JT’s Weekend Roundup – Round 7

It was another challenging week in the NRL SuperCoach landscape, with plenty of flops, plenty of injuries and a scramble just to find 17 fit and healthy players to trot out on the park! Please be kind to us tomorrow, Team List Tuesday…

On the field, we saw Keegan Hipgrave take a liking to Payne Haas, Corey Horsburgh take a disliking to the dozen or so Parramatta fans in attendance, Nathan Cleary’s face take a turn for the worse, losing players celebrating with winning players and plenty of HIAs, injuries and sinbins – including a very late one for our individual flopper of the week, Latrell Mitchell. I don’t know how you would have dodged this carnage but if you managed to eke out over 1,100 you’ve done very handily.

Meanwhile, there’s a definite race on for ‘Player Non-Owners Cannot Watch’ between Ryan Matterson and David Nofoaluma. Two out-and-out guns so far in 2020 and if it wasn’t for the million and one fires most of us are putting out every week they’d be in far more than the 29% and 12% of teams they’re currently in, respectively. Slow down!

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In a sure sign of how good this week was for my own team, my 17-man Classic side tallied 1060 while my 13-man Draft team racked up 1052. This Draft side contains four of this week’s Shockers below – it was a crazy round!

This year’s weekly roundup will be the streamlined version we closed the year out with in 2019, focusing on the Top 5:

  • Rockers– the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed it
  • Floppers – the ‘SuperCoach-relevant’ players who killed your week
  • Shockers – the left-field players who will no doubt be high on the list of trade-ins the next round and prime candidates for SC players chasing last week’s points!

As a bonus addition this year, I’ll also include my Trade Fail of the Week. It’s a great feature to use with your SuperCoach Gold subscription – you can see who SuperCoach players are trading in and out and who they’re trading for. There’s always some absolute headscratchers and this week is no exception.

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Brett Morris has defied age to become a Top 5 CTW option this season, running off the back of, and creating, plenty of Roosters attacking opportunities. With a pricetag at $660k and climbing with a BE of just 19 and a matchup against the Dragons this week, you wouldn’t normally expect to see too many trading him out. Especially not to Penrith’s Matt Burton, who unfortunately got just one minute on the park for the exact same number of points. Ouch.


1. David Nofoaluma – 116. See above. Nofo just keeps delivering. Amazing to think he spent so much time in NSW Cup last year. Two tries, probably should have had another if Mbye passed him the ball with the line wide open, and a crafty little kick inside to set up Grant for his try. 7 busts and looked like making plenty more every time he ran. His lowest score this season was a 49 in that scrapfest against the Raiders and with a reasonable run coming up, it could get very ugly for non-owners.

2. Ryan Papenhuyzen – 126. Classic SuperCoach. Everyone looks to flick the guy on, some have to hold because of issues with Teddy and Turbo, others have more important trades to make, and they hang onto him juuuuust long enough for him to towel up the poor Warriors side. That’s the kind of luck you sometimes need in this game. It doesn’t make up for a pretty mediocre season from a SC perspective for Pap, but this will definitely help stop the cash bleeding while his fullback counterparts have been going on the tear.

3. Ryan Matterson 96. This list is where he belongs. Scored the opening try running into a gaping hole and went onto break 4 tackles, throw two offloads and do his usual heavy tackling workload (39). The 2RF position has been a bit of a mess so far this year but Matto has been a model of consistency. Just two scores in the 60s and every other 86+ including four scores now in the 90s (and three in a row now). Michael Slater-like levels of getting out just short of the century club but it has to happen soon enough.

4. Harry Grant – 101. He’s just everywhere on the park and loves to run the ball with 11 here which is massive for a rake these days. Scored a try supporting through the middle off a Nofo kick inside and then set one up late to bump this score up nicely. 2nd in the Dally M count after just 5 games. What a gun.

5. Nathan Cleary – 99. Somehow got through the game despite having Stevie Wonder-like levels of vision as a result of cellulitis on the face (I don’t know, blame TikTok). Missed his first 3 conversions but showed how he can really be the king of junktime points with about 60 in the last 15 minutes including a try against a tiring, undermanned Rabbits defensive line. Will take that.


1. Brisbane Broncos – Ah the old Titans matchup where everything will be okay again. Oates – 3. Isaako – 3. Coates – 9. Milf – 39 (meh). Surely they turn up against the Warriors.

2. Latrell Mitchell – 9. There have been an awful lot of late sinbinnings so far this year and it was Lateral’s turn here. Even without the early shower this is a terrible score. Lost 21 points to misses, penalties, errors and the sinbin and couldn’t get anything going. Not a good night.

3. Mitchell Moses – 18. Hasn’t really imposed himself on a game since the COVID resumption and now our hands are forced to move him on after picking up a calf strain. Might be only a couple of weeks on the sidelines but the trade to Cleary or SJ will be a very popular one this week.

4. Jai Arrow – 43. Weirdly quiet game from Arrow this week against his former club. The minutes were a bit low at around 50 and there wasn’t a lot of traffic in the middle while the Titans were racking up a score but surprising to see that return.

5. Viliame Kikau – 45. Looks a gun under the high ball, earning a TC for another effort in reeling in a bomb that led to a try, but it was all a bit stop-start on the night for Kiks. 8 runs and just one of them over 8m, as well as an 8 minute stint on the bench mid-game. Missed the breakeven (95) by a mile.


1. Elliott Whitehead – 99. Second score of 99 in two weeks! Probably shouldn’t have had that first try with the gridiron ball leading up to it but you’ll take that.

2. Ash Taylor – 99. Finally playing with some confidence again and it’s great to see for the young kid.

3. Lachlan Fitzgibbon – 103. Two try assists – you can almost see Lakey pencilling him in this week.

4. Curtis Sironen – 86. Maybe the guy who traded him in for Matto last week was onto something…

5. Jake Clifford – 91. When you outscore Jason Taumalolo who ran for 250+ metres, you’ve had an absolute game of it. Yeeeeehaaaa!



  • Matt Lodge – leg. Scans were better than first thought so should be okay for this week.
  • Mitchell Moses – calf. 3-6 weeks if scans show calf tear.
  • Corey Horsburgh – foot. If a Lisfranc injury, could be out for around 3 months.
  • Victor Radley & Sam Verrills – ACLs. Horrible news for the pair with their seasons now over
  • Cameron Munster – medial ligament. 1-6 weeks depending on the scan results.
  • Isaac Liu – ribs. TBA.
  • Will Hopoate – ankle. Depending on scans, could be 2-10 weeks.
  • Scratchings: Teddy (HIA), Tapine (Knee), Mansour (Knee). All should be good to go this round.


  • RTS – shoulder charge. 1 week (with/without early plea).
  • Joe Ofahengaue – shoulder charge. 2-3 weeks.
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North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Magpies4Eva007 (@magpies4eva007)
4 months ago

Cheers JT! Very much appreciated!

BT (@bt)
4 months ago

The sooner I forget about this round, the better!

Doose (@doose)
4 months ago

Hi Mate Great article but a quick comment on the statement the ownership levels of Ryan Matterson and David Nofoaluma.. Yes, Ryan Matterson’s overall ownership is at 30% according to the Supercoach site. But in reality: 91% of the top 100 teams have him 87% of the top 1,000 teams have him 81% of the top 5,000 teams have him 69% of the top 20,000 teams have him There must be a lot of zombie teams who don’t have him Similarly, yes Nofo is owned by 12% of overall players according to the Supercoach site but in reality: 55% of… Read more »

Doose (@doose)
Reply to  Justin
4 months ago

I’ve analyzed the top 20,000 teams myself. I’ve posted plenty of comments over the past couple of weeks with different insights. I’ve put a detailed article up on SC Playbook (free section) if you want to check them out. I couldn’t find a way to post the detail on here

The Beer Whisperer
The Beer Whisperer (@twodogs)
Reply to  Doose
4 months ago

And those that don’t have them have massive fires to put out every week.

I’d get Nofo and Matto this week except I gotta put out Moses with Cleary. Same problem every week. $600k ITB and can never spend it

Catfish (@cbheroes)
Reply to  Doose
4 months ago

I love numbers generally so I find these numbers interesting but it’s kind of, self-fulfilling isn’t it? They’re in the top 100/1000/etc. because they own one of the highest averaging players in the game. Maybe I’m just simple but to me this type of analysis only really seems useful if I’m in the top 100/1000/etc. and I don’t own one of these players and I’m looking to consolidate my position, etc.

Doose (@doose)
Reply to  Catfish
4 months ago

Not sure what you mean by that Catfish? A few thoughts: (1) yes the numbers are self fulfilling in the sense that you would expect the higher ranked teams to be more likely to own the better performing players but it isn’t necessarily the case either – eg Brett Morris (2) my key purpose in doing analysis like this is to understand whether a player is a POD for making moves or not – the point being that the answer depends on whether you are top 10,000 hoping to make top 1,000 or top 500 hoping to make top 100… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Doose
Catfish (@cbheroes)
Reply to  Doose
4 months ago

Yeah I had read your article in detail, like I said I found it interesting but I just didn’t really understand the main purpose/usefulness of it – but after your additional thoughts I think the issue is that I basically took a lot of it as a given, without having the actual data analysis to back it up

I guess others may view the ownership % differently and hence why your analysis can be really useful for them. Either way it’s great work 😀

100% agree on the captaincy stats btw!

Euman (@euman)
4 months ago

am Newbie. Whats HIA stand for?

Euman (@euman)
Reply to  Euman
4 months ago

is ok i git it guy in other blog said is head injury assessment

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