get on’ phase. Hugely frustrating for a non-owner but again this guy delivers. With the way his fellow forwards are playing around him, these scores are almost a certainty to continue. Well done to his 29k owners who have someone they can genuinely play in their 17 each week and who is continuing to earn heaps of value.


Daniel Alvaro (2) – Went off in the very first tackle of the game with concussion. He has been very quiet to start the year, but poses a very interesting option as a Round 12 bye with a price that’s set to be super-affordable. Just the one game above 45 to date says it’d definitely be a short-term thing.

Robbie Farah (6) – Suffered an early concussion and that might mean all the value he generated early in the year is wiped out. Unfortunate as it was, shows how disastrous it can be chasing ‘last week’s points’ as is pointed out in the SuperCoach Commandments every year.

Ryan James (9) – The poor bloke has seemingly done his knee to rule himself out of the rest of the season.

Reuben Garrick (10) – Yuck. Do not need a price drop before he plays R12 and you can flick him easily.

Corey Norman (19) – Crashed back down here and did absolutely nothing. That’s the Norman that owners know and hate. Tough to get much going in a dour affair but his good scores to start the year mean he’s expected to step up a fair bit more.

Rhyse Martin (32) – Read Kikau’s writeup. Except in this case, it was a strange decision to start him off the bench in favour of Adam Elliott that cost him points here. For anyone that doesn’t own him yet, I hope it continues for a while longer leading up to Round 12! Wasn’t able to get anything going here as was the nature of the game but just looks like he’s head and shoulders above many of his teammates and can’t see him riding the pine for much longer.

Luke Garner (32) – Was looking at another 80-minute performance before going off for an HIA in the second half. Just clears his BE, and given he doesn’t play Round 12, looms as a big trade out target this week or next with Chris Lawrence also not far away. Missed a couple of big tackles while he was on the park so won’t have done himself any favours with Madge there.

Dragons Centres/Wingers – Ravalawa (32), Pereira (32), Aitken (31), Lafai (25) – like the Warriors, these guys are known for their attacking prowess. In this game, they had no room to move and were rarely provided with quality ball. Outside of Ravalawa, they don’t have a lot of owners, but POD-hunters love these sorts of blokes. They won’t love seeing that.

Viliame Kikau (38) – Was scouted as big trade-in target after his first couple of games on his comeback from injury but crashed back down to earth with a quiet game here. That can happen with this guy. He looked like going close on a number of occasions but it wasn’t to be, and without those attacking stats, this is the score he can get. Doesn’t mean he’s not still a great buy for Round 12 but this low score will help manage prices.

Lachlan Fitzgibbon (43) – Has hit one score above 43 all year. Absolutely atrocious return from a guy who was costing owners (there were once nearly 15k of them) nearly $600k to start the year. Without being fed quality ball this season, he just hasn’t gotten the attacking stats he needs to be relevant. Bargain-hunters must stay alert, though, as we’re currently looking at a Knights side who are basically rock-bottom but who many expect to be doing much better. Fallen gun alert.

The Shockers

Michael Jennings (96) – Two tries and was a big beneficiary of the Eels getting a roll-on nearly every set against some very shaky Tigers defence.

BJ Leilua (94) – Has many looking at him now as an option but this was probably more of a typical big-scoring BJ Leilua game than anything we’re likely to see regularly. Got a couple of tries in quick succession but won’t face as awful a defence as regularly as he did here. If you are looking at him, though, he finds himself at a price pretty similar to what he was at the start of the year, but has 3 games in a row above 60 points now. He’s due a dud.

Chad Townsend (94) – 4 scores above 69 now and was goalkicking here. More power to you if you decide to pick this guy up for whatever reason.

Ben Hunt (82) – Old Bunty delivers in the key moment. Begone, 2015!

Josh McGuire (81) – Another 80-minute game from him (many would say he should have gouged his way onto the sidelines with suspension and played 0 minutes) and has even won himself over with many Broncos-hating Cowboys fans (myself included) as we finally welcome him aboard the Blue and Grey. He might be a grub, but he’s ‘Our Grub’ now. In SuperCoach terms, it’s not totally shocking he was able to pull this score out, as he now has a 3-round average of nearly 70, but this performance is not sustainable with Taumalolo due back at any time now (if Paul Green’s post-match press conference is anything to go by).

Josh Dugan (80) – Plenty of attacking stats in a game where he miraculously managed to stay injury-free and played out wide.

Jack Bird (80) – Anyone that legitimately thought he was going to catch the ball for his junk-time try and not spill it is a stone-cold liar. Has quietly done his job with over $100k made for owners since the start of the year but if you have him (or anyone in the Broncos backline), you probably need to sell and move on in the coming weeks.

Kenny Bromwich (78) – A nice return but who knows what to read with this Storm forward pack so far this year. 3 scores above 65, 3 score below 50 for KBrom. Buy him in Draft, don’t bother throwing the dice in Classic.

Nat Butcher (77) – Got a stack of minutes here and plenty of tackles and a linebreak assist to reward his 572 owners. He must have plenty of SuperCoach-playing family members, but well done Nat!

Cheapie Watch

Junior Tatola has left the Stars this week as he moves to mid-range pricing and got through another solid 48 points. One of the great cheapie success stories this year. Mika Ravalawa also ventures on to bigger things after scoring the matchwinner and looks set for a few more price rises as owners pick the right time to trade out leading up to his R12 bye.

Meanwhile, a couple of former 4 and 5 Simmo Star-ers climb up the ladder and shoot into contention for trade-ins over the coming weeks – Wayde Egan (HOK – Panthers) and Jai Whitbread (FRF – Titans) are cut-price and look like nabbing some bigger minutes in the coming weeks and will both play in Round 12. Ones to watch!

1 Simonsson Star

Corey Waddell (77) – One of the great try assists with the tunnelball through the legs helped him to a big score and what’s sure to be another sizeable price rise. Looks a great number for Round 12. His 49 minutes off the bench were higher than every other member of the forward pack outside the second row. Might not be too late to jump on but there are probably other fires to put out this round.

Payne Haas (74) – An 80-minute effort and the big man delivered again, despite some shaky defence in key moments which you can expect from rookies. Those that took a risk and jumped on early were rewarded, while those that waited should have a heap of downgrade options to get him in this round.

Bronson Xerri (73) – Lit Shark Park alight when he got in the clear to burn the Panthers and help ignite the comeback win. A bit of talk around that he’ll switch to the wing permanently with Dugan to move to the centres (the less Duges tries to clean up kicks, the better). Interesting times.

Chanel Harris-Tevita (44) – Not a bad return in a game where very little came off for the Warriors. Suspect most who owned would have played him and you can’t be too disappointed there.

2 Simonsson Stars

Tui Kamikamica (62) – His second score in the 60s this season due to a CS9 try assist. Great stuff, especially off a -6 breakeven.

Corey Allan (54) – Called him as being due for a breakthrough last week and he sort of got it here. Would have helped if he had have kept the disallowed try in the first half but will mean around a $25k jump in price.

Jai Whitbread (48) – Will play his 3rd game this week on the back of this score and a 37 from Round 5. Going to get a big uptick in minutes from Ryan James’ unfortunate injury you’d suspect and will play the Round 12 bye and at a very juicy price.

Wayde Egan (26) – Won the starting hooker spot for the first time since round 1 (where he scored 67 points in 61 minutes) and got 53 minutes of gametime. While it wasn’t the PPM return you’d like to see, there’s no question that Penrith as a team looked a hell of a lot better with him out there than they did with Katoa. He’ll drop some more cash this week as his BE is high due to a stack of low-point games off the bench, but if he can hold down the 9 jersey, Egan looms as a great pickup for Round 12.

3 Simonsson Stars

Ofahiki Ogden (68) – Reaping the benefits of Napa’s stay on the sidelines with a try contributing to another solid score at starting prop. Only thing holding him back is that he’s currently priced at an awkward $270k.

Jaeman Salmon (56) – Few attacking stats this game help him nicely. In a game where your team wins by nearly 50 you’d want a bit more, though.

Thomas Flegler (45) – The slow burn continues with Flegler promoted to starting lock this week and churning out a handy effort in 34 minutes.

Jayden Okunbor (19) – Another error-riddled game has heaped the pressure onto the Ox to hold down his spot. There’s not exactly a raft of competition for his spot, so hopefully he can turn it around and nab a try this week to keep the price rises rolling. If not, you’ve done your service well.

4 Simonsson Stars

Nat Butcher (77) – Got plenty of minutes with Taukeiaho’s withdrawal from the game and the complete lack of experience in his fellow bench forwards and was one of the Roosters’ best. Nice score, but with a $280k pricetag, it doesn’t mean much.

Oregon Kaufusi (63) – Broke through for his first try and got a few extra minutes on the park with Daniel Alvaro’s concussion in the first tackle of the game.

Brad Parker (57) – Scored a try and was probably one of their better players on the night.

Braden Uele (43) – Passed the eye test this time around with a very strong effort off the bench but has a couple of drawbacks in that his place in the side is not yet guaranteed and he doesn’t play Round 12.

Nat Roache (36) – 3 hookers rotating in the one game? Whatever you were doing, Stephen Kearney, I thank you as a Cowboys fan. Busted the Cows open to notch this score up a touch for anyone that still owns. Should get one or two minor price rises if his time on the bench continues (just played the two games so far)

Liam Martin (28) – Has done all right in limited minutes so far this season (only other game was 34 points from 32 minutes in Round 3).

Thomas Mikaele (27) – Has probably done his dash and not quite broken through for the return owners wanted from the start.

Jacob Host (26) – Cash in and run.

Patrick Carrigan (26) – Played just the 22 minutes this round (14 in his debut last week).

Kotoni Staggs (11) – Cash in and run, now that James Roberts is back.

5 Simonsson Stars

Sitili Tupouniua (44) – Yeah, nah.
Lindsay Collins (40) – Yeah, nah.
Liam Knight (39) – Yeah, nah.
Ray Stone (30) – Yeah, nah.
Morgan Boyle (28) – Yeah, nah.
Jack Gosiewski (25) – Yeah, nah.
Kyle Turner (24) – Yeah, nah.
Jack Stockwell (23) – Yeah, nah.
Jamie Buhrer (20) – Yeah, nah.
JJ Collins (18) – Yeah, nah.
Hudson Young (18) – Yeah, nah.
Chris Smith (17) – Yeah, nah.
Josh King (17) – Yeah, nah.
Kurt Baptiste (16) – Yeah, nah.
Blayke Brailey (13) – Yeah, nah.
Toa Sipley (13) – Yeah, nah.
Joshua Curran (13) – Congrats on the debut!
Francis Molo (11) – Yeah, nah.
Ryan Papenhuyzen (10) – Yeah, nah.
Sam Verrills (10) – Congrats on the debut!

Injuries & Suspensions

Looks like a few holes to fill this week for many SuperCoach sides!

Sadly, it looks as though Ryan James may have played his last game for the year with a rotten ACL injury looking like seeing him booked in for surgery and an extended stay on the sideline. Best of luck on the road to recovery!

News coming out today is that Tuivasa-Sheck has also picked up a hamstring complaint that puts him in significant doubt for this week’s ANZAC Day clash. We all know how rotten these injuries can be to carry, so fingers crossed for RTS and owners that he pulls up okay. Charnze Nikoll-Klokstad has also been spotted in a knee brace in worrying signs for his availability this week as well.

Elsewhere, Dean Whare (hamstring – 2 to 4 weeks), Nick Meaney (finger – possibly next week), Adam Elliott, David Fusitu’a (both ribs), Luke Keary, Daniel Alvaro, Luke Garner and Robbie Farah (all concussion) picked up injuries during the round. Farah had apparently passed his HIA but the Doctor wouldn’t allow him back on? Not sure there. Cameron Smith had also picked up a groin complaint that meant he ditched the goalkicking duties, but that should be a temporary thing.

More pre-game scratchings this round. Blake Ferguson (ribs), Sio Siua Taukeiaho (back), Blake Green (groin), Kevin Proctor (quad) were ruled out in the leadup to their games.

On the recovery front, it looks like Jake Friend, Chris Lawrence, Matt Lodge, Manu Ma’u and Jason Taumalolo will be back over the coming weeks from their respective shoulder, face, throat and knee injuries.

In trouble this week with the match review panel is SuperCoach Cheapie of the Century, Briton Nikora, who will face a week out with a dangerous throw (due to carryover points from reserve grade charges).


North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Thanks JT.

Nikora has accepted his ban and will be out this week. Fingers crossed CNK is all good to go and don’t have to double dip in the cheapie lottery.


Yeah I’ll be sweating on CNK as I’ll already need to play Okunbor/Ravalawa/Garrick for Nikora. I think if CNK is out I’ll have to pull the trigger on Xerri and hope he’s got a few decent scores left in him.

The Beer Whisperer

Great work, as usual!

Borderline keeper

More wise words JT – thanks for this, as it helps us keep a cool head, when faced with so many possibilities! Keep up the great analyses (plura!) :). Cheerio!


Great writeup Justin. I was at the Titans game and I think Ponga gave up the kicking due to cramps more than form? He was stretching constantly and got some salt tablets before the first conversion he didn’t take. I know because the first thing I thought was WTF this one’s in front, where’s Ponga??? He’s my starting 5/8th smile


Great work, very useful for people like me who cant watch every game and rely on whatsapp, tweeets and articles like this to keep up with all the happenings. Cheers