JT’s Weekly Roundup – R17

There were a ridiculous 12 players who managed to score 100+ points this round, and this one definitely would have thrown a spanner in the works if you didn’t have your team prepped. I was happy to finally crack the 1000-mark after failing to do so in a month, but my 1,070 points ended up being outside the top 35% of the competition. What a terrible year I’m having on a personal front, but at least I got to raise a glass to my Cowboys getting the big W! Finally something goes right in the sporting world with QLD getting Queenslanded in the final minute, Australia losing to the Poms in the cricket and then the same dentist-dodgers managing to fluke their way to a win overnight…

Anyway – with the likes of Tedesco and Tommy Turbo back on deck from next week after being put on ice after their successful Origin campaign, you would imagine that these sorts of big-scoring rounds are going to become even more common. Especially now that the rest of the competition has rested up and the combinations can begin to settle again.

These are the championship rounds where trades are tight and the cream starts to rise to the top. It’s where keeping an eye on the week-to-week happenings and trends is super-important, so I hope this mammoth summary can help you along!

Quick shoutout to some of our contributors at the site who have found themselves in the top 1000 coming out of the bye rounds which is no mean feat for any who have managed it!

Carlosthedwarf (434th) leads the charge as he has done for most of the year.

Somehow Lazarus-ing themselves (must be all those threats to delete team) are Wenin (781st) and Nick (968th) who are hot on his tail!

In with a great shot at the mythical keyring (although I hear the 2018 versions have been sent out today – yeehaa!) are our tireless mailman Stilesy (1,228th) who deserves a lie down after a hectic weekend of ins and outs, and Wilfred (1,447th) who crushed it with a score of 1,337 this week!

The less said about me (5,464th), Serc (4,200th) and Semi (3,534th) the better sad


As always, the definitions stay the same:

  • Rockers – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed it
  • Floppers – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed your week
  • Injuries & Suspensions – early prognosis and possible SuperCoach impact.

Panthers 24 def Titans 2


Dylan Edwards (113) – Doubled up on a very busy night for the young bloke in probably his best game of the season. 9 tackle busts from his 21 runs is a very solid output outside of the tries/linebreaks, but unfortunately he’s a mid-tier in a very stacked FLB position.

Brian To’o (82) – Doubled up here to cement himself as a genuine run-home option, and possibly not just on matchups. Has a great base stat game that lifts his floor up to a very competitive level in the CTW logjam and playing for a side that has hit a fair bit of form with Cleary still to return. 50 points here in busts, tackles and hitups. Handy.

To’o good for the Titans (Photo by Getty Images)

James Maloney (78) – Another game without Cleary, another solid score for Maloney even backing up from Origin. Not surprising given the opposition, but one of those guys that is only really a target for these sorts of rounds. Striking the ball very nicely in goalkicking so will be interesting to see who takes the reins when Cleary does return.


Bryce Cartwright (29) – 3 errors, 3 missed tackles, 6 runs. Night out to forget against the former club for the Carty Party.

Viliame Kikau (41) – Had plenty of solid runs in this game but it was stint #2 where he tried to really get going. Unfortunately he was a bit of a party pooper for new owners as he pushed out another 40ish score and kind of crapped out for them here. There’s no denying his massive ceiling will make him a pood play for the run home, so pull up a stool and rest easy, there’s no need to be too down in the dumps about him.

NB: In case you didn’t know, Kikau played just the 51 minutes on the weekend due to what only can described as “getting the shits”. In a relief to owners, Kikau looked damaging enough on the left edge and was unlucky not to receive a LBA and then a LBA/TA for a Mansour disallowed try due to a dubious forward pass. Perhaps his best move of the night was finding the proper facilities in his time of need rather than going all Russell Packer over the turf.

Uh-oh….C-c-cooooachhh? Oh dear god no. Not right now.


Plenty of points amongst the backline of both sides despite these players not scoring points. Brent Naden (76), Phillip Sami (74), AJ Brimson (64) and to a lesser extent, Josh Mansour (47) all returned good scores without crossing the stripe.

James Fisher-Harris (71) notched nearly a PPM in 78 minutes on the park in another busy outing in the middle. Couple of 70s in a row now and still getting plenty of minutes out there with the 3-forward bench rotation. Definitely not the worst play if he’s still floating in your side.

Good to see perennial SuperCoach cheapie nuff Jed Cartwright (10) trot out for his first stint in the top grade!

Knights 14 def by Bulldogs 20


#1 CTW on averages these last 3 weeks.

Will Hopoate (112) – Hoppa has been on a tear lately, with a 3-game average of almost 90, coinciding with tries in all three games. This week, his 58 pure base points (19 tackles + 15 hitups over 8m + 9 hitups under 8m) was massive and has been climbing each week (although I wouldn’t expect this sort of return regularly). 13 tackle busts and 4 offloads in these past three games is a good sign that he might be returning to the damaging runner of the ball he was a while back. How do you trust a Bulldog, though?

Corey Harawira-Naera (93) – Just another dagger for those that had bought CHN hoping for a big effort in the Round 12 bye that he was ultimately dropped for. Amidst a season of being shuffled between reserves and reserve grade, he’s still averaging over 60 and has now gotten three 80-minute games in a row. Admittedly, his 12 runs here were well above what he’s been sitting at over the last few rounds, but two linebreaks, 7 tackle busts and two offloads (one ineffective) show just how damaging he can be when he does have the ball in hand.

Connor Watson (74) – Was electric from the back in one of the few bright spots for the Knights in a very disappointing night out. Been moved around a bit this year with his tackle-heavy stints playing at hooker in R13-15 taking a toll last round, but no signs of that here. His strength is his running game (11 busts and a linebreak) but with his expected move back to the halves on Ponga’s return looming, you’d expect that to dip sharply.


Aiden Tolman (10) – Came off very early into the game with a rib complaint which would be disastrous for anyone who still holds the base stat bopper.


Is he the must-have prop for your run home?

David Klemmer (56) still managed to churn out a very nice score in just 45 minutes from the bench backing up from Origin and seems every bit the run-home keeper we expect.

Mitchell Pearce (50) started the night on fire with a huge cutout pass to find SKD for the Knights’ first but got very little going his way after that point. 4 games in a row now where he hasn’t cleared above 50, but you wonder if the confidence he’ll gain from finally lifting the Origin shield in the air will spur him on to finish the season the way he was playing in the middle of it when he went on that big run. The Knights will finally have their preferred spine combination from next week with Ponga’s return so perhaps the POD-hunters out there can overlook that recent SuperCoach form.

Shaun Kenny-Dowall (86) notched a double and only made one error which is a great effort.

Rabbitohs 21 def Sea Eagles 20


Curtis Sironen (116) – Two tons in a row and a 5RA of 85! What a pickup he would have been if you, for some reason, brought him in at the Round 12 bye. Took him until R13 to dot down for his first try but has since scored another 3 and is in rare form. Low-ish base stats and hitup effectiveness suggests it’ll be a lean score if he does manage to go a game without an attacking stat.

Warming up very nicely for the next two months

Daly Cherry-Evans (93) – 3 try and linebreak assists as well as 3 forced dropouts. Huge day out for DCE who seems primed for a big run home now that the distraction of Origin is out of the way. Prior to this game, he’d put together 4 scores below 55 including the game against the Raiders in Round 7 where he injured his ankle and that led to him falling under $500k. He looked back to his classy best here, and don’t see many reasons why a Turbo/DCE combination in your SuperCoach side won’t pay off for the last 8 rounds.

Adam Reynolds (78) – His two try assists were his first since Round 3 which is an incredible statistic given the attacking prowess of this Rabbitohs side (despite having Corey Allan in there for much of the year).

Jake Trbojevic (73) – What an incredible motor this guy has. Backing up from a huge stint in Origin to notch 46 tackles and just the one miss. Has really taken to being a link-man in attack which means he shovels the ball on more than he runs it himself (12 hitups here which is slightly above where he’s been at the last couple of months or so). A couple of offloads here were nice to see as well given he hadn’t thrown any effective ones in his last six games.


Dylan Walker (32) – His ownership has halved since the R12 bye he was so popular for and this game shows why. 3 penalties conceded, 3 missed tackles and 9 hitups (out of 13) under 8m. Yet to breach 60 SC points this season but I’m sure we’ve all made much worse trades.

Braidon Burns (40) – Touted as a handy run-home option given his price and given he’s on the lethal left-hand edge of the Bunnies but couldn’t quite match last week’s 70 despite still looking dangerous out there with a couple of offloads and plenty of big runs. Just get the feeling points are going to flow well for this guy in the final rounds.


Manly’s starting front row of Martin Taupau (60) and Addin Fonua-Blake (58) played solidly without being spectacular, although Taupau found space on the back of a linebreak and was brought down just short of the line which would have been huge for owners. AFB has slipped below 50 minutes on the park these last two weeks, with the shortfall being given to Taupau. Your guess is as good as mine as to how Hasler runs them on the road home.

Dean Britt (70) broke his NRL tryscoring duck after being put through a hole by Reynolds to open their account, also in his first game in the starting side.

Manase Fainu (61) was again very busy out there with 40 tackles and 8 hitups but did limp from the field at one point, only to thankfully be brought back out 6 minutes later. Imagine if he got these kinds of minutes on a regular basis?

Cameron Murray (57) scored higher than I’m sure most had him pegged for after his last two outings post-Origin resulted in low scores (a try saving his R14 points). Hopefully the minutes start returning to that 60+ mark over the coming months. Damien Cook (55) didn’t run much as we expected but was very involved in defence (45 tackles) to salvage a passable score. His game against the Cowboys this week will have plenty looking at him as a Captaincy option this week given his 146 earlier in the year and twin tons in 2018. As a Cowboys fan, please don’t run.

Hasn’t been much to smile about for Cody lately but we know what he can do

Cody Walker (50) has gone off the boil a little since being dropped from Origin but has put 3 scores of 50 or above together now. He has now shaved $270k off his peak price of $750k from earlier in the year.

Broncos 18 drew Warriors 18


Isaac Luke (117) – Managed to find his way to the line in the first half for a scrappy 4-pointer and then made the most of his 86 minutes on the park (forced back on the field 5 minutes after being subbed off at the 50-minute mark for Maumalo’s HIA). This is Luke’s highest SuperCoach score since 2013. Needs to rediscover the consistency that he once had that has disappeared in a rollercoaster season that’s seen him in and out of the side.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (113) – Broke the NRL record for most metres in a game and looked almost certain to steal the win for the Warriors with his linebreak in golden point, but not to be. Awarded a try assist for a flick pass offload that found Beale who fed Fusitua in the first half. 50 points from hitups (40 of them from H8s) is insane. Food for thought for owners (like me) who had marked this round to trade him to Turbo. Tough watch also for those who have the Teddy/Turbo combination at the moment but based on their years to date, that’s still what you want in the long-run.


Payne Haas (104) – Helped himself to a first-half try and played nearly an hour of gametime in regulation. 69 points in tackles and hitups just doesn’t seem all that surprising, as huge as it is.

Jazz Tevaga (87) – Given an incredible 72 tackles by the NRL.com stats folk (reduced to 65 for SuperCoach purposes with 5 misses) in a huge 90-minute stint on the park. Ran the ball a further 19 times. And to think he was in doubt for this with an ankle issue picked up last week. Crazy stats from him and with Tohu Harris expected back only in Round 21, this should continue for a few more weeks at least.

Anthony Milford (80) – Was damaging with the ball in hand running from the back (10 busts, 3 more than RTS) and picked up a try assist for a grubber to the great Darius Boyd. Fluffed a couple of field goal attempts which would have won them the game. Didn’t look too hampered by the knee injury he picked up in R15 and Brisbane will need him to fire if they are to steal one of the spots in the 8.

Darius Boyd (71) – Hail the great man and his second try of the season and highest SuperCoach score since R23 last year!


Ken Maumalo (45) – Cruelly taken out of the game just 50 minutes in for a HIA that he didn’t return from. Up until that point, as he has done over the last few weeks, he started the game very quietly and was sitting at sub-20 points at halftime. He then found space out wide in the Warriors’ first set in the second stint and finished with 31 hitup points to boost the score to something respectable. You wonder the damage he could have done late in the game if he had have stayed out there as the Broncos looked shot to bits defending Maumalo’s left edge.

Jamayne Isaako (19) – Nice to see Isaako return after a stint out of the game to look after his mental side of things. Looks like he’ll need a little longer to get back into the groove with a pretty uninvolved outing on the edge


Matt Lodge (81) now has a 3RA of 67 and continually-increasing minutes (helped along by 10 mins of golden point here) but doesn’t seem consistent enough to bring in at this stage of the year for that price.

Adam Blair (76) and Kodi Nikorima (70) burned their old team at various stages but Nikorima especially was a bit clunky out there for the most part. No idea how his last field goal missed. #PenaltyBroncos.

Tevita Pangai (60) made it four scores of 60+ in a row now but keeps getting found out in defence with another 7 missed tackles to add to a growing tally for the year (he’s yet to finish a game with a clean sheet this season). These 80-minute games might dry up once the more-reliable Gillett makes his way back into the side.

Storm 40 def Sharks 16


Hey, it’s my party.

Cameron Smith (101) – He was always going to go large this week. Not sure if anyone heard, but it was CS9’s 400th game this weekend! The lack of promotion by the NRL was just disgraceful…30 points in goals boosts him above the other hooking Cameron (McInnes) for this week, but only just. His 32 tackles for the game is down on recent weeks but expected given the Storm had 60% of possession here.

Shaun Johnson (98) – Started the game slowly yet again but then burst to life to close out the first half, setting up a try and scoring a blistering one of his own. Even managed two goals from three attempts. All signs seemed to be pointing up for SJ and his owners before news broke post-game that he is now in doubt for next week’s game against the Warriors due to a syndesmosis injury he picked up but played out the game with.

Cameron Munster (90) – Carried his Origin form into the game here and seemed much more involved than usual, perhaps given the occasion that was no surprise. Try, try assist, three linebreak assists, linebreak of his own and a forced drop out. Had the ball on a string but has been too inconsistent with these kinds of games throughout the year. Given his opposition this week, this might be the first time since Rounds 4 and 5 that he puts two big scores on in a row. His huge floor means that he’s very highly-priced at over $560k.

Kenny Bromwich (72) – Made up somewhat for a quiet last round with a couple of attacking stats – a try assist and a linebreak. Base stats were okay at around 48 once you include tackles, busts and hitups so will definitely need to keep being involved in attack to make him worth running with on the road home.


Had the rest, now needs to step back up.

Andrew Fifita (50) – Fell a bit flat on his return from suspension and his time on the field seemed to coincide with when the Storm were on the onslaught. 35 tackles from him against just 7 runs shows the type of game he was forced to play when out there.

Briton Nikora (45) – Just one score above 60 in his last 8 games and that’s a pretty worrying sign from someone who was knocking them out for fun to start the year. Unlucky not to be awarded a try/linebreak assist for a basketball pass over the top for Kurt Capewell’s try in the corner that ultimately went to Johnson. It’s not a bad floor to have in your CTW, but it’s not a great ceiling, either.

Dale Finucane (28) – By far his worst PPM output of the year in 50 minutes on the park. Possibly still feeling the effects of his two Origin games but given he only played 39 minutes in Game 3, wouldn’t have expected him to fall away so dramatically. If you take away the HIA-affected 7 points in Round 11, he has a healthy average of 58 points per game for the year. But I think many of us expected that to lift with increased minutes this year.

Jahrome Hughes (24) – Got off to a flyer with his well-placed grubber finding Munster to open the scoring for the game (which ended up as half his points) but was then largely absent for the rest of it while the others did the work. Subbed out of the game with around 10 to go. When you stack him up against some of the other fullbacks this round, his 9 runs is criminally low. On the chopping block for me this week.

Ryan Papenhuyzen (4) – Oof.


Brandon Smith (100) just keeps going from strength-to-strength this season and is turning into one of the Storm’s more important players off the bench. A well-earned two tries here along with 7 tackle busts from just 9 runs to take him to his first ever SuperCoach ton!

Kurt Capewell (87) continues to make hay while the sun shines (i.e. while Graham is out) and opened up the Storm for a couple of linebreaks and a try. Owners of Nikora would be wondering where that is on the other side of the park. Even got called “Luke” out there as has become customary #LukeCapewellNeverForget.

Bronson Xerri (53) seemed destined for a big game after racing out of the blocks with two linebreaks and a (junky) try assist – awarded because he was the one that broke the line before passing off to Aaron Gray. That was almost it for the rest of the game unfortunately, with the Sharks’ lack of ball and space resulting in just 10 runs in total across the game. Dangerous enough when the Sharks are on but they need to turn it around quickly.

Roosters 12 def by Cowboys 15


Jake Friend (87) – Bit of a mixed day out for the returning Friend who came on after 20 minutes and put the Roosters on the board with a solo try in the second half, along with a massive 40/20 just prior. It was his forward pass with two minutes on the clock that ultimately will be remembered most, as it led to the Cowboys’ matchwinning field goal (yeehaa!), but you had to expect a little bit of rustiness after being sat out for so long.

Nat Butcher, carving up his opposition weekly.

Nat Butcher (75) – Has just been killing it this year and worthy of Rocker status now given how many times he’s pushed out (7 from 13 games!). Has soared in price to $560k and outperformed much more popular SuperCoach options along the way. This is his second game of 80 minutes in a row but that will come to an end with the return of Cordner from next week. Still, very impressive base output and one that would definitely be worth a look if he could find a consistent starting role. Missed a couple of key tackles, one of which led to John Asiata’s match-leveller (yeehaa!).

Joseph Manu (74) helped put on a nice try out on the right edge for BMoz, but seems to have gone to the Peta Hiku school of ballhogging. Took the line on himself much more often than he should have. Again showed his prowess at the back with strong hitup and tackle bust points (36 and 10) to go along with the assist but will be shifted back to the centres on Tedesco’s return and likely out of relevance based on his year so far there. His spilled kick ultimately got the Cowboys back in the game (yeehaa!) and I think unfortunately the rocks outweighed the diamonds in the end.


Sio Siua Taukeiaho (36) – Strange old game from SST/TKO on his return from a concussion layoff last round. Benched in the 22nd minute of the game as Friend came on (leaving Radley to shift to lock) and then brought back on with just 13 to go for a season-low 34 minutes of gametime. Possibly just being eased back into things but could this be a sign of the minutes makeup in the run-home? From Robinson’s post-match press conference, it certainly didn’t sound like he was too pleased with his starting pack which casts doubt over SST’s continued starting time and minutes out there now that they are nearing full-strength. To be fair, he was facing the might of the North Queensland Cowboys (yeehaa!).


Jason Taumalolo (63) could have scored three times at different stages in the first half! Spilled the ball over the line after crawling out of two tackles (not worthy of a linebreak apparently…), then brought down inches short and then knocked the ball on trying to reel in a grubber. What could have been. His equal-lowest score of the season if you exclude his Round 2 injury, and no offloads this week surprisingly. Still, what a floor to have (yeehaa!).

Not “Lazy” Latrell this week but if only he could throw flick passes “Laterally”…

Latrell Mitchell (61) looked dangerous virtually all game, and but for an around-the-body flick pass that went forward to Tupou, could have gone even larger. A linebreak and two linebreak assists, but I’m sure many would have been expecting a much greater output against the Cowboys (yeehaa!).

Angus Crichton (49)’s middling season continued with just 37 minutes off the bench and failed to spark much against the Cows outside of a few strong runs and a linebreak (yeehaa!). He has looked better in these shorter stints than he has playing out the full 80 this year.

Luke Keary (54) was traded in by over 4000 SuperCoaches this week, who would have expected more than just the two linebreak assists from him this game (yeehaa!). Can’t imagine his Roosters’ side won’t be charging home strongly after their recent run of poor form.

Tigers 18 def by Eels 30


Unlucky, Semi!

David Nofoaluma (126) – Have to feel for our boy Semisonic who chose to play Sivo over Nofoaluma this week. Of course, before the round began, no one would have questioned it. But that doesn’t make it any more bearable seeing those points on the pine! For Nofoaluma, it was his first truly massive game this season after a bit of up-and-down scoring since his first game a few months ago. Two tries out wide helped, but his 10 busts were Nofo stats of old. Incredible to think he nabbed almost 100 more points than his CTW partner Esan Marsters.

Brad Takairangi (124) – A hattrick of tries in a big day out for Taka. You can be very sure that the fact this more than double his previous best for the year before this game (55) will be completely ignored by those looking at his price, dual flexibility, and last week’s points when it comes to trade time this week.

Mitchell Moses (86) – Didn’t quite go as large as his last game against the Tigers at the same venue but was still heavily involved and nailed his 7 goals. A rare loss for the banner. Couple of pinpoint kicks helped lead to two tries and kick the Eels clear.

Nathan Brown (78) – Throws his hat into the ring now as a genuine POD option for the 2RF in the run home, especially if his season-high 65 minutes here are a sign of things to come. Like many, though, I think I’ll need to see more of this for a week or two to truly consider him. His try assist here, a beautiful halfback’s pass out to Taka for his hattrick, is his first attacking stat of the season.

He’s dead serious about being a run-home option

Manu Ma’u (75) – There’s really not a lot to dislike about his game this year, but perhaps he’s not getting the attention he deserves. Unlucky not to be given a try assist for his slick ball out wide to Fergo for his try (went to Moses the man who put up the bomb that was batted back by Takairangi to Ma’u). Outside of that, he notched 59 points in base (37 tackles – 0 misses – 3 tackle busts and 12 hitups). In fact, if you stack up Mau’s base + power stats (tackles, tackle busts, offloads, hitups) over the last 5 rounds, he averages 61 in this category. The much more popular John Bateman averages 60. Definitely worth thinking about before jumping straight to trade in Bateman if you don’t already own him.


Esan Marsters (30) – Strange sort of game from Marsters. Seemed to be cut out every time the Tigers shifted the ball wide, which meant his hitups (7) were well and truly dwarfed by Nofoaluma’s (18). Another disappointing day with the boot (1/3) saw him give up the goalkicking duties mid-game to Moses Mbye. Seems like last week’s 84 was the aberration here, but at least it came right when owners needed it.

Maika Sivo (21) – The tryscoring drought continues. All he really seems to be doing these last couple of games is taking the tough runs out of their own end. Needs to work a bit on his defence with his shooting out of the line style being exploited twice with preventable tries to Nofoaluma. Has a soft run home where he can be played on matchups for those that still hold, but you just know the minute you park him on your NPRs is the game he tons up!


Ryan Matterson (57) was solid as ever despite only notching the one bust and one offload. Clint Gutherson (55) was heavily involved but this led to just the one try assist. 10 runs were okay, but need to be seeing plenty more of that.

Dragons 14 def by Raiders 36


Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (111) – CNK was on fire last night, doubling up and breaking the line three times in a throwback to his blistering start to the season. He’s lost almost 30,000 owners since the peak of his season but anyone that’s been forced to hold on will be grateful they did, with this ton preceded by an 88 the round before. When it rains, it pours in this game.

Josh Hodgson (110) – I think I speak for all ex-Hodgson owners when I ask ‘where the hell was that when I had you in my team?’ This was the type of game many had expected to be a lot more regular during the year given the Englishman’s renowned craftiness, but a quiet start to the year and base stats falling off a cliff led to much more disappointing outputs. Not so here. 32 tackles which is still on the lower end, but the glut of Raiders possession meant he had plenty more opportunities in attack, and he laid on three try/linebreak assists with it. Went off late in the game as a precautionary measure.

Cam McInnes (94) – Just throws himself around on the park and manages to stick his tackles (55 of them here). When you combine it with one or two attacking stats as he did here (couple of offloads from sharp runs and a try/linebreak assist for Korbin Sims), he’ll score very well. Happy to sit him alongside Damien Cook for the run home.

Jarrod Croker (85) – Became the top tryscorer in the Raiders’ history with his first-half meat pie and would have tonned up were it not for some wayward goalkicking in the breeze. Also set one up for Simonsson in the corner. Were it not for these attacking stats, this score would have been pretty mediocre, but that’s Croker for you. He’ll just pile it on sometimes.

The steak bet lives!

Joe Tapine (83) – Wenin’s boy from the first bye has finally done something useful on the field and tightens our podcast steak bet up (Tapine to average over 52.5 from R12-onwards. He’s currently at 44). Still just 48 minutes on the park despite looking pretty good out there and scoring has me still pretty confident that I’ll be ordering up a storm at year-end. These Wenin steaks are about the only decent thing to come out of this SuperCoach season for me!

John Bateman (71) – Threatened to break the line plenty of times during this 13 runs and the Dragons could barely contain him – 5 tackle busts to his name by the end. I’ve compared him to Manu Ma’u above, with Ma’u notching the win this week courtesy of his linebreak, but it’s almost flip a coin (or just get them both) territory for mine in the run home if you have neither. Bateman has been a little quiet lately with a 49 and a 52 prior to this game but that was bound to happen at some stage being on the edge. From what we’ve seen from him this year, those are the rarities.


Euan Aitken (35) – Not through lack of trying, as he was one of just a handful of Dragons who seemed to be putting effort into his hitups. Fallen away a little after seemingly building up to the Aitken of old but now might be the best time to flip him to a more consistent CTW (if there is such a thing).


The original “star” Bailey Simonsson (74) continues to move in leaps and bounds given extended time in the first grade lineup and has been killing it with a 5RA of 60. Ah, what could have been if he’d stayed in the side early on!

Injuries & Suspensions


Rollercoaster ride these last few weeks

An ankle injury to Shaun Johnson was the biggest injury talking point coming out of the weekend in the SuperCoach space. SJ managed to play out the game but found himself in a precautionary moon boot post-game and is now battling to be fit for his return to New Zealand (Wellington) next week.
Plenty of talk also about Josh Dugan (hamstring) and his longevity in the game after limping from the field early on against the Storm. Already covering for a hamstrung Matt Moylan, it was not an ideal sight for Sharks fans.

Other injuries to come out of the weekend:
Jeremy Latimore (knee) crumbled in a nasty fall and needed assistance to leave the field and didn’t return. Fears for an MCL there which would see him out for around a month at best given previous issues with the same knee.
Josh Hodgson (Foot) left the field with about 10 minutes to go with the game wrapped up seemingly as a precaution after copping a knock to the lower leg.
Aiden Tolman and Ryley Jacks (both ribs) suffered painful injuries over the weekend that will see them miss between 1-3 weeks.
• Unfortunately for the Bulldogs’ Sauaso Sue, he looks set for a lengthy stint on the sidelines with an ACL rupture. Best of luck on the road to recovery.
Corey Oates (Rested – 1 week), Tom Trbojevic (Rested – 1 week), Michael Morgan (Concussion – TBA), Tyrone Peachey (Pec – 3-4 weeks) and Ryan Sutton (Calf – 1-3 weeks) were late scratchings during the week.

There were also a score of HIAs across the weekend. Dale Copley, Jack Stockwell, Cade Cust, Ken Maumalo, Josh Morris, Jordan Kahu all failed to return after copping knocks, while Euan Aitken and Elliott Whitehead collided and were taken from the field in Sunday’s final game but both made it back on.



Several charges have come out of the weekend, most notably for SuperCoaches Cameron Murray (Dangerous Contact) who will fortunately not miss a week with an early guilty plea. Not so for teammate Liam Knight (Dangerous Contact) who will miss two games even with an early guilty plea as a result of prior loading.

Christian Welch (Dangerous Contact) capped off a rollercoaster week after being charged for a hit on Fifita late in the first half and will miss a game even with an early guilty plea.
James Gavet (Dangerous Contact) will avoid suspension if he pleads guilty, after also being sin-binned at a crucial juncture in the game against the Bulldogs for the same late hit.
Nic Cotric (Dangerous Throw) is set to miss at least 3 weeks after being charged for his horrible spear tackle on Tim Lafai that saw him become the first player sent off this season.


North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Quality as always

The Duke
The Duke

Being a Roosters fan, I can forgive your excitement after a pretty execrable year for the Cowpokes. That kid Clifford you’ve got in the halves looks the goods.

Thanks for the great write up too btw.


Thanks for posting up my current rank mate razz though I’m in pretty good shape for a strong run home, and hopefully back in the 2-3k range very soon (where I was before getting smashed in the R16 bye round)

Somehow lost 50 spots this week with an 1183!


Thanks JT – comprehensive and entertaining as always!


Enjoyable read as always JT.

I especially liked how you were able to squeeze in a “Yeehaa” in every comment for the Cowboys game, even when the comment was about the Roosters. Fair enough too mate, you have earned that after a reasonably ordinary season grin